U R My MLA (My lucky Angel) – 2 Ragsan by suma

Ragini came to college, she met her friend Khushi
” Hey Ragini , you are late today “

” What to do Khushi because of that Arjun ” ???

” Ufff your silly fights will be common na ” Khushi said

“Hmmm “

by then all the girls near- by looked at entrance with their mouths opened in ‘0’ shape…

There comes one handsome hunk on RoYal EnFiElD  bike…He came to the girls there and stopped the bike and removed his helmet

” Wowww handsome “

” Hey beautiful girls!!!”

He is in bridal attire ….he came towards Ragini and brushed his hair with smirk…..
She tried to speak but with in no time he grabbed her hand and made her sit on his bike and drove off


#sanskar Mansion

” Sir, sanskar sir….coffee “

” Ummm….he rubbed his eyes and saw Ramu (servant) keep it there Kaka …and one more thing don’t call me sir…got it ” he said in stern voice

” Ok sir…sorry sanskar ” Ramu said

He took the newspaper and saw his photo on front page and smirked ??

“No one can beat  Sanskar Maheswari ,the one and only me “

By saying this he threw newspaper and went to wr

” Hello , yeah shankar (PA) , arrange meeting with Mr.Singhania  and tell him to come with every details of the project ” on call

He disconnected the call

” Ramu Kaka ,arrange my breakfast on table …I will just come in 2min …he went near garden and searched for something and came to Ramu with anger in his veins and shouted

” Where is John ?? ” He shouted in rage

” sir….sirr….Sirr….his owner took with him”

” How dare you to let him to take it “

” Sirrrrrr “

” I liked that dog and I want it…I will come by evg if you didn’t get it back ….u will pay for this Ramu Kaka..”

And one more thing if u ever call me again as ‘sir’ I don’t know what I will do

” Breakfast???”

” No….i have no mood to eat and u know if I want anything I will get it by hook or crook…so don’t let out  beast in me, get that dog back and save urself ” he warned him

” Sanskar I will get another dog ” he said with fear as he didn’t knew where he get that dog from

” Ramu Kaka , that dog is special for me …he rescued me from accident yesterday night, he came to my car from nowhere and saved me from getting into accident , it done good to me unknowingly so I want it as my pet “

” but sanskar “

” Kaka u know I don’t listen to any excuses so get my pet “

By saying this he left


” Where are you taking me ??? Leave me ” ragini shouted

He didn’t replied back

Soon they landed near Registration office…she looked at that office with confusion

He went to near shop and brought 2 garlands and walking towards Ragini
She is shocked to see him with garlands and coming towards her

” What are you planning Yash ??? “

Yash played by sidharth shivpuri
(Yash banna in Rishtalikhengehumnaya)

“Humari Shaadi ” he said

She is shocked listening to it…and no words from her mouth because she is still in shock

When she came back to senses she saw she was infront of officer

” Sign Karo mam ” he said

” Noooooo , Yash what is this ?? ” She asked in tense

” Arrey baby still u not get it…it’s My friend marriage , they eloped bcz their parents didn’t agree for marriage so iam doing it and I want ur sign from bride side … that’s it…don’t be tense ” he said to her pointed to his friends

By listening to his words her ? heart started beating normally

” sign Karo baby ” Yash said

” Ummm….haa….” She signed on papers

And soon they bid bye to their friends

” What are u thinking baby ?? “

” Yash ….u scared me ….I thought it’s our marriage “

” Still we have time baby “

” Ummmm….but u scared me to death “

He hugged her tightly and said
“pls dont talk about death baby…u know I can’t live without u “

” I’m sorry my cute Yash , I love u “

” I’m not cute…and yes I love u too “

” Yes…Ur not cute…bla..bla…blaa ” ragu said and winked at him

” Chalo college ko late ho Raha hai ” he said

” Chaloooooo ” she said and sat back on his bike and holded him through his waist tightly



” Shankar did they came ?? ” Sanskar

” Yes sir ….they are waiting in conference hall “

Both moved to conference hall
After three hours meeting got over

” Ok then select some colleges and we will give awareness about this project and will talk about final  move of this project ”  sanskar said

” Ok Mr.maheshwari we will inform after selecting the colleges and who will go taking this responsibility from your company  “

” I will take this responsibility Mr.singhania ” he said


” Shankar mark some top  colleges and select one college to give presentation in that college and inform students to make presentation regarding this project and select some of them”

” Sure sir “

” Now I will leave , by evg I want that list Shankar “

” Sure sir “



” Ramu Kaka , where is John ? “

” Sanskar, it’s in garden “

He went to dog and sat beside him and brushing his hair

” Hey , John…u back ….u know what, once I feel mine…I never let go them at any cost “

Sleep my baby I will see u tmw…


” Hii aunty , uncle how are you ?? “

” Yash , we are fine beta…how are you ?? “

” Iam good , aunty  just came to see ragu ” Yash said

” Oho already u missing her ” Arjun said

” Arjun….” Misthi glared

” Yash…we want to talk to Ur parents about Ur marriage “

” Aunty , sure Wen mom and dad returns from their foreign visit I will sure bring them here “

” Hey Yash , Wen you came ?? ” ragini asked

” Just now….wanted to talk to you ” he said

” Ragini , take him to Ur room ” her mom said

Both came to her room

He closed the room door..
” Yash , mom and dad are here what they will think when you lock the door …open it “

” Na na na…my princess not so soon….give me one hug “

” No Yash pls…leave me…”

” I know , u don’t love me ”  he said with pout and sat on bed

” Ohhh my baby….u do good acting….but it’s not gonna work… everything after marriage “

” Ufff how I will manage this mad woman “

” U called me mad “

” Ha toh “

” I thought to give you hug…but now No Hug “

” No…no…pls..
Don’t do that…give me my hug “

She hugged him and he holded her tightly in his embrace and murmured” I love you “

” Mmmm…tell me what u wanted to talk “

” We have to prepare a presentation for  Maheswari company project , only one day is there to prepare the presentation “

” Mmmmmm “

” What mmmmm “

” I’m feeling good like this “

” Oh, so baby shall I stay this night here “

She broke the hug and hitted his chest playfully

” Ok ok tmw come early for class…we will prepare the presentation ok? “

” What about Khushi ? “

” Arrey , she signed for another company project and I signed for Maheswari company “

” Oh…y u selected this company, u should have gone with Khushi na “

” Arrey listen , I wanted to go for this , bcz he is one of the top most business man and u know he is such a jerk who talk rudely with others… damnnnnn “

She cuts his talks

” Oh god , Yash stop about him….if you hate him this much , y u register our names in his company project presentation “

” I like challenges…he think that no one is intelligent than him and I want to prove him iam smart than him “

” Hmmm….I know Ur smart …..my cute Yash “

” Ragu…..” He glared and she started to run all over room



How u felt ???

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