when u r mine ur dreams are also mine….. prologue..

When u are mine ur dreams are also mine…Prologue.
Hellloooooooooooooo everybody I m kher chodo naam jaan ke kya karroge jj yaani just joking so I m neptune and I want to write an ff on swaragini’s characters all the 4 are included here but the leads and the pairs are suspense. but if u people like the concept and the story line then please comment. Ok so lets start….

Scene 1
Girl [thinking] :oh god ! y is this happening with me. Now all my studies and my dreams to become a doctor are shattered. Now I can never fulfil my mamma’s dream.
Boy [thinking] : thank u god thank u so so so soooooooo much for making me marry to the love of my life I promise I will always take care of her and fulfil all her dreams. I will always keep her happy.
The pandit announces that the marriage is completed and the girl wipes off her tears.

So please tell me how is the concept and the storyline. And yeah u can who is the girl and the boy. See u oops how can I see u so meet u in the next part till then bubbye…..

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  1. nyc intresting continue
    im guessing it is swasan ff..
    i just want to say you reveal pairs after reading it when you say leads are this dont want to get hurt after reading these are not pairs.. its my pov remaining on ur hands just hope u dont disoppoint readers who are reading so better reveal pair.

  2. Nice dear

  3. Pls make it swasan ff . Nowdays there are many ragsan ff . Swasan ff are very less .

  4. Raina

    Interesting concept!!…
    But try to reveal the pair soon…

  5. Rosey

    Its great concept and yes plz reveal pairs soon

  6. Nice…
    I hope it is raglak ff

  7. IME

    Try to reveal pairs soon

  8. IQRA222

    Hello neptune di
    The concept is simply fab
    I am waiting for it eagerly
    Pls do make it a raglak ff as there are very less raglak ff’s nowdays
    But even if it is swasan i will read it as the concept is nice
    Pls reveal the pairs soon

  9. Phoniex

    Nice concept

  10. Fairy

    Oh so grl wants to study bt got married ? d boy loves her ?hope he”ll fulfill her dreamzzz ???…all d bst for ur story dr..I wl read it nly if RAGINI wl b d lead…keep rockng n stay bkessed?

  11. Awesom concept dear if its real pair (swsan n raglak) then i’ll surely read dear… Tak cre

  12. XxSara

    Interesting dear! Is it your first story? — Welcome then! Also try to reveal the pairs soon…?

  13. Arshaanya

    Wud love to read if its swasan n if not dan best of luck dear…

  14. Seebu_s

    nice..if swasan is pair i’ll be reading?orelse all the best dear☺

  15. Shrutu

    Neptune jiiiiiiiiiiii its lovely outline of ur long awaited love story ” may be” i think i can guess the pairs but as such don’t want to revel ur very much created suspense………………i know u r going to rock …………..but plzzz Raglak pair toh rakhna thik hai naa but i know tu kissiki bhi kahan sunti hai sivaye…………….. chall jaane de u know whom i m talking about…………..i mean u r obedient child of ur parents………….hmm galat galat soch …………waiting for ur Next update dear………….

  16. nice…hope it is swasan?

  17. Simi


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