u r my everything -swaragini (Part 1)

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PART 1(a)
A beautiful place were shown with full of garden.. in between two houses were facing opposite each other.. outside their house one man was mmurming about another man he revealed to be SHEKAR. :why God? Why u give that idiot as my friend.. always came late.. because of him one day I’ll be fired from office in this age.. while murmuring someone patted on his shoulder he is non other than Krishna his bestie.. krishna:what happen shekar? Did u said anything about me?
Shekr:why I’ll said about u… I cursing my fate and God..
Krishna:why shekar? Why u cursing God?
Shekar:because he only giving me useless idiot as friend, nd fool as wife… while he telling AP came there and handover lunch for both.. while she turned to go.. Krishna ask shekar to continue his pov.. shekar told janaki is good for nothing she doesn’t know cook properly like that listening this ap signalled him to stop but Krishna ask him to continue shekar said: I’ll going to divooo…….. (words was stuck by seeing someone)

JANAKI:wat did u say now? (Fake anger)ap slightly hit her head and glare at Krishna.. but he didn’t care..
Shekar:(puppy eyes)jaanu.. what I said.? I said nothing.. oh meri Jaan I’m getting late.. meet u eve bye darling while saying this he kissed on her cheek and went.. she stood there with open mouth.. ap signalled her to close her mouth.. JANAKI and ap smiled each other and both went to shekar’s home.. after sometime

@shekar home
In a room, one cute girl sleeping on bed (ridhi)a handsome man came from washroom wearing towel.. he goes towards ridhi and kissed on her forehead.. at that time a sweet girl entered his room by seeing him she shouted Ahhhhh.. and turned back.. due to her screaming the guy turned and revealed to be RITHICK, he goes towards her and make her turned she revealed to be shivanya..
Shivanya:don’t u have sense rithick.. till now u didn’t dressed.. I don’t know why I’m married u.. like that she blabbered something which was interrupted by rithick.. he suddenly kissed her on lips.. she was stunned by his sudden kiss.. rithick then take her on his arms and placed her on bed.. he sensually touched her.. she closed her eyes slowly..
Rithick:shall we make ready for another baby (reality strikes on her mind, she slightly pushed rithick aside and turned to c ridhi.. to their surprise she was not on bed.. both called her.. a voice came from washroom

Ridhi:don’t wry maa I’m taking bath.. plss u continue ur romance.. by hearing this shivanya glared at him and went towards kitchen.. rithick smiled at her

Janaki:shivanya did that devil called u? When will they come?
Shivanya :maa u r too bad.. don’t call her like that.. she is our Angel.. they’ll reach here tomorrow
Janaki:don’t take her side.. I don’t know how my son bear her..
Shivanya:maa u worried for nothing.. u know na maa HE IS EVERYTHING FOR HER.. so she’ll definitely take care of him..
JANAKI:that is the problem beta..HE IS EVERYTHING FOR HER.. so she’ll take it as advantage and will irritate him.. God pls help my son.. while entering kitchen Ap said : I know very well about my Angel and that idiot too.. definitely he’ll make my Angel irritate.while janaki make a face.. SHIVANYA smiled at ap and gave hifi.. by hearing this rithick think himself.. I know both of them.. they’ll definitely irritating others.. but I’m so happy to my Angel and Bandar after 1year..
Screen shifted to ooty..

At resort, room no. 101, one boy and girl were sleeping under one blanket.. both were pulling blanket each other in their sleep.. suddenly the boy’s ph ranging but he took the ph near girls ear.. due to the sound the girl remove the blanket

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