When u r mine ur dreams r also mine….. [part 12] [got that SOMEONE for me] by neptune….

Hellllllooooooooooooooooooooooooo all my dear SWASANIANS…… how are you all doing?? Hope you are fine…….
So are you people shocked seeing me back this early. But what to do. The story has reached to the main track now, so are you all excited for the story to start. Am veerrrrryyyyyyyy excited to write it.
And I hope that you people enjoy reading it as much as am enjoying write it.
So today’s fun question…..
Hmm which are your favourite cartoon shows?? Like if you watch them……
Do tell me yours too. I will be waiting for it.

Recap : sanskaar’s outburst……

The new morning rose again with the mighty sun shining around spreading it rays.
It had been raining all night. The dark clouds were there all night, but maybe the rain washed away all the dirt. How good it would be if the people could also wash away the hatred, false belief and superstitions within them.
Swara woke up early today, not to mention that it was Sanskaar who had to wake her up.
Today was the day when the form filling procedure would start and Sanskaar was really tensed about swara’s decision.
He knew that she wanted to study but was tensed what if she disagreed for the sake of the family’s happiness.

Garden :
Swara was doing her favourite job, GARDENING. Whenever she used to be too lost, tensed, sad or confused she would do gardening and calm her mind down. The brightly coloured flowers can help anyone to calm down.
A slight frown was there on her forehead. WHAT SHOULD SHE DO?? Was the only question that was playing in her mind.
One side there was her passion, her dreams and HER SANSKAAR’S TRUST AND BELIEF ON HER…. HERS?? Her mind mocked her. Of course he was HERS, after all he is her husband replied her heart.
And the other side were her duties, her in-laws and their expectations towards her.
What should she choose between DREAMS AND DUTY is the biggest question a person can face…. [believe me guys its true… to decide between your like and other’s likes is very difficult]
She doesn’t know what should she do. She seriously had many doubts in her mind. She was feeling restless due to this.
She sighed thinking all this. She needed someone, SOMEONE who could just hear her patiently, SOMEONE who could answer her unsaid questions, SOMEONE who could help her out.
And as she was thinking all this the person who could show her the right path appeared in front of her.
Omg she was shocked seeing that person. It was, it was her MUMMA…..
Yes like every daughter even her mother was there to help her out during her problems.
Swara : [with teary eyes] MUMMA….[she called with so much love that even her mother’s eyes teared listening her]
Shomi : [teary voice] shona……..
Swara : [unbelievably, going to hug her mother but couldn’t] mumma, is it really you??
Shomi : yes dear am here, I told you in my diary too right. I will always be there to help you out whenever you need me.
Swara : what should I do mumma, please help me.
Shomi : you should do what for your heart agrees dear, what you feel right.
Swara : [lost] my heart, [chuckling faintly] my heart tells me to TRUST Sanskaar ji mumma, he has done so much for me. He’s fighting the whole battle for me, ONLY ME. So even I owe something to him right. When he is fighting it for him and if I don’t support him then it will hurt him. It will be an insult to our relation, our friendship.
Shomi : [smiling] then why are you afraid dear. Just be calm and GO FOR IT.
Swara : [confused] but mamma, what about my duties then. What about my in-laws happiness. Surely I want to study further but not by hurting someone.
Shomi : and the answer to your this question will be given by THE PERFECT ONE….. I am not the one meant for you. But you just listen to your heart dear. Whenever you will be confused I will be there for you. But now the SOMEONE who can take mine place in your life has come. He will guide you whenever needed.
And saying this she vanished. Swara was just looking around confusedly.
Was all this real?? She was already so confused and all this added more to it.
But she thought to go with her mother’s word and listen to what her heart says.

Dining area:
Today all the family members were sitting having lunch. When they were serving food, Sanskaar put a condition that he will eat only with swara.
Seeing this adarsh and laksh also took the same step. So all the bahu’s are also having their lunch with them.
After lunch:
All were gathered in the hall looking towards swara who was fidgeting her fingers.
All were eager to know her decision. On one side where Sanskaar was confident for swara to take the right decision. Ap, Laksh, Uttara were praying for it to be yes.
Rp, ragini, aadrash, pari were on a neutral side. And dp and sujata were praying for it to be a no……..
Sanskaar : [taking a deep breathe] okay so swara, what’s your decision??
Swara was looking towards him with questioning eyes, she was still confused.
Sanskaar looked into her eyes, nodded his head a bit, gave her a small smile and blinked his eyes giving her the confidence to take the right decision.
Just one look of his and all her doubts were cleared, she regained her lost confidence and spoke with a shivering voice.
Swara : [shivering voice] i…… i… wa…want…. To…. Stu…study….further….
As soon as these words left swara’s mouth, Sanskaar jumped off his place and punched his hand in delight.
Sanskaar : yesssss……..
Everyone were looking at his reaction with wide eyes. While laksh and ap were suppressing their laughter.
Swara was so happy to give him this happiness. She was surprised seeing his reaction. It felt like it was REALLY HIS DREAMS that were going to be fulfilled.
Sujatha : are but…..
Sanskaar :[interrupting her] chachi ji, I told that it would be solely be her decision. Please don’t interrupt her. [taking a deep breath and calming himself] see dad, chachi ji I understand your confusion your feelings. But please understand me and her too. Is education bad?? By her studies she is doing nothing wrong to our family….. I assure you that she will handle both her studies and house carefully. And she is not the alone daughter-in-law of this house. She, pari Bhabhi and ragini Bhabhi will distribute the rsponsibilities. Please dad, please let her study.
He was saying all these as if it was for himself he was doing so much.
But what to do, he so much loved her and so much wanted to fulfil her dreams.
Dp : we will see. If she does any mistake then….
Sanskaar : that condition will not come….
Swara was watching all this in so much nervousness and confusion.
What’s all this, already her life is so complicated. Will she be able to handle both studies and house at the same time??
Sanskaar saw her confused eyes and blinked at her in assurance.
Swara gave him a small smile.
Night :
Swasan room:
Swasan had already filled swara’s admission form. The counselling would start soon and in at least 30 days her college life would be started.
Swara was still confused, she was sitting on the swing on the poolside and lost in her thoughts.
Sanskaar sighed seeing this, he went near her and sat beside her on the swing and kept her hand on this.
Swara startled seeing this. She came out from her thoughts and looked at him.
Sanskaar : [sighing] swara, what are you thinking, see I know you are confused, but [after a pause] see you told me that I am your bestest friend, so you can share it with me right?? [asked her with hopeful eyes]
Swara : Sanskaar ji, it’s just that….[interrupted by him]
Sanskaar : wait wait wait. What did you just called me [swara gave him a confused look] you called me Sanskaar ji, like seriously JI…. See I know that I am 5 years elder then you but that doesn’t mean you can call me JI…..come one yaar before being your husband am your friend right. So please call me Sanskaar, ONLY SANSKAAR??
Swara : [protesting] arre but…
Sanskaar : [again interrupting her] aa.. aaa..aaa.. noo call me Sanskaar, otherwise umm… otherwise I will haa, I will resign from the post of your best friend….
Swara : [surprised] arre but….
Sanskaar : no but vut… come on call me Sanskaar right now….
Swara : [sighing defeatedly] okay… sans….. sans….. sansk….. SANSKAAR……
As soon as these words slipped off from her mouth Sanskaar lifted her in bridal style and started spinning her…
Sanskaar : wohooooooo…………..
Swara : aaaaa Sanskaar leave me.. otherwise I will again call you ji…..
Sanskaar : [placing her on her feet] arrre no no… don’t do that…
Swara : [narrowing her eyes] hmm that’s better…
Sanskaar : accha tell me what were you thinking??
Swara : [looking down] nothing special…..[trying to escape]
But Sanskaar caught her wrist…
Sanskaar : swara I know that friendship has no rules, but let me make one thing clear. I don’t WANT YOU TO HIDE ANYTHING FROM ME…. See whatever you are feeling you can tell me without any hesitations.
Swara took off his hand from her and went further showing her back to him, looked towards the pool and spoke:
Swara : its….. its nothing Sanskaar… its just that am quite confused…….
Sanskaar : [went towards her, held her from her shoulders and turned her towards him] confused, but why?? Don’t you trust me swara?? [he said with a tinge of hurt in is eyes]
Swara : [immediately] no no sanskaar….. I TRUST YOU…. In fact I TRUST ONLY YOU….. but I don’t trust myself…will I be able to manage both house and studies, will it not hurt the sentiments of the family members…. Will it be good to to fulfil my dreams, breaking others….
Sanskaar : wohoo hold on, hold on my bullet train…well let me answer all your questions one by one….
Okay so regarding your first doubt… swara in any case of your life remember one thing… TO TRUST YOURSELF… to trust yourself is very important…
Secondly don’t worry it’s not only your journey it’s OUR JOURNEY… so I will always be there for you to help you. You don’t need to worry about it. And when our goal is high, we have to work extra hard right. Swara just set your goal and then look at it only, no need to look at other sides. If you take your vision away from your goal you will lose it. If you will try to look with everyone’s pov you will lase your own.
And you are not doing anything wrong, and you know what dad and chachi already knows that what you are doing is right, heart is never wrong and their heart knows that what you are doing is right but they are not ready to accept it. Don’t worry about them, they will realise it soon.
Swara just be confident whenever you will be confused or in any problem, I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE WITH YOU OKAY….
As soon as he says these words, her mamma’s image comes her eyes.
Right… now she understood what her mamma wanted to say. Yes she has got that SOMEONE, who will always be there WITH HER, FOR HER……
Sanskaar waved his hand in front of swara, to bring her out of her thoughts.
Sanskaar : oyye miss…oops mrs dreamy girl wher are you lost haa….
Swara : wo nothing…. [suddenly] wait what did you call me…. Mrs dreamy girl haa…. Then u… u…. ur mr tip top….
Sanskaar : what….. mr tip top…. Now what does that even meet…
Swara : look at you, always ready and tip top… means always you are wearing clothes as if you are going to some party… ladke hokar bhi itna taiyaar hote ho….[being a boy you get ready so much]
Sanskaar : oyye shona…..[he addressed her as shona for the first time, she felt so loved, so belonged to someone] sorry…
Swara : no no Sanskaar, you can call me shona…
Sanskaar smiled wide hearing this. He knew she allowed only her close ones to call her shona. And now HE WAS BECOMING CLOSE TO HER…KNOWINGLY OR UNKOWINGLY A BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIP WAS BLOSSOMING BETWEEN THEM. AND MAYBE IT WAS MORE THAN LOVE……..
Sanskaar : [dreamily] hmmm……. [teasingly] accha if I get dressed so much, then what about you, even you get dressed so heavily, looks like you are going for a marriage…
Swara : [sadly] yeah, even I don’t like to wear so heavy clothes, but what to do….
Sanskaar : swara I already told you to be comfortable in whatever you wear. [sternly] then why are you not doing so??
Swara : but Sanskaar….
Sanskaar : and tell me onething, will you go in college wearing these lehengas.
Swara : ummm…
Sanskaar : na na na, I will not hear anything. Tomorrow we are going to shopping and that’s final. Now good night…[saying this he went from there not hearing anything]
Swara : arre aree Sanskaar wait…. [sighing] huh….sometimes he behaves like a kid, but a sensible kid.[saying this she smiles to herself]
Sanskaar : if your OH-SO-IMPORTANT-SELF-TALK is over then come inside and sleep. I have a hard time waking you up in the morning.
Swara : [shouting] SANSKAAAARRRRR…
And then a loud laughter is heard and then the screen fades off…


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  1. Mars

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    My favourite cartoon is shinchan, doremoan, motu patlu.
    Plzz post your other stories also.
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    1. Neptune

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  5. Super chappy and about dragging no story demands that and plzz post another stories also I love one thing in u that u ask comments for not only your story but also other swasan stories this shows ur simple and caring nature be like this only and love u with lots of sister hugs

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    My favourite cartoons are Doraemon, Shinchan, Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean, Oswald, Noddy, Mickey Mouse etc. Aur bhi hai lekin main likh nahi paaungi??

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    hello nepuu di!! how r u ??
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    coming to the episode it was fabulous loved it
    yes didu totally correct its really tough to decide between our’s and other’s likes. really really tough
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  10. IQRA222

    hello nepuu di!! how r u ??
    didu my fav cartoons are–Shinchan, Tom and jerry, Richie Rich, Oswald, all the series of power rangers, doraemon and ninja hattori!!
    coming to the episode it was fabulous loved it
    yes didu totally correct its really tough to decide between our’s and other’s likes. really really tough
    didu believe me that shona and shomi scene was really heart touching
    he he sanky reaction was bit funny for me!!
    didu swasan scene were just like heaven totally for me!!
    didu you re not at all dragging it so dont feel like that ok
    anyways waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
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    1. Neptune

      aww guna, your pov is so right dear.. evry girl needs a life aprtner who respects her dreams…
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