When u r mine ur dreams r also mine….. [part 11] [THE FINAL DECISION] by neptune

Helllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooo SWASANIANS……so I am back with the next part of wurmudram….
Hope you all are enjoying it… thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for the wonderful response on the last epi……

So today’s fun question is hmmmmmm….. haaaa which is your favourite telly actor/actress like who is handsome/beautiful yet humble??
But my mosssttttt favourite is HELLY SHAH AND DILIP JOSHI….
Would like to know your favourite characters as well……..

So keeping all this in a side let’s start with today’s chappy…

Precap : Sanskaar realises his love….
Sanskaar : [dreamily] I LOVE YOU SWARA…..
He spoke this line dreamily lost in his thoughts.
And suddenly it clicks him…. Oh god!! What he did just say. Did he just realize that he loves SWARA… his RUIEE…
Oh god!! He face palmed himself and began smiling and laughing crazily…..
Sanskaar : [face palming himself and laughing] oh god!! Ha ha what did just say?? Do I really love her?? [closing his eyes he could just see him and swara.. TOGETHER. HAND IN HAND. And this is it. He realised that the only person with whom he wants to be is his SWARA….] wohoooooo [shouting crazily] I AM IN LOVE… I LOVE YOU SWARAAAAAAAA I LOVE U SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH…… this is such an awesome feeling I am feeling like to drown myself in it. I can’t wait to be with you anymore.
With this dreamy smile he went from there off to sleep. Where only he and HIS princess exists………

Next day:
Mehta house…..
Swara and ragini had to depart today. The pagphera ritual was over and they had to go to mm for their muh dikhai ritual.
Swara was eagerly waiting for Sanskaar. Don’t know why but she was so much eager to meet him…… those words of him were still ringing in her eyes. And sending shivers down her spine. As soon as those words rang in her eyes her heart began racing as never before.
The door bell rang and she ran with a smile only to be disappointed seeing laksh standing there. He smiled at swara. And then walk in.
Swara was fidgeting with her fingers. How should she ask him where is Sanskaar??
Just as she was thinking, her all time rescuers came there to help her.
Of course the bacha party. Even they had to go for their shona di’s muh dikhai ritual.
Dev : [tucking laksh’s pants] uncle where is our Sanskaar jiju.
Laksh : [kneeling down to their level] oh YOUR Sanskaar jiju… hmmmm he was busy actually so I came to pick you all…. It will go na??
Hemish : ha ha uncle its okay we will manage, we will meet him later. Now come on lets go.
With that all of them depart to Maheshwari mansion.

Swara is seen getting ready with the kids. Huff all these time wearing such heavy lehenga and jewellery she is feeling suffocated due to that.
She was wearing a beautiful aqua blue coloured lehenga with works of thin laces on it.
Her choli and dupatta was tomato-orangish in clour. It was pinned in a saree style. A beautiful kamarband adorning her thin waist with payal in her feet. A beautiful necklace adorning her neck. Her hairs were in a centre maang with a beautiful tikka in her maang [the rajasthani one with tikka in the centre and strings attached to it] [hope you people understand cause I don’t know how to explain it]
A beautiful bindi on her forehead.
Her eyes lined with a thick layer of kajol, mascara and eye liner.
She had not done any other make up except it. Bangles adorned her delicate neck.
Over all she just looked like an epitome of beauty. [GUYS DO TELL ME HOW DO YOU THINK SWARA WOULD LOOK IN THAT?? I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOUR OPINION….]
Downstairs all the ladies had gathered along with a few men for the ritual.
The newly wed brides were made to sit there.
Swara was hell nervous seeing everything so new and all the class they had spread and on top of that her SANSKAAR was not present here too.
Oh god!! When is all this going to end was all she thought. The time passed and all the ladies one by one lifted the veil off her head, praised her for her beauty and gave her blessings for a happy life and healthy kids……. She just smiled fakely to all of them. Her eyes were unknowingly searching for Sanskaar.
The ritual was almost going to end but there was still no sign of him. Where is he?? Was the only question ringing in his mind.
After the ritual everyone were sitting on the didning table
having their lunch. While swara, ragini and parineeta were serving them.
Suddenly Sanskaar came there dressed in his formals with some papers in his hands.
Ap : [smiling seeing Sanskaar] come Sanskaar, sit and have lunch.
Sanskaar : [with serious expressions on his face] I will have it afterwards with swara mom.
Everyone’s facial expressions changed hearing this.
Sujatha : haaye haaye what are you telling chore, come have lunch you might be hungry??
Sanskaar : [sternly] so would be swara chachi ji??
Sujatha : but she should have her lunch after her in-laws eat. That’s what an ideal bahu does…….
Sanskaar : [as a matter of fact] and what do ideal in-laws do chachi ji………
Sujatha’s tongue got tied hearing this. While swara and ragini had their eyes widened ap and laksh were proud of him.
Dp was looking at him with so much of anger.
Dp : Sanskaar whatever you want to tell, tell it clearly.
Sanskaar : [showing the papers] these are swara’s admission details, her documents and other things. According to her merit she will get admission in Kolkata only. That’s what I wanted to inform you.
Ap, laksh, Uttara were looking at him with a proud smile, sujatha and dp were shocked and angry while parish and rp were having neutral expressions on their faces.
Swara’s expressions were unreadable for all of them. Her face was blank but her eyes held all the emotions.
And Sanskaar was the only person who could read them all. He smiled seeing the twinkle in her eyes which was missing in her eyes ever since he met her.
Dp : [shouting] are you in your senses?? Do you even realise what you are speaking??
Sanskaar : [calmly] I am very well in my senses dad and I realise it very well that what I am speaking?? Swara is just 18 and she is going to study. And that’s my FINAL DECISION..

DP : [angrily] and who are you to take this decision?? Am this house’s elder and I will decide what my bahu will do and what not…..
Sanskaar : [angry too] and before being your bahu she’s my wife and AS A HUSBAND IT’S MY RIGHT TO DECIDE ABOUT HER FUTURE…… [taking a deep breath] I don’t want any discussions further on this topic. It’s final that swara is going to study.
Sujatha : but she is a girl chore and what’s her need to study?? She just have to give us our heir and take care of this household…..
Sanskaar : [disgustingly] seriously chachi, like is this the only reason you make me married?? If so you could have brought a maid and adopted a kid from outside. She’s not any caretaker of this house and she’s going to study. EDUCATION IS EVERY HUMAN’S FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT AND YOU CANNOT SNATCH IT FROM HER.
Saying this he took swara’s hands in his hands and was walking from there when suddenly he spoke…..
Sanskaar : and if anyone opposes it then I will leave this house right now with my WIFE…….
Saying this swasan walked away from there. Leaving people in a pool of emotions.
Night :
Swasan room:
Swara was sitting all lost in her thoughts. After sanskaar’s outburst she went to cook dinner and its only now that she is getting time to talk to him about it.
She doesn’t know what should she do. The admission process is going to start tomorrow and it’s true that she wants to study, wants to fulfil her dreams but not by making somebody unhappy….
Just then Sanskaar enters inside the room. He ignores looking at swara knowing that she would ask him for answers of his act.
He kept quiet and handed her her important documents and told her that the form filling procedure would start from tomorrow and that they should sleep now.
As he was about to go swara caught his wrist. Sanskaar tilted his head backwords and looked at her hand holding his. Seeing this swara quickly pulled off her hands. She was still afraid of Sanskaar due to his anger yesterday and today too….
Sanskaar : [sternly] what??
Swara : [startled] vo vo… what was that??
Sanskaar : [sternly] what was what??
Swara : vo vo….
Sanskaar :[strictly] swara tell me clearly whatever you want to…..
Swara : [closing her eyes n taking deep breath] Sanskaar ji whatever you told in the afternoon???
Sanskaar : [taking a deep breath, speaking calmly yet sternly] listen swara I know what you are thinking but don’t just think all those useless things, it’s your right to study and I am just giving you that….. [swara was going to speak something but Sanskaar interrupted her] aa aa aa let me complete…. I know that you don’t want to study hurting others [swara’s eyes widened hearing this…. How did this person know her so well inside out within just 2 days of their meet] but you should also u derstand that whatever they are arguing for is not right….. in our society people just want an ideal daughter-in-law handling the household and taking care of everyone. Not that it is a small thing but now YOU ARE MINE. FROM HEART, FROM SOUL, FROM BODY AND IT’S COMPLETELY MY RIGHT TO DECIDE WHAT YOU WILL DO. I WILL NOT LET ANYONE TAKE MY RIGHT NOT EVEN YOU…..if you want to know what’s right and what’s not just ask your heart it will tell you the proper answer……..
With that he went from there leaving a numb swara. Now she was deadly confused.
What should she do now?? Her one decision can change so many lives…….
She could achieve her dreams but it would highly disappoint her in-laws.
She would get everything she wants but what if her di’s marriage gets ruined?? What will be her daadi’s reaction…..
Aagghhhh she closed her eyes being completely frustrated. God please show her the right path…..
Don’t know in what direction life is taking her. She cannot change her destiny she just has to face it with strength. It’s difficult for her to believe that she’s getting something she’s lost so far.
Taking a deep breath, her eyes turning teary. Yes she always feels to cry whenever she’s too confused and not getting a path further….
Swara : [taking a deep breath, closing her teary eyes] what should I do mumma??

After 2 hours:
Sanskaar is seen sitiing on the bed. Looking at a calm, sleepy figure of swara. His hands softly caressing her hairs. A small smile playing on his lips.
He was feeling bad showing so much anger to swara when there’s clearly no fault of hers. But what could he have possibly done.
He knows that whatever he’s doing is absolutely right. But he knows that swara will never agree for it. She would surely not think a bit of herself and he was sure about it. If she would have, than she might not have agreed for the marriage JUST FOR HER DI……
He sighed thinking how he came to know about the reason of their marriage.
Flashback :
The previous day at swara’s house after swasan had arrived back home.
Swara went inside while Sanskaar was just going in when he collided with a small thing…. Oops that’s not a thing that’s a person. Who is she?? Yes it’s our Navya.
Navya fell down with a thud hence hurting her back. It hurt her badly and she began to cry.
Sanskaar carefully lifted her up and placed her on the bench in the garden.
He rubbed her back, massaging where she was hurt.
Sanskaar : [rubbing her back] shh shh its okay… its okay dear. See you are so strong. You didn’t get hurt see.
Navya looked at him with her big cute teary eyes. She wiped her tears off. Sanskaar looked at her carefully and recognised she was the same girl who gave him that chit that day. [hope you guys remember if not, then go through epi 3]
She is the little angel whom HIS ANGEL sent for boosting his confidence.
Sanskaar : hey little angel you are the one who gave me chit that day right?? Who gave you the chit that day….
Navya : [remembering everything] yes bhaiya you are right I gave it to you that day…. What are you doing here?? And that chit my shona di asked to give it to you…..
Sanskaar : [confused] shona di… do you mean SWARA gave that chit to you. [she nodded her head] [Sanskaar sighed hearing this. His heart was swelling in happiness … god this girl was just driving him crazy. She was literally BECOMING HIS EVERYTHING now]
Navu : but bhaiya who ale [are] you??
Sanskaar : I am your shona di’s husband. Means your jiju.
Navya : [with anger and cryingly] oh so you ale [are] the one who came between my di and her futule [future] dreams. You are very bad just like daadi.
Sanskaar : [hurt and confused] what do you mean??
Navya : my di wants to become a doctor but daadi doesn’t want it. She asked hel [her] to mally [marry you] for saving ragini aunty’s malliage [marriage].
Now Sanskaar was hell confused and angry to. Though he didn’t get the whole matter but he understood that his dad has to do something with all this……
Sanskaar : you don’t worry about that dear. [determind] your shona di will fulfil her dreams and that’s you Sanskaar jiju’s promise. So friends??
Navya : [hugging him] of coulsss [course] fliends…[friends]

While Sanskaar smiled at her cuteness.
Sanskaar : accha friend tell me something why does daadi not like you shona di??
Navya : that I don’t know…[thinking deeply] hmm maybe because my shona di is soooooooooooooooo cute and beautiful but daadi she looks like a daayan…
And they both laughed at that…
Flash back ends…….
He asked his mother about their marriage and that’s when he got to know the truth.
God this girl is sooooooooooooooooooo soft hearted… sooooooooooooooo sensitive…….. she’s really an angel……
But he doesn’t want her to spoil her life and so if he has to then he will be strict… but all this is for her…. JUST FOR HER….
He smiled thinking this and went to sleep on his side of bed……


Huff so finally the 11th part of this ff is completed. Hope you are enjoying it guys?? If not then please do tell me frankly….. hope it was not much a boring epi…..
Guys VAHE are back on tv?? I know just for a few minutes but we will get to see them together right…… so how many of you did watch them??
Do watch DEVANSHI guys…… and please comment on SWASAN ffs….. hope you will not disappoint me…….
Meet you all in the next part till then bubbye…..

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  1. Independent

    Really loved sanskar’s character soo much awesome chappy dear

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    Awesome part dr …..mgs in the story is gud ….My fav helly and varun….

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    My favourites are Varun Kapoor, Helly Shah n Nakuul Mehta.
    Yeah dear, I watched Mahasangam episodes. After VaHe scenes I m missing Swasan like hell. And I m watching Devanshi(not regularly bcz in that time I m already watching Swaragini in my language). But I hate vardhaan n devanshi pair.

    1. Neptune

      hey gayu…. thank u sooooooo much for commenting dear.. am glad you liked it….
      oh god i can’t tell you how much am missing swasan…
      and though they had a scene of few seconds they created magic…..
      even i don’t like the pair…but what to do helly is just making me screw hard to the screen with her awesome acting skills…
      hope she gets a good response too…

  8. Mars

    Hayee sanskar is just a sweet and caring hubby just loved his character and swara is very lucky to have him. And what’s the problem of dp huh!!
    Bald headed.
    Epi was awesome I loved it so much
    About my favourite, ofcouse helly shah and in actors I like Sidhant Gupta(kunj) and arjun bijlani. Even I like Namish taneja.
    I reallyyy wish to see hellu and sidhant onscreen.

    1. Neptune

      thank you soooooooooo much marsuuu…
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  9. IQRA222

    hello nepu di!!
    didu my fav is tejasswi, helly, shrenu and namish, and kunal
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    anyways waiting for the next part
    take care
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    love you!!

    1. Neptune

      hey iqu……
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      take care dear…
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    Sanskar is the bestest husband ever who supports Swara in every walk of life
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    1. Neptune

      thanks a lot sumu….. yeah SWASAN are the best….
      glad you liked it dear

  14. Fenil

    Hello Dhruvi !!
    Today here is heavy rain so no office so decide to read something and choose you an your works.

    Marvellous Concept !!:)

    Start from Rueiiii Pink patayala dress wali kudi….beautiful

    Chit”Smile Reason for success ”Navya and Sanky convo cute.

    Marriage parts also good

    Cybercafe moment also great.

    Chiller party kidnapped Sanky…awwwe:D:D

    Unique wedding night:D:D

    Truth came out ….
    Sanskar character very well portrait by U…..Salute Boss.

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    1. Neptune

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    Swara said yeh mujhe itna jaan gaya 2days mein.

    1. Neptune

      aww bhaiyaa you became emotional… cholly for making you cry my emoty bhaiyaa…

      hmm barabar sanskaar to swara ne 2 divas maj bov odkhi gayo…
      he he even i was laughing while writing navu and sanku’s convo……

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    in actors, i love varun kapoor and then arjun bijlani..
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    1. Neptune

      aww raina same pinch dear helly is even my favourite….
      HELLY is first for me too….
      even i like krystal especially in her show ehmmbh…..
      thanks for commenting dear, glad you liked it…

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