When u r mine ur dreams r also mine ….[part 13] [i love you mamma] by neptune

Helllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooo guysss……………… so I am back with the 13th part of wurmudram…..
I hope you all are liking the story. So now there’s time of today’s fun question.
What are your favourite on air serials??
Umm mine is TAARAK MEHTA KA OOLTAH CHASMAH, TENALI RAMA AND sometimes naamkaran too…..
What about you people, do share it with me guysssss…….
Ok so now without any further more bak-bak lets start with today’s episode.
Precap : swara agrees for further studies and swasan masti.

The sun rose as it usually does. The Maheshwari mansion standing there in all its glory. It rained quite much last night.
Today morning all the elders of the Maheshwari family had to leave for a wedding of their relative. Even adarsh, pari and Uttara went with them. Raglak went out on a date.
While our dear swasan had lots of work to do today. First they had to fill swara’s form, they had to go for shopping. And of course when u are having your first year in college you have to shop quite a lot of things.
As usual Sanskaar woke up early and was trying to wake up his princess who was sleeping selling all the horses [ghode bech kar sona]
Sanskaar : [shaking her] kiddo, shona, mera bacha please wake up na, we are getting late.
Swara : [ snuggling deeper into the blanket, turns and lies on her stomach] please na Sanskaar let me sleep for 2 mins more.
Sanskaar : but shona we will get late yaar, please wake up I have planned so many things for the day.
Swara : [complaining] Sanskaar it’s still 6:45 and today none is present at home let me sleep please and which mall will be opened at this time.
Sanskaar : [smiling] ok fine sleep. [turning her and then putting her head on his lap, he started caressing her hair] but only 15 mins more.

Swara smiled in her sleep and hugged him closer. It was strange that they both bonded so well in such a short span of time. No, it wasn’t love. It was something that was BEYOND LOVE.
Swara was an innocent soul who was craving for love from the time her mother died.
Sanskaar was a person who had his whole family with him. But none understood what he wants, what he needs except his mom and lucky bhai. But even they weren’t able to do anything because dp’s strict rules had always bound them.
And now when there was someone who was filling those voids in his life he wanted to pamper her with all the love he had.
He was caressing her hairs with a small smile thinking about all her cute antics. She was not a shy girl was the thing he got to know staying with her, she was a naughty girl but had to none to share her real self with. And he clearly loved her tantrums so much.
After 10 minutes:
We can see Sanskaar lifting swara while she was still busy in her dream world totally unaware that he was lifting her and putting her in the bathroom.
He quickly put her under the shower and then on the tap.
While swara who was soundly sleeping till now, woke up abruptly feeling water falling on her.
Swara : [shouting] ahh ahh mamma, Sanskaar how is rain coming inside the house. [she opened her one eye and saw herself in the bathroom under shower.] oh god!! [shouts] sanskaaaaarrrrrrr…
While Sanskaar laughs loudly closing his ears with his hands.
Swara : [pouting] Sanskaar how can you do this to me?? Don’t you have any pity for an innocent soul like me…..[she said batting her eyelashes]
Sanskaar : [pinching her cheeks] what to do kiddo, you were not waking up, and see we are getting late now,,,,,
Swara : [jerking his hands off her cheeks] okay okay, you wait outside, I will come in a while.
Saying this she pushed him outside.

She came out after exactly 10 mins, wearing a beautiful white coloured cotton anarkali with red and golden coloured border on its border and some work done on the neck. She was glowing, her hair were tied in a high bun. Even in this look of her Sanskaar couldn’t take his eyes off her. She quickly went to the dressing table and started wearing her other accessories.
She freed her hair from the bun and comb her perfectly straight hair. She applied a thick layer of kohl in her eyes and a transparent lip gloss.
Without her saying anything Sanskaar came towards her and made her wear the mangalsutra and applied sindur on her forehead.
They both passed a smile to each other and then went from there.
As it was still 8 am in the morning they decided to do some breakfast outside and then go for shopping.
They stopped at a café near mall. They had their breakfast talking random things and then went to mall.

Swasan entered the mall together and went towards the ladies section to choose something for swara.
Sanskaar : hmm so swara, what should we buy for you??
Swara : [confused] don’t know.. maybe we should buy some saari’s or lehengas.
To this Sanskaar just widened his eyes…[even me too]
He looked at her with unbelievable expressions. Like seriously… this girl was going to wear saari’s in college.
Sanskaar : swara, what do we do in college??
Swara : [confused] study..
Sanskaar : oh I thought that you might be going there for some pooja or marriage you know…
Swara : [utterly confused] what are you saying Sanskaar??
Sanskaar : [sarcastically] yup.. that’s why you are going to wear saari’s and lehengas right…[angrily] even when u r uncomfortable in them.
Swara averted her gaze from him..
Sanskaar : [sighed and then took her hands in his] look swara, I know what yo are going through and believe me I know that I can’t stop you from fighting with these challenges but I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS.. whatever you are feeling, your likes dislikes you can share with me. Your happiness your fears I want you to share each n every bit of you.
Swara just smiled hearing him. They decided to buy some suits, kurti legins,etc…
Sanskaar had gone to washroom. Swara was standing alone there. She spotted a mother-daughter Jodi buying some clothes.

She heard their conversation.
Mom : beta buy this na, it will suit more on you….
Daughter : but mamma I want to buy this one.
Mom : beta am sure this dress will suit more on you, don’t you believe me??
Daughter : of course I will believe you mamma, mothers always choose best for their children I will take this only ok….
Listening to their conversation tears brimmed in her eyes. It was 14 years, 14 long, painful years she lost her mother.
You can move on as time goes on but there’s one person whom you can never forget in your life and that’s your MOTHER.
A mother’s love is more than the love of any other person in the world because it’s selfless, it’s unconditional. Swara was just staring at them with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, admiring their bond.
Sanskaar who just came there followed her gaze and saw her staring at them. He could easily make out what she was thinking.
He could just feel bad for her but never understand her pain. Living without your parents is the toughest job in this world and that too when there’s none to console you. How could this innocent soul face all this at such a tender age was the only question he was facing.
He kept his hand on her shoulder. Swara came out of her trance and immediately wiped her tears seeing him.
She tried to smile and was going away when he held her hand.
Sanskaar : [in a soft voice] what happened shona??
Swara was unable to speak anything so she just nodded her head in a no. Sanskaar knew that this was not the right time to ask her and so he decided to leave the topic for now.
They went for shopping.
Swara was really confused seeing all the dresses, she wanted his help but still was unsure of his reaction.
Sanskaar’s eyes were carefully scanning the whole shop for different dresses. Swara was in a different corner looking at some dresses.
Sanskaar came there with a few dresses in his hands.
Sanskaar : [busy handling the dresses] swara go try these.
Swara : [looking at the dresses] Sanskaar, are you sure they will suit me. Means look these colours generally don’t suit me.
Sanskaar : [in a confident voice] arre, I am telling na. they will surely suit. [keeping the dresses she was holding at the counter and handling her the dresses he was holding] now go and try them fast, we have lots more to buy.

He was saying all these with so much of excitement. She was remembering her mother more seeing him. She smiled at him and went to try the dresses he gave.
Swara came out wearing the Patiala and kurti he gave her for trying.
Sanskaar who saw her coming out smiled seeing her. And went towards her. He was moving round n round her around her carefully seeing how the dress looks on her.
Sanskaar : [carefully examining her] hmm swara this colour looks perfect on you, but see it’s a bit loose from your shoulder n waist I guess we have to take a few stiches there.
Swara was just smiling hearing him. He was behaving like her mama now.
Sanskaar : [speedily] achaa, now go and try the other dresses fast we have a lots more to shop.
Swara just nodded and went to change.
After an hour:
Swasan had shopped many things till now. Swara was trying to stop Sanskaar saying all these were enough for her but Sanskaar was still adamant to buy a few dresses more.
As Sanskaar was looking for the dresses, swara was looking here and there being bored.
And that’s when her eyes caught the beautiful capress, t-shirts and jeans kept over there.
She always loved wearing t-shirts containing light designs or cartoon images. But her dadi never allowed her to wear western clothes.
Sanskaar : [looking at the clothes] achaa swara what about…..[stops speaking looking at her seeing in that particular direction.] [calls her] swara…[calls her loudly] swara…
Swara jerked hearing his voice.
Swara : [irritatingly, first due to tiresome shopping and then due to her urge to wear that western dress] what?? Sanskaar, am just standing beside you, why are you shouting??
Sanskaar : [looking at the counter of western dresses] wo.. I was thinking to buy some tees and jeans for you…
Swara: [widening her eyes] no no nooooo…. No need, you know wearing dresses is enough, I can’t wear western especially when the family memebers don’t like it.
Sanskaar knew that there was a point in her talks. The family members were hardly permitting her to study and it’s not right to add fuel to the fire by making her wear western especially when he knows what will the family react to it. But even he wanted her to wear what she wants and it’s not wrong to wear casuals right??
Sanskaar : [thinking deeply] okay then you wear it whenever we go out alone and you can wear light cotton capri and t-shirt in night dress too.
Swara was still unsure of it but agreed due to sanskaar’s saying.
They did a lot of shopping and then went home in the evening.
They had a quick dinner and then both of them freshened up quickly and then filled swara’s forms.
After this long tiring day both of them were sitting on the bed with their back attached to the head post and were talking randomly about the day.
Suddenly Sanskaar asked her a question.
Sanskaar : swara, why were you crying today in the mall looking at the mother-daughter duo.
Swara : [avoiding] no…nothi…nothing like that Sanskaar.
Sanskaar went near her and kept his hand on her shoulder
Sanskaar : [emotionally, in a soft voice] won’t you share it with me shona, I know what you are thinking but you have to let out your pain dear. And trust me you can share it with me.
Hearing this swara got teary eyed. [guys please just imagine the scene and their voices in your head.]
Swara became teary eyed hearing him. She so wanted to hug him, to tell him everything but how could she, she was still nervous to share her feelings with someone when all she has done is hide them inside her all these 14 years.
It’s easy to say but really tough to trust someone when you have lost everything in childhood and always been lonely. But we have to move on right… life is always about moving on.
Sanskaar wanted to build up her lost self confidence, wanted to make her strong enough to fight the circumstances and that he has to do by making her trust him, by making her open up to him.
Sanskaar put her head on his lap and started caressing her hairs gently.
Swara was really startled by his this act and immediately tried to pull up her head but Sanskaar prevented her from doing so and put her head in her lap.

Sanskaar : [gently caressing her hairs and in a soft voice] shhhhh… stay swara…[in a moist voice] swara….i …I don’t know what you have gone through till now, but I know you have suffered enough..please..swara….i…I know it’s difficult for you to open up to me, but you have to… we are LIFE PARTNERS swara.. you have to trust me…please shone…atleast try….
Swara : [almost crying] you know sans…Sanskaar..i…I was 4 st the time ….my…my…mama..di…die…died…i..i didn’t even kn….know …th…the mea..meaning of..dea….death..my…mama..she she[begans crying uncontrollably] she died sanskaar..how can…can go..god be so cruel to..me….[wiping her tears taking deep breath] to..today..when..when I ..sa..saw that girl and her mama selecting clothes na, I miss…missed her..missed her so damn much…I wanted her..here…right..bes..beside me..to,..to choose clothes for me…to help me when am confused….[again wiping her tears] you know Sanskaar..[smiling reminiscing all the moments] when…when..i used to be small na…and when we used to go for shopping..my mama used to select everything for me…although there..there…use…used to be thousands of clothes in the shop….but just one glance and my mother used to tell what’s the best for me….and…and when I used to wear that clothes for….for the fir….first time na..the…then I didn’t even have to look at the mirror, just one look into her eyes and I got to know how good am looking in those new clothes….you…you know san…Sanskaar you….you are rea…really very lucky..to..to have your mother…rig..right beside you..i…in..eve..every stage of your life…….i miss mama Sanskaar[crying hardly] I miss her so much…I don’t want anything…I don’t want anything in this world I just need my mama….i just want her…….
She couldn’t speak more and began to cry uncontrollably… tears were flowing even from sanskaar’s eyes. She’s right, a person can never forget his/her parents, their love is the biggest blessing for a child. He wiped his tears and hugged swara in that position only.
Sanskaar: shhhhh….bas…bas mera bacha..aur kitna rougi tum shona…[wiping her tears, hugging her close to him] itna nai rote shona….[ shhhhhh….don’t cry so much my child….how much more will you cry ha..stop crying shona]
Swara hugged him more tightly from his waist..she took a deep breath and spoke wiping her tears.
Swara : you…you…know..sans..sanskaar [smiling with teary eyes] to..today..the..the way you were choosing clothes for me…I remembered my mama…..[almost in sleepy state] don’t…don’t go way from me Sanskaar….
Those would just be some mere lines for someone but for Sanskaar….they were all her emotions, all her pain that she poured out in front of him. He can never understand her pain, because he had always had his mama right beside him.
He just promised himself to give all the lobe he had, he took her in his embrace and slept covering them both with the blanket.
Maybe it was not love that was still blossomed between them. But still they shared pain, they were filling the void places in each other’s life….. they shared a pious bond a bond that was BEYOND LOVE……
Precap : no no no I won’t tell……..

Huff so guys am stopping here…I just can’t write more. Don’t know about you people but I was literally crying writing all this.
This part was dedicated to the most special and important person in my life MY MAMA…..
Guys we don’t realise the importance of mother until we stay away from them.
My college is soon going to began and just the thought of staying away from my mama kills me…. We express our love to mama the least while we hurt her most of the times.
Do comment all your feelings you have for your mother and tell them how much you love them. sorry if the part was too boring….
Meet you all in the next part till then bubye…..

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    Awesome chappy dear now sanskar will give her maa ka pyar please update soon and other ffs also take care

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