when u r mine ur dreams are also mine….. part 3

Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo everybody…… so guys are you happy seeing me back because I am very happy as my exams are over so I can post my stories daily hope you all will like it as now the main story is going to start.
So are you guys ready, if you like it then please please comment as I feel very happy and feel to write more seeing your comments, so comment and then see how tell updates page will be filled with swasan stories as all the swasan writers just need some support and views about their story..
Uff now enough of my bak bak and lets start with the story..

Mehta house:
We can see a lot of hustle bustle going on in the house as today the maheshwari family is going to come and the alliance of their eldest and lovely daughter ragini is going to be fixed.
Daadi : are na na vaha saaf safai karni hai aur ha vaha gulab ke haar lagvane hai, are kissan ke kar raha he ja jaldi mehmano ke layi nashta to banva… aur je swara kathe chali gayi, na aaj ke din bhi uss ke paav ghar par na tikte hai kuch kaam na karti hai.. [ are no no clean that part also and yeah decorate that place with roses, kissan what are you doing here go and tell them to make snacks for our guests, and where is this swara , today also her feet can’t stuck at home she doesn’t do any work huh]
Just then comes a girl dressed in traditional marwadi attire and heavy jewellery, she was looking really pretty in a pink colour lehenga with embroidery in golden colour she had put all the traditional jewellery and a heavy make up and she was none other then RAGINI MEHTA.
The dear daughter of mr shekhar Mehta and mrs sharmishtha Mehta who was all set to get married to the love of her life MR LAKSH MAHESHWARI.
Parvathi exclaimed seeing her grand daughter looking so adorable.
Parvathi : hey maara prabhu!! Maari laado kitni sundar lag rahi hai [ took some kajal from her eyes and placed it behind her ear] kisi ki nazar naa laage tane. [oh my god!! My laado you are looking so beautiful hope no one’s bad eye falls on you]
Ragini : [blushing] thank you so much daadi ma. Accha tell me where is swara?
Parvati : [getting angry on hearing her name] huh laado I just gave her a small work outside don’t know why she hasn’t returned yet [ changing topic] you leave that naa come you take rest in your room the maheshwari’s would be coming here any time.
Ragini : yes daadi ma lets go.

Park :
Here swara was distributing sweets to kids playing there, according to her daadi this was the Prasad of some very big pooja her daadi did for her ragu di and the more people eat this Prasad the more her laado will be happy in her married life which was her daadi’s strong belief and that is why she strictly told swara to distribute sweets to all the people in and around the locality. She was busy doing her job when she heard the voice of a person who was speaking something she didn’t want to hear it but did that unintentionally.
Person [on phone] : what how is this possible?? yaar how can they do this that meeting was supposed to be after 2 weeks how can they demand on next Sunday this is not possible just do something or else cancel the meeting.
Person on opposite side : but sir we cannot cancel the meeting its related to the expansion of our country and we have invested so much in it then how can we cancel it sir.
Person : ok then let me think something then I will call you later. [he cuts the call]
Swara who was facing the back of that person didn’t even knew him a bit but don’t know why she could feel the tension and restlessness of that person so well that she wanted to do something for him but she did not have the guts to face him. Due to her past she was afraid to face a stranger.
She thought something and yeah there was an idea which she could surely implement. She called a small cute girl named navya whom she called lovingly as navu they shared a really close bond even though she was not related to her in any way.
Swara : navu will you do one thing for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Navu : ha ha shona di I will do anything for you I will even bring the sun for you. [cutely and in a smilingly innocent way]
Swara : [confused] sun?
Navu : yestaday [yesterday] in palk [park] I heard one bhaiyaa was saying to didi that he lovesssssssssssssssssssss hel [her] choooooooooooooooo much that he will bling[bring] the moon and stals [stars] for her that time it was night naa now it is day so I told sun because I also looooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee you soooooooooooo much na that’s why.
Swara who was listening to her surprisingly started laughing and was overwhelmed listening to her answer. There was no relation of her with this little girl but then too she loved her so much and there her relatives.. she sighed thinking about all those things she stopped her thoughts there or else she would get lost in them.
Swara : okkkaaaaayyy my dear navu eveni love uu chooooooooooooooooooo much. [ pulling her cheeks] but now I don’t want sun or moon or stars you do one thing [ she pointed her hands towards that person who was still looking so tensed and told something to navya while navu went there showing her teeth cutely where 2 were slightly in front, the smile of that cute kid was enough for the person to forget all their worries]

Navu went and stood I front of that person.
Navu [cutely] : bhaaaiiiiiiyyyyaaaaa. Hello?
Person : [clueless about why this kid was talking to him so cutely] : ha bolo beta aap ko kya chahiye.
Navu : bhaiya aap ko pata hai mein kaun hun??
Person : [utterly confused] nahi beta mujhe nahi pata aap kaun ho.
Navu : ohho bhaiya aapko itna bhi nahi pata mein ek chotti shii [ si] bacchi hun. To ab batavo mein kaun hu.
Person : [still confused] ha beta aap bacchi ho but mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha aap kya bol rahe ho??
Navu : bhaiya aap ko nahi pata bacche bhagwan ka roop hote hein to mein bhi bhagwan hui naa ab aap mujhe problem batao mein aapki problem yun solve kardungi.
As he listens this realization draws him and he looks surprised hearing the little girl talking so maturedly.
Person : accha to ye baat hein hmm but mera problem na bohot bada hein na aur aapto bohot chote hon to aap kese mera problem solve karoge.
Navu : offo uncle aapne vo baat nahi suni hai baccho ka dimag na bado se zyada fast hota hein to wo log na aapki problem jaldi solve kar sakte hein.
Person : accha to ye baat hein thik he suno mera home work mujhe thode dino baad dena tha par teacher ne mujhse vo jaldi maang liya to ab batao me kya karu.
Navu [thinking deeply] : accha to yeh baat hein hmm bhaiyaa ye problem to bohot bada hai aur teacher ne na ase mere saath kabhi nahi kiya to iss ke baare na aap hi socho abhi naa mere paas time nahi kya he na mujhe khelne jaana hein mein naa bohot busy hu baat mein milungi aap ye lo bye bye.
And she ran away from there giving something in his hand and living him utterly confused.
The person looked at his hand and he saw a light pink coloured chit with beautiful hearts and smiliies drawn on it.
He opened it and found something written on it:
I don’t know you nor your problem but I know one thing that until and unless we fight with it with a smile on our face no one can defeat us..
I am no one to tell you all this but I hope that my few words will help you atleast fight against your problems.
The person reads all this with a smile playing on his lips, how this little girl turned out an angel for him and even without knowing him gave a way to fight against his problems.
He looked here and there to find the little girl and found her talking cutely with a girl dressed in a pink coloured patiala he understood that it was this girl who gave him a way to fight with problem without even knowing him how can someone be so good hearted to help someone other without even knowing them. He concluded that this person was an angel for him. HIS ANGEL.
But he was confused thinking why she gave it to that little girl instead of giving it directly to him but his trance was broken by a phone on his cell he picked it up to see his pa cum best friend VEER calling him.
Veer : hello sanskaar its okay I have mailed them and told the client if they could postpone the meeting or not.
Yes guys that person is none other our handsome hero sanskaar maheshwari who was here for a client meeting and was in some kind of a problem while his angel solved his problem. He went from there with a smile on his face thinking about his angel and determined to crack the deal.
Mehta house :
Swara reached there late in the evening because her daadi had given her more work to finish after distributing sweets.
The maheshwari’s already went from there and she was welcomed home by her daadi. Ragini was in her room.
As soon as she reached there her daadi told her something which shaked the whole world around her.
Parvathi : swara your marriage is fixed with the younger son of the maheshwari’s SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI. Get ready you engagement is after 5 days.
Huff so guys I hope this epi is enough to compensate the late update. Hmm now regarding the shock why do you all think swara’s allianvce got fixed with sanskaar when the maheshwari’s came to ask ragini’s hand?
Guys are you excited for swasan’s first meet? Was this part too long and boring please tell me honestly? And 1 last question which story’s update do you want first :
Her pain
The dream I ever dreamed.
The feeling of emptiness.
Guys I am eagerly waiting for your response please tell me you previews please please.
And ha one last thing if anyone is there on wattpad then please follow me if you like my story and vote for it. My wattpad id is neptunezz.
And please tell other swasan fans also if you like this story. Meet you all in the next part till then bubbye.

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