when u r mine ur dreams are also mine….. part 2[REVELATION OF THE COTTON PRINCESS]

Hellloooooooooo everyone guys I was so so sooooooooooooooooooooooo happy seeing your response and hmmm you people made so many guesses for sanskaar’s RUIEE. So let us see who it is and today I am going to reveal the pairs.
And yaa only manaswi akka my dear mannu replied to my friendship request are you people not ready to be my friends, I am soooooooooo sad. Mannu of course we are friends dear and yes you are surely welcome to our gang right shrutu. So without waiting further lets start with today’s part.

While the sheering rays of sun cutting through the clouds, heaving away from the heaven reached straight to the earth welcoming a new morning full of new hopes, happiness and goodwill for everyone reached the home of our dear ruiee. Home hmm let us see how it exactly looks. Small but enough for 3 people to live a happy life, not too fancy but giving a special homely touch and giving a feeling of comfort which one gets at their home. Outside the small 2-storey building is a garden consisting of flowers beautifully planted clearly depicting the love and dedication of the person planting them. And there we here the screeching sound of the house’s owner Mrs Parvati Mehta.
Parvati : ladoo listen come on get ready fast today your prince is coming to see you for marriage. And haa listen don’t forget that beautiful gold earings I have bought for you.
No sooner does she finishes her rant a young beautiful girl comes there. Wearing no expensive dress or jewellery, a simple pink Patiala with a pink coloured kurti and dupatta, the frizzy cotton kurti hugging her perfectly petite figure which is complimented by her pink silk dupatta and her lips stretched in a beautiful smile which can make any guy go gaga over her.she is our COTTON PRINCESS OUR SANSKAAR’S RUIEE SWARA MEHTA……
Swara : daadi vo actually di is busy right now she has went to beauty parlour you tell me what work you have I will tell it to di.

Parvati : hey maara ramji my morning has started by seeing her apsaguni [ inauspicious] face now I don’t even know if my laado’s rishta will get fixed or not. What are you doing here go and water the plants and then distribute the sweets to children present in nearby park. Panditji has told that by doing so my laado’s rihta will get fixed now go from here go.
Swara ; ji daadi.
And she goes from there by wiping off the lone tear that escaped from her eyes. How she wished to be loved by someone whom she can call as HERS little did she know that the god loves all his children than how can he forget his this most special child for whom he has decided the most beautiful life partner who will fill the spaces of all the empty relations in her life…
Swara arrived in the garden. Her favourite place in the whole house, the serine environment and the cool breeze providing peace to her restless soul, the aroma of the beautiful flowers was spread in the air which made her feel homely even when she is unwanted in this house. She has planted them with all her love, care and dedication. She waterd the plants slowly enjoying the peaceful environment and listening to the birds chirping can the morning be more peaceful than this for her.
She suddenly remembered that she has to go to distribute the sweets and so she went to garden taking the packets of sweets with her.

As she arrived there she was greeted whole heartedly by the children playing there. They all loved their SHONA Di dearly and she loved them too. She forgot all her worries being with them and began to smile, laugh and play with them. She made them eat sweets by her own hands and the twinkle and happiness in her eyes was back again being with them.
She went from there distributing the sweets that someone has already imprinted her image in his heart and that the god is soon going to send someone for her to fill the emptiness.
So the seeds of love are already sown, now let us see how beautiful are the flowers of love, how early are they going to blossom and how many thorns are accompanied with them ?
So guys by now you all must have definitely understood that the female lead of the story is our COTTON PRINCESS SWARA and the pairs of this story are


So tell me guys did you all like the pairs? And are you all ready for the story to begun?
So meet you all in the next part till then bubye love you all………………………….

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  1. Raina

    maybe i failed to see your friend request! lol..
    i would love to be your friend..
    and i am very very very happy about the pair!
    lovely part!

    1. Neptune

      thank you so much raina

  2. Phoniex

    Loved it dear so so much. And yes you are our friend.

    1. Neptune

      yes we are definitely friends

  3. Shrutu

    Love u neptune …………amazingly described …………….it looks like i m watching all the happenings in front of my eyes…………..Awesome ……..Pairs r obviously amazing Raglak…..

    1. Neptune

      huh laage che tane raglak bov game che………. well i love u too my root 2

  4. nice dear?n thank u for heavenly swasan?

    1. Neptune

      thank you sri even i love swasan sooooooooooo much

  5. nice continue

  6. poor ruiee but awesome epi dr

  7. XxSara

    Awesome! Of course I’ll b your frnd! Much love <3

  8. Awesome continue soon

  9. Simi

    Good one
    Friends ☺️

  10. Aarushi_99

    Like?? I loved the pairing… and also the story and concept of course!
    Continue soon!! :-*
    PS: In the last chapter I accepted your friend request na?

    1. Neptune

      am so so so sorry aaru i forgot to mention your name of course you are my friend

      1. Aarushi_99

        Yaar I was just joking..?? no need to say sorry..?

  11. wow year I love the pair

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  14. Arshaanya

    Yeyyy m ready for d story to begun…
    Continue soon

  15. Yayy…!!!!its swasan…awsm…continue soon

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  18. am srydear I failed to see ur friend request and now we are friends and today part is nice

  19. Mahavir

    am sry *holding my earz..!! now we both are frnds ok..!! do u know tamil..?? nd this epi is awesome loved it…!! :-*

    1. Neptune

      no need to say sorry dear i was just joking and i am a gujarati so i don’t know tamil dear sorry

      1. Mahavir

        ok..!! no pron buddy

      2. Mahavir

        ok..!! no prob buddy

  20. Pramudi

    Yipee.. It’s swasan.. ? i’m very much happy with the pair. Thnk u so much.
    Amazing update.
    Continue soon.
    Welcome to the swasan family.. And ofcourse friends.. ?

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  22. Happy to no that its swasan….loved it dear…..yup l’ll love to be ur frnd….tk cre update next sooon

  23. Meera_s

    thank u for swasan☺loved it

  24. loved it dear…but pls give before episodes link in present episode…it will help to new readers of ur ff☺

    1. Neptune

      i will surely try to give links dear thanks for reading

  25. Gayathri.visu

    Sorry dear for not accepting ur friend request! So now I request u to accept my friendship…plz!

    SWASAN……yippeeee!! Its just amazing dear…. I loved it! Ur description are awesome. Eagerly waiting for next part dear….

  26. Seebu_s

    hello neptune…i’m seebu from earth?i know..i know..it will be swasan for damn sure?see our princess also entered ??i’m already ‘IN’ in this story?continue soin

  27. Manasvi

    Dii!! I don’t know what should I call you**pout**
    I m so chholly that I missed your chapter..
    I knew that the pairs are SwaSan????
    How can my gujjo dii, make bro-sis (Rag_San) as pairs?????
    Loved it!!
    And this stupid Parvati Mehta??? How can she say Swara as Apshaguni!!**angry**

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