u r my everything -swaragini (Part 10)

laksh wake Ragini but Ragini didn’t wakeup..
Laksh:chalo sweety getup.
Ragini:pls let me sleep some more time
Laksh:hw mny times u told lyk dis..don’t u change Ur dialogues.
Ragini:(kept two pillows on her ear and held it tightly…)whatever u have to say carryon I’ll never stop u..
Laksh:(he sighed)it’s my waste of time…why I have to loss my energy when I have better idea.. nxt sec he lift Ragini in his arms and take her to washroom
Ragini:Bandar pls leave me…why u r always torturing me ..I want to sleep yaar..

Laksh:no I’ll not hear anything
Ragini:Bandar …okay fine let me down I’ll go to my home and sleep in my bedroom…I’ll not disturb u..
Laksh:achaa..if u thought ill leave u then pls don’t think lyk that I’m laksh who is sweety’s Bandar..so I’ll never let u sleep anymore..so u have to get ready and we will do bf in our home(ragini’s home)..come get ready…
Ragini:(simply stare at him)okay I’ll

Laksh:gud..then wat r u waiting 4..get ready
Ragini:for tat first u have to get me down idiot..she signed him(till now he carry Ragini in his arms)
Laksh:smiled at her…he drop Ragini in washroom and sat on his bed ..
After a while
Ragini:(opened the door little and peeped outside)Bandarrrrrr

Laksh:arey wat yaar…come and change…v have to go clg
Ragini:u idiot u didn’t gave my dress even towel too..then how can I..(by saying dis she raise her hand forward from washroom)
Laksh:bite his lips lightly..sry sry sweety pls wait…(he handover her towel)wear dis and come outside and change ..we will have our breakfast in our home(raginis home)till that I’ll arrange our books for CLS..
After he arranged books he left the room..

Ragini:she get towel and wrapped her body and came outside from washroom..she had changed.. (blue chudi)

@raginis home
They done their bf and bid bye to Janaki and shivanya(rithick Shekhar left for office)

sumi: swara ..swara…
Swara:by hearing dis swara ran from upstairs ..wat hpn mom..
Sumi:see who came to our house..
Swara:maa…pls keep this game with urself…I have to go clg …
Sumi:arey beta..why u get angry…Sanskar came here to pick u
Swara:wat ..surprised. .(she came to hall and saw Sanskar)Sanky wat hpn?
Sanskar:nothing…just I came to pick u

Swara:but u didn’t inform
Sushanth:(came there from his room)so wat beta..doesnt he have rights to pick u..
Swara:no papa..I didn’t mean it…she sighed out..okay come Sanky we will have bf and will go after..
Sanskar:nodded his head…they both had their bf and went to clg..
Sushanth:sumi…they were looking made 4 eachother..
Sumi:smiled at him..Haan ji…okay talk with my bhaai about their marriage proposal
Sushanth:Haan…sure..I’ll talk with him at right moment..okay I have to go office I have imprtnt meeting bye…

Both raglak entered clg and they were on their way to classes…
Laksh:sweety…u go I’ll come within few minutes…
Ragini:oh not again Bandar…without u I’ll not go anywhere..
Laksh:I have one wrk sweety pls understand me

Ragini:y don’t u understand …if he came …wat will I do
Laksh:no one will come near u..I’ll reach u b4 anyone try to come near u..(he patted her cheeks)
Ragini:ok u go…but plss cum soon..Laksh smiled at her and went from there..
Ragini went towards her class and saw swasan talking ..swara noticed her and stop talking further..sanskar got confused by dis and turned back and find ragini there..swara said hi to her but Ragini didn’t paid any attention and went inside..swara felt weird.. .Sanskar made swara look at him …he held her shoulder and said baby don’t be disppointment..do u remember wat will u have to do..swara nodded her head..Sanskar smiled at her and kissed her forehead..and patted her cheek ..left from there..swara (herself-god pls help me…I didnt wish to separate them..pls keep them happy always.)

she went inside and sat near Ragini..Sanskar just flirt with one girl near his bench..Ragini felt disgust on his behaviour..
Swara:Ragini where is laksh
Ragini:wat do u want
Ragini:I mean why r u asking abt laksh?do u need anything
Swara:nothing lyk that..just I’m asking..
Ragini:smiled fakely…he gone 4 sum work..he will be back..

Swara:smiled at her..laksh came inside and sat near Ragini..swara smiled at him..he too smiled back..but Ragini didn’t lyk dis…but she kept quite..Sanskar was busy with girl tat girl.. .swara murmurs he will never change..Ragini heared dis but didn’t respond ..the lectures were started one by one..after the MNG lectures

@ lunch break…
All the students were left one by one except raglak..swasan too left…
Ragini:Bandar come we will go to library
Laksh:b4 tat come we will have lunch and after that we’ll take notes in library
Ragini:ok as u say..(after finishing the lunch both headed towards library,Ragini saw Sanskar flirt with another girl ,she get angry,she saw swara stood few metres away opposite of Sanskar)
Ragini:he didn’t have any manners…always clinging behind girls..such a cheap.. womanizer.. disgusting..
Laksh:sweety pls..without knowing anything don’t blame him

Ragini:are u blind..didn’t u see wat he done from MNG…he always flirting and touching girls..I think he didn’t have any work other than this..disgusting..
Laksh:ok cool..leave it…come we will go..
Ragini:I can’t bear dis and all…I don’t know y u chose dis clg…
Laksh held her palm tightly in his palm and look at her..Ragini calmed by his touch..she smiled at him..u always know how to calm me..by saying dis they headed towards library..on their way…suddenly swara fall unconscious on the floor…sanskar was shocked.. ..he just saw her..both raglak shocked by his behaviour…laksh shouted swaraa…ragini just looked at laksh but didn’t move from her place…some students were surrounded swara but no-one help
her..laksh about to move but Ragini didn’t leave his hand..laksh felt a tight grip on his palm..he saw tat ragini didn’t leave him.

Laksh:sweety …c swara she is not in conscious…we have to help her..
Ragini:no bandar…come we will go to library..(laksh confused by her behaviour)
Laksh:sweety…okay if u can’t …then let me help her..she need a help
Ragini:no laksh…(by hearing his name instead of Bandar laksh felt sumthng weird on ragini’s behaviour)Sumone will help her…come we will go..u no need to go..
Laksh:r u mad..didnt’t u saw her condition..pls let me help

Ragini: no …tats enough ..don’t argue anymore(she drag his hands,but laksh shoved her hands and ran immediately from there )Ragini felt hurt..she had tears in her eyes with small smile on her lips..Sanskar about to lift swara but laksh pushed Sanskar slightly and lift swara in his arms and take her to waiting room or of the clg…he passed Ragini …seeing this Ragini felt sad…tears formed in her eyes…laksh was helpless he didn’t saw Ragini and went from there…sanskar smirked at her condition..all the Students dispersed to their classes…

Ragini is about to turn…suddenly Sanskar came b4 her…Ragini jerked by his sudden appearance..whenever she tried to go Sanskar kept blocking her ways..Ragini got irritated by dis..

Ragini:(glared at him)leave my way ..
Sanskar:here some one is crying..did u see..
Ragini:glared at him through her teary eyes…don’t make me angry …just leave my way…don’t u have any work
Sanskar:dis is my only work hottie…(she kept her face disgust)once u said tat ur laksh will never leave u for anyone…but now wat hpn???haaahaaahha….laughing loudly…now Ur so called laksh leave u for another girl…is this called Ur friendship or love ???hahaahaaa…
Ragini:this is the limit Sanskar…just leave from here… I don’t know wat would happen.
Sanskar:I have no limit ms.gadodia…now u r alone…laksh is Ur passing cloud. He is not Ur star he is always swara’s… didn’t u notice how he reacted wen swara fall unconscious…(Ragini had tears in her eyes wen she remembered how LAKSH carried swaragini in his arms but smiled little by hearing sasnkars words)

Ragini:r u finished …shall I go now(with teary eyes)
Sanskar:yet I’m not finished my hottie. . remember one thing…laksh is not only Ur so called friend he is a boy….do u understand wat I’m trying to tell u..u can’t hold him all the time…a boy has sum weakness may be girls..but Ur laksh had one weakness that is my swaraa..he will not be with u anytime..better understand…by saying dis he turned to go….(evil smirk….u r finished laksh ..u made my plan very easy)
Ragini:(was in deep thought with teary eyes)

@waiting room
Laksh patted swara’s cheeks but she didn’t wakeup…laksh felt restless..he sprinkled water on swara’s face but she didn’t wakeup…
Laksh(teary eyes):swara pls wakeup…I can’t c u in dis condition..I can’t breath properly by seeing u in dis condition…pls swara get up …for me..(he hold swara’s hand tightly)

Screen freezed on raglak teary eyes, unconscious swara,sanskar evil smirk…
Now wat will Ragini do?
Y Ragini didn’t let laksh to help swara?
If swara want raglak’s happiness they y she obeyed sanskar every words

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  1. Hi I loved ur story.plz don’t separate raglak I just love their bonding plz make it as a raglak not swalak plz plz plz it’s a humble request plz plz plz

    1. Ritathomas

      Already I decided the plot Dr… I’ll give all of their combos.. I can’t assure u abt pairs Dr if it will happen Against on ur wish I’m sry dr..keep reading u will luv it… And plzz give ur feedback at every part

  2. Don’t show sanky in negative role sissy.

    1. Ritathomas

      Hahaha…. He is like tat only sis wat to do?? Have patience upto 20 parts

  3. You are updating this in TU why you are not updating in fb

    1. Ritathomas

      I uploaded in fb too… u didn’t noticed I Think

      1. You only uploaded upto 23rd part I am asking you for next part dear

  4. I feel bad for Ragini… Raglak are helpless for different reason… as from ragini’s character she can do anything for his best friend i.e. laksh.. so she should be happy for laksh as laksh like swara as lover…

    One more request don’t develop Ragini’s feeling as lover towards laksh…

    Make swalak and ragsan as pair but don’t suffer Ragini badly I have read other stories where Ragini suffer a lot for her one sided love…

    hope this will be some different from others.. all the best..

    1. Ritathomas

      U very well understood about their situation…i like Ragini alotttttttttt…. So I’ll try to keep her happy…. But sumtimes everyone should feel another phase of their life too…

  5. hey it’s my humble request to you don’t suffer Ragini very bad… let’s other suffer but not Ragini plzzzzz and I am reading this story for Raglak’s friendship.. so plz don’t suffer Ragini plz

    1. Ritathomas

      I’ll consider abt ur views dr

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