when u r mine ur dreams are also mine….. part 1[THE MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR]

Hello everybody thank you so much for your response guy. Thanks to everyone who commented and encouraged me and thanks to all the silent readers also. Coming to the pairs trust me guys you all won’t be disappointed at all but I will reveal the male lead today and the female lead in the next part but I am sure all the people will love this pair dearly. Sorry for not replying to your comments but trust me I have read them all.
I want to introduce myself to all of you I am Neptune as you all know. I am going to turn 18 on 1st of june. So will you all be my friends?
Now lets start with the story:
As the first rays of the sun began to shine, the majestic mansion looking no less than a palace stood there shining in all its glory. As we see it carefully we can see the huge iron gates at the entrance. Moving further we see a fountain stood there with crystal clear water spraying around. The garden cannot go offsight with beautiful flowers with indian as well as exotic breeds spreading their aroma making the morning more fresh than it already is. The dew drops on them can draw the attention of any person present there. A swing is kept near the flower beds so as to enjoy sitting there. Going inside the mansion along the huge staircase we see a beautiful hall furnished with modern furniture yet giving a traditional and homely touch in its own way. We see a lady shouting at something or to be specific someone like ….
Lady: oh god! How many times should I tell this boy to wake up early he has to go to office also. Sanskaar is smaller than him but still so mature and this laksh huh he is never gonna improve. We have to take his rishta today and he still sleeping.
As she is shouting 2 men one of early fifties and other of late forties come there and see her shouting.
Ramprasad[rp] : are bawli ho gayi he ke kaahe itna zor zor se chilla rahi hai itni subah subah.[have you gone mad or what why are you shouting so loudly and that to early in the morning.
That lady is none other than sujatha.
Sujatha: offo see na this laksh is not waking up we have to go and see his rishta today. And I don’t know where this Sanskaar is.
As soon as she says this there enters a young handsome man in his early 20s in black tracks with white t-shirt and a black jacket drenched with sweat, as the sweat drops from his hairs make him look more handsome than he is. He is none other than the MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR OF THE CITY SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI.
He enters the hall and says:
Sanskaar : offo choti maa why are doing this drama early in the morning itself, you very well know that I went for jogging.
Sujatha : ha ha I know that, now go and wake up that lazy brother of yours we have to go and see a girl for him. And ha you have to come with us okay.
Sanskaar : sorry choti maa but I can’t come. Today I have a very important meeting, so please don’t compel me to come.
Sujatha : are but…….
Sanskaar : [interrupts her] sorry choti maa okay bye bye…
And he goes from there..
Sanskaar goes towards laksh’s room and opens the door as it is already unlocked.
As we enter the room, we can see it is sky blue and white coloured room with a bed in the middle along with a couch and paintings hanging on the wall.
A boy of age in mid twenties is seen sleeping on the middle of the bed.
Sanskaar : bhai bhai wake up yaar how can you be so lazy today also. Common yaar wake .
Laksh : Sanskaar please don’t disturb me yaar, let me sleep.
Sanskaar :[teases him] ok then you keep sleeping here, we will go and tell babhi that you are not interested to marry her.
As soon as laksh hears this he jumps off the bed shouting and goes to get ready..
Laksh : no no no you people are not going to do anything like that. I am coming.
Sanskaar laughs seeing his condition.
After a while, as everybody has gone to see a girl with laksh. Our dear Sanskaar is seen going to his important meeting which is in a restaurant which is located near a park.
Sanskaar goes there and sits near the window seat.
He was waiting for his clients and looking at the kids playing in the park. Suddenly his eyes caught something oh no no this is not something this is someone or to be precise it’s a girl. A beautiful girl wearing a pink Patiala and pink kurti with pink coloured duppata. His eyes were just busy in studing her every feature.
Here petite perfect figure, her long straight brownish black hair which were flowing freely in the air, her chubby cheeks which he wanted to pull, her pink coloured beautiful heart shaped lips, her smile which made his heart flutter, her small cute button nose, a bindi on her forehead making her look all the more beautiful and last but not the least the most attractive feature of her face her beautiful almond shaped eyes, the black coloured eyes wws about the story. Till then bubbyeere the most adorable pair of eyes he has ever seen. He was ready to drown in them and forget the whole world. She was distributing sweets to everyone present there. He was unable to hear anything, his eyes caught the sight of her smiling face, he couldn’t take his sight off her chubby cheeks which appeared cotton-soft to him and he immediately named her as RUIEE yes she was HIS RUIEE. His trance was broken by his client who was asking him sorry for reaching late. He saw towards the park but his ruiee was gone. He was himself surprised by his behaviour but then brushed his thoughts off thinking it was mere attraction. But still her image was imprinted in his heart and could it be erased now? Nah! It will remain there forever…………
Tadaa! So did you like it people.. and yes you people are smart enough to guess that the male lead of this story is our one and only SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI.. the handsome hunk.. the female lead will be revealed in the next part but trust me guys you all will love her. And yes you can definitely guess who is sanskaar’s ruiee from the features I described I would like to read all your reviews about the story. Till then bubbye…………

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  1. Awesome dear

  2. Madhuag

    Its interesting…..hmm…may be that girl is our swara…plz post soon…

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    Lovely dear ??????

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  5. Manasvi

    You described everything nicely, dii!!
    I hope that Sanskar’s RUIEE is none other than our sweet SWARA..

    Btw I m Manasvi, (Well, that’s not my real name, just like yours?) I m 14 years old.. So, we are friends.. Aren’t we??

    Try to post soon..

  6. Ishanvi

    It’s Awesome di!! Fabulous chapter Di!! Hope that the girl is Swara!! Can’t wait to read the next part!! Continue soon!! Love you!!

  7. awesome…n i hope it will be swasan

  8. Raina

    So beautiful…
    Being a swasanian I obviously hope that the girl should be swara!

  9. I think swaragini bcoz she has almond shape eyes

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  14. Shrutu

    Miss. Neptune , no matter what no one can be better writer than u in our gang not ur poet cum writer also..It was fab start and Laksh ohhh god ru it was so amazing entry of his…..and yaa Sanskar’s entry was fab as he is ur fav so i know it was bound that his entry had to be in a fab avtar………… te potane ketlu sari retna describe kariyu che loved it to the core my Ru(jo umm full name lakhis toh teri ruiee ni pol khuli jase)
    ohh god i never knew that u loved this name sooooooooooooooo much the name given by ur bestieee to u …………
    saru reply kar mane fast
    inshort start is absolutely amazing

    1. Manasvi

      Omgggg!! Are you both Gujaratis??
      Can I also join you??
      Mane pan gujarati aavde chhe!!?

      1. Shrutu

        Yaaa we both r very much gujaratis
        yaa sure i don’t mind ………………….and as such now that we r friends it will be amazing to have a TU group
        what say neptune?

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    Umm petite figure and cute button nose that has to be swara

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    Awsm… I thinks the girl is swara hope so its true… Update soon next part

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    Amazing dear..
    According to sanskaar’s description.. That girl must be our one & only swara. Because she is the one who has small button nose, cute chubby cheeks, pink beautiful heart shaped lips & black color almond shaped eyes. ?
    Ruiee is a lovely name.
    Post the nxt part soon dear.

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    Wow! Amazing description….. The girl SWARA right?

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    Anyways, update soon & take care!

    1. Aarushi_99

      And I would love to be your friend! Btw, I’m 17, turning 18 in December..

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