u r my everything -swaragini (Intro)

Hi guys I’m new here… I love teju lot.. I can’t express how much I love her.. I like to write a fanfiction on her.. pls pls support me..
So the fanfiction title is U R MY EVERYTHING.. I don’t know to keep suitable name… so pls help me to keep correct title..
Here the intro of the characters of my story

SHEKAR GADODIYA-a sweet loving father loves his both son and daughter.. he loves his wife.. he is a upper middle class man
JANAKI GADODIYA-a caring mother, shw loves his hubby and children, she never scold her children.. always treat her dil as a daughter..
RITHIK GADODIYA-a obedient son, loving husband, naughty brother, he is a software engineer.. he loves her sister like anything… he can’t tolerate her sisters pain.. he can do anything for her(played by arjun bijlani)

SHIVANYA GADODIYA- wife of RITHIK, a good dil, treat her sister in law like her best friend.. she loves rithik deeply.. she respects her sil’s friendship with her friend(mouni roy)

RIDHI GADODIYA-a only daughter of RIVHANYA, a naughty and lovely girl, 7yrs old, studying 1st, loves her bua and bua’s friend so much, she call him as chachu (ruhanika dhawan)

RAGINI GADODIYA-a sweet cute lovely bold girl.. she is an Apple of the family… she loves her family very much… she loves her best friend more than her family.. he is her first priority always… simply he is ever thing for her.. they were friends from their childhood, doing MBA final year

KRISHNA TANEJA- a loving father and husband.. he loves his son very much..he is a very good friend of SHEKAR GADODIYA.. he respects his son’s wishes (played by ambush saheja from nagin I don’t know his real name)
(guys here in my ff both GADODIYA and TANEJA ‘s are family friends.. they are like one family)
ANNAPURNA TANEJA-a good mother and wife, love ragini more than her son..

LAKSH TANEJA- a dazzling hot boy, loves his both family (GADODIYA TANEJA ), loves his best friend ragini… ragini is everything for him.. he will never leave ragini alone, he didn’t hide anything from ragini, he loves his Bhaibhabhi (rajini’s Bhai bhabhi)very much.. he loves RIDHI very much.. he is doing MBA final year
Here LAKSH will call ragini’s parents as maa papa and own parents as dad mom.. likewise ragini called her parents as dad mom and laksh parents as maa papa..
Here laksh and ragini were childhood besties, there is no secrete between them, they will fight like street dogs, care like parents, they will never leave each others, most of the time they spend times with each other, they were very possessive each other, their parents were feeling proud of their friendship.. JANAKI loves ragini but less than laksh she loves laksh very much.. sometimes ragini will sleep in laksh bed Sometimes laksh will sleep in ragini bed.. whenever they went for outing both will went together.. they can’t spend a minute without each other..

RAM KAPOOR-a rich business man, caring father and loving husband.. he will always stands for truth
SUJATHA KAPOOR-college lecturer where her son studies,loving mother, she loves her both son and daughter
SANSKAR KAPOOR- a hot handsome guy, little arrogant, whatever he likes he will get it by hook or crook, he loves his mother than his father, he takes her love as advantage, doing MBA final yr, likes swara but hate her advice,
AVNI KAPOOR-sister of sanskar, loves her family very much, she is in abroad (played by kanchi singh)

SUSHANTH SINGHANIA-rich businessman, loves his only daughter and loves his wife(played by SUSHANTH singh)
SHARMISTA SINGHANIA-housewife, loves her husband and daughter
SWARA SINGHANIA-a cute bubbly girl, loves her father and mother, she stands against for wrong deeds, she always supports for truth, she hates sanskar’s behaviour always she ask him to behave in good way but he ignore her.. but she likes him as a relative, doing her final MBA

Here kapoor’s and SINGHANIA are relatives.. swara’s father had a wish to make swara marry to sanskar…

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