u r my everything -swaragini (Part 2)(b)

@mall another side
In aquariums, a girl was shown… she wear short blue floral gown till her knee.. she was mesmerized by variety of fish… she was admired.. her lips were shown… she smiled widely by seeing them… her eyes were shining.. she suddenly turned back due to her friends shout.. she revealed to be SWARA. :what hpn? Why u r shouting we r in mall.. so pls maintain
Rakhi:oh shutup SWARA.. cme and C In 4th flr…
Swara:(frowned her eyes)now Wat hpn???
Jeni: ur mamu’s son……..
Swara:u mean sanskar..oh no..I dn’t knw why he behave lyk dis.. arrogant fellow chi.. anyway I have 2 stop him from dng anymess
@4th floor
Sanskar:did u c??What a girl yar? She looking so hot.. I want to kiss her once
Sammy:sanky.. it’s wrong.. she had a boyfrnd.. plss leave ur arrogance here.. let’s enjoy man..
Sanskr:I know what is wrng and ryt..so better don’t teach me.. I’m sanskar kapoor I’ll get what I want by hook or crook.. I don’t want her but I want to taste her lips that’s all..
Rakesh:sanskar..I know ur nature… but plss don’t play with girls feelings.. if swaragini knows this she’ll inform ur dad..
Sanskar:let it be.. I don’t care.. b4 she came here I’ll get what I want.. he went towards shiny and MOHIT.. with smirk on his lips..
Shiny:Dekho mohit.. he again came towards us..
Mohit:shiny he didn’t came towards us.. he was going somewhere don’t wry I’m with u..
When they came near stairs sanskar again bumped into her chest intentionally.. MOHIT pulled his collar and shout at him.. sanskar released his collar and rubbed his shirt.. he again came towards shiny…. she hide behind mohit and clutched his shirt tightly…
@swara side
She ran fastly as she can.. while she running she bumped harshly with some guy..due to this the guy stumbled and fall on girl beside him..the guy was on top and the girl at bottom.. they were revealed to be raglak.. Swara stop a sec and turned to c them but she didn’t saw their face.. she talk with herself first I want to stop him from doing any mess so I can’t ask them sry… frst I have 2 go..again she ran frm there
Here raglak were saw each other
Ragini:hey idiot.. don’t u c and walk..
Laksh:r u blind?Dont u c sum1 dashed me.. (with pout)
Ragini: smiled… r we gng to lay here like dis full day.. (laksh realised their position and getup from her and make her stand)
Ragini:pulled his cheek and said my cute Buddhu..k come we have to go 4th flr.. I have to buy watch 4 u…
Laksh:wat sweety…no not dis time. this time u buy something for anyone in our family..
Ragini:no…I’ll not…
Laksh:sweety pls…dont do adament..always u brought things for me… so pls buy something for family
Ragini:didn’t hear anything and sat there itself in centre of the mall..
everyone in the mall saw them weird..
At last laksh give up..
Laksh:ok sweety… ok buy watch for me… let’s go..
Ragini:she smiled happily, hold his hand and went towards that direction
Laksh:but one condition.. u have to do something what I told you.. if u do.. then u can buy watch for me.. if u can’t. Then u have to buy for family..
Ragini:with confident ok I’ll do way u say.. I’ll do anything for u
Laksh:u have to slap someone that should be boy in 4th floor where u going to buy watch
Ragini:that’s it k chal..
Laksh:wait baby.. listen fully..(ragini curiously saw him)there will be two rules.. 1st one u should show ur face to him when u slap
2nd one:that guy shouldn’t c ur face that’s it
Ragini:(with big eyes) what??How it can be possible??
Laksh:with smirk on his face…ok don’t do it… come we will buy something for family..
Ragini:noooooo(she thought for a while and looked her hand down, she smirked and saw laksh)ok Bandar ready to lose with me… come
They were walking on 4th flr… she eagerly searching a perfect guy to slap…she silently came aside from laksh and thought for a while and went to buy watch… after buying the watch she silently came and stood beside laksh..

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