When u r mine ur dreams are also mine.. [part 9] [SWARA’S results] by neptune

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Precap : swasan wedding night.

The sun was shining with all it’s might. But the clouds were hindering it. The weather was quite cloudy. As it was early monsoons the dark grey clouds spread in the sky ready to pour anytime.
The sweet chirping sound of birds. Overall it was a perfect romantic morning.
The alarm rang loudly waking up a sleepy Sanskaar with a start.
Sanskaar : [waking up with a start] aaaa what’s what’s that yaar?? [looked towards the alarm] oh god!! What’s this yaar who kept this stupid alarm?? I didn’t kept it. [he went towards swara’s side and closed the alarm]
Then his sight fell on swara. She was sleeping completely rolled off in a ball, drapping herself in the blanket completely just her head was popping out.
Sanskaar was smiling seeing her. How cute she was looking. Just like a small baby. Her face was so peaceful and serene. He was a professional business, a really rude and arrogant one and he could identify just by seeing a person how he or she is??
The first time he saw her he knew she was innocent, her scared eyes reflected all about her soul.
He was just perplexed seeing her. Like how can someone’s eyes reflect their soul so clearly. But along with the fear and innocence he could see something else in her eyes too. Wait what was that element. That was PAIN, EMPTINESS AND LONELINESS.
He didn’t knew what pain she had but he was sure to find it out whatever it was and to help her heal it.
Just then his eyes fell on the wall clock and his eyes widened seeing it. Oh shit!! It was already 6:30 am. They had to go for puja at sharp 7:15 am.
Oh now he understood that’s why she kept alarm of 5:45 am.
This means that he has been staring her for half an hour. He smiled thinking all this. He could stare her even for his whole lifetime. And then also the time would prove less for him.
He sighed and called her trying to wake her.
Sanskaar : swara swara, come on swara wake up yaar we are already late. [trying to wake her up by shaking her] swara swara.
But she just caught his hand, snuggled deeper into the blanket and slept again.
Sanskaar : swara [caressing her head with his other hand softy] swara wake up bacha comeon.
And that’s when swara fluttered her eyes open.
Swara : mumma please let me sleep for some more time na.
Sanskaar : [he got it that swara was missing her mom] swara wake up we have to go down naa for aarti.

And that’s when realisation hit swara. Oh god!! How could she forget that she was married now. And today was her first day in her sasural. She was already late now.
She woke up hurriedly and on seeing Sanskaar she remembered how he woke her up. her eyes filled with tears. This was the first time in her life that someone was waking her up with so much love, for a moment she felt that her mom is there waking her.
She quickly blinked her eyes to control her tears. She smiled lightly and mumbled a quick thank you and went from there taking her clothes.
Sanskaar who saw her teary eyes got a clear view that she might be missing her mother but he felt bad seeing her hiding tears from him.
Didn’t he told her that he is her best friend and she can share everything with him. But a corner of him knew that she needed some more time.
And come on yaar it’s just a day of their marriage.
He smiled thinking don’t worry my dear ruiee I will make you so much addicted to me that you won’t be able to hide anything from me.
After 15 mins:
Swara came out from washroom dressed in a beautiful green coloured lehenga, with a thick black border and beautiful silver coloured designs drawn on the border.
She had pinned her dupatta in a gujarati style and the choli was black and silver in colour.
Her hair were wet and she was looking absolutely stunning with her fair shin complimenting her more.
Sanskaar who saw her couldn’t believe that how this girl made him skip his several heart beats everytime he sees her.
Swara saw him staring her and became nervous. She waved her hands infront of him by which he came out of his trance.
He gave a small smile to her and went for freshening up.
Later swara dried her hair
Wore a maang tika and then put her hairs over it in a side manng. Her hair were fully straight.
She wore a beautiful kamarband and beautiful green and pink coloured bangles in her hand. A small bindi on her forehead, light necklace and heavy earings and there she was ready for the day.
Sanskaar came out and saw her. He knew she was looking breath taking but something was missing.
He saw her mangalsutra lying on the dressing table.
He took it from there made her sit on the stool and tied it around her neck.
His hot breath was fanning over her neck sending shivers down her spine and butterflies in her stomach.
Unknown to her natural pink colour spread on her cheeks making her look like a perfect newly wedded bride.

While Sanskaar took a pinch of sindoor and put it on her maang. They were having an eyelock through the mirror. Both the eyes sending thousands of promises to each other.
Thye came out of their trance. And went downstairs. Swara was nervous as all this was quite new for her. Sanskaar was coming out of the room with a smile, when he saw swara standing there fidgeting with her dupatta. He understood what she might be thinking he held her hand and squeezed it lightly blinking his eyes to assure her.
They went to the in house temple. Raglak were present there doing some hidden romance.
Swara smiled seeing her sister happy. Her happiness was the sole reason she did this marriage but what she didn’t knew was that destiny was giving something very precious to her through this marriage.
Later all the family members arrived there and aarti was started with swaragini singing the aarti.
Later the ritual of first rasoi was to be done.
The newly wedded brides were asked to prepare something sweet. While ragini decided to prepare gajar ka halwa, swara decided to prepare sevaiyyan. [I hope everyone knows this dish]
She went in the kitchen and started preparing it lost in her own her thoughts and smiling a little to herself.
This was the dish she loved so much.
She prepared it with so much love.
Later the dishes were garnished and brought to the dining table with the other items.
Everyone tasted the dishes and gave neg to the new bahu’s as a blessing.
Sanskaar liked both the dishes but he felt something special in sevaiyyan. It tasted extra sweet to him. This was the first time HIS RUIEE had made something for him.
This thought itself made his heart swell in happiness. This feeling was turning very new for him, very beautiful for him. Every time he just wanted to be with swara, he just wanted to stare her, just wanted her presence near him.
But what was this feeling?? He was not able to figure it out.
After the ritual ended the newly wedded couples had to go their maternal house for their pagphera.
This is the ritual in which the brides go to their house for a day or 2 just after their wedding.
So SWASAN and raglak proceeded towards Mehta house in 1 car.
[pata nahi serial me sab alag alag cars me jakar petrol kyu waste karte hai]

As they arrived there Parvati Mehta was standing there with a aarti thalli in her hand and a smile on her face for welcoming her beloved granddaughters oops sorry her beloved granddaughter ragini.
She welcomed them with aarti and then ragini smiled widely hugging her daadi maa which she too reciprocated.
Swara was smiling with teary eyes seeing their bond she thought that now her daadi will love her n take care of her as she fulfilled her wish she went to hug her seeing ragini and daadi breaking the hug but as she was about to hug her daadi stopped her.
Swara felt bad seeing it while daadi saw sanlak looking towards her confused faces and so she kissed swara on her forehead and then hugged her.
While swara’s face broke into a huge smile with a few tears escaping her eyes seeing her daadi’s love for her after so long time.
They all marched inside while they entered the house balloons blasted loudly making a huge noise and then ribbons fell on them .
And there came a huge shout.
: surprissssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
And all the kids came out except navya.
Dev : shona diiiiiiiiii welcome back.
Heer : shona diiiiiiiii I missed you sooooooooooooooooo much.
While swara was literally laughing their tantrums the other were smiling except daadi.
She was not allowing them inside her house but they took the bundle of keys hanging on her waist smartly and then blackmailed her to allow them inside.
She was making faces seeing all this.
Swara : [hugging them all] aww my kiddos me too missed you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I love you all soooooooooooo much.
All : we love you too diiiiii.
They all then hugged Sanskaar who was making a pout face seeing their love for shona.

Somewhere he was feeling jealous seeing them all hugging swara. Ughh how much he wanted to be in their place.
Later they all settled on the sofa’s while swara went to bring tea and snacks for all with the kids following her.
Kitchen :
Swara was setting all the things in tray, just then kids barged inside.
Dev: [worriedly] di your neet result is out, today only. Have you checked it??
While swara’s eyes widened. Her breathing fastened, oh god!! Her result was out, how could she forget all this.
Swara : [worriedly] oh god what should I do now??
Hemish : di don’t worry I have brought my tab you just tell me your roll number I will check it now…
Swara : ok let me get my hall ticket……
And there swara went to get her hall ticket.
They opened the website and put swara’s roll no. and birth date.
And there it was she had scored 536. AIR: 14,610.
Seeing the result all of them hooted but controlled their volume. All of them were really happy and hugged swara tightly.

While swara just didn’t knew how to react. She was just numb, but when she felt all of them hug her, tears fell of her eyes. Her heart hammering loudly against her ribcage and a huge, satisfied smile formed on her beautiful lips.
Oh god!! This feeling was so great it just couldn’t be described in words.
Finally she could fulfil her mother’s dream, finally she could fulfil HER DREAM.
Dev: yes, I am so happy for you di.
Dhruvmil : yes di, now you will surely get a seat in government college.
Heer : let me tell jiju even he will be so happy hearing this.
When the word ‘jiju’ hit swara’s mind she realised that she was married now. Her dreams got shattered a way before. She can’t study further now.
She quickly caught heer’s hand.
Swara : [stammering] no… no… nee…. Need to tell him. I am married now, I can’t…. can’t [chocking on her words] study any anymore…..
Dev : dii why are you talking like this.
Riya : ha di jiju is very good he will surely allow you to study further.

Swara remembered her daadi’s words ‘ maheshwari’s are a very conservative people. And your to be husband too. They won’t allow you to study further. And besides what’s the need for you to study now you have to take care of the house and give them their waaris. So don’t bring this topic in front of all of them. It will affect my laado’s life too.’
Swara : [crying and immediately wiping her tears back] I told na no need. Just forget all this. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s life….
And with this she turned to go but her breath got hitched and her eyes widened. She felt the world collapsing and her knees began to feel weak seeing a person standing there with anger, fury and pain in his eyes.
And she could speak only one word.
Swara : sans….. sanskaar ji.

Precap : I will not tellllllll……..

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Love you all…. Keep loving SWASAN…. Bubye……

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