When u r mine ur dreams are also mine (Character Sketch)

Hellllllllloooooooooo everybody so now as I have revealed the pairs its time for the real story to start. Thank you everyone for your response as without your support its impossible for the story to proceed.
So guys as now we all are friends I want all of you to tell me your age and the place from where you belong so in that case we all can come a bit closer right

So now let us begin with the character sketch :

SWARA MEHTA : she is a beautiful, charming, bubbly girl she is an angelic beauty with a golden heart and that is why she still loves her daadi bearing her hatred towards her. She wants to become a doctor which is her mother’s last wish for her. She always wanted to be her papa’s princess but never got love from her father. She loves her ragu di the most and can do anything for her family’s happiness. She is still 17 years old and going to turn 18 on 1st of june. She is a really innocent girl.

SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI : the younger son of maheshwari’s. the handsome hunk who just became famous in the business world for his intelligence and sharp mind. He very well knows how to turn the tables of the game. He loves his family very much but is against their orthodox thoughts. Is really a devil when it comes to business or when someone tries to harm his loved ones and always takes stand for the right thing. 23 years old.

Parvati Mehta : an orthodox women. Loves ragini blindly while hates swara so much. She is always jealous as swara is more intelligent and humble than her laado. Wants her laado to be married in a rich family. She allows ragini to wear western clothes but not swara. Even prohibiting swara from studying further.

Ragini Mehta : she is a beautiful girl but not as humble and polite as swara. She loves swara a lot but still is not able to understand her. She cannot see her sister’s pain and believes her daadi blindly. Loves laksh and wants to marry him. She has done B.SC and M.SC but is not doing a job and is ready to become housewife. 23 years old.

Shekhar Mehta : he died of liver cirrhosis [ a disease due to excessive drinking which harms the liver] a perfect son and a perfect father for ragini but never showed any duty towards swara.

Sharmishtha Mehta : she was a loving wife but faced domestic violence a lot which was seen by swara when she was just 4 years old. The small girl told all these in a party in front of all the media and business associates of Shekhar and since then he and his mother hates swara. After shekhar’s death when she could not face the tortures of his mother she attempted suicide and died. Her death secret is known only by swara and her daadi and daadi showed her suicide as an accident. Little swara read her mother’s diary when she was 12 years old and wants to expose her daadi.

Durga Prasad Maheshwari : he is the head of Maheshwari family and has a very orthodox thinking. He is father of Sanskaar and Aadarsh. But he knows that Sanskaar will never support his thinking and so wants to make him married early to a girl of his own choice.

Annapurna Maheshwari: wife of DP. A loving wife and a caring mother, wants to but is not able to protest DP’s thinking but has a belief that Sanskaar will be able to change their thoughts.

Ram Prasad Maheshwari : father of laksh and Uttara and his character is same as in serial.

Sujata Maheshwari : wife of RP and is same as in serial.

Laksh Maheshwari : the second son of Maheshwari family does not support their thinking but is not able to speak against them. Age 25 years. Loves ragini and going to marry her soon.
Guys the other characters are not so important and will be revealed as the story proceeds further.

Author’s note:
Guys yesterday I wrote an os on sibling bond :
Sanskaar os : a brother’s voice.

If anyone is interested please do read it it is an os without any pairs or a love story but a simple tragic story about life.

Regarding this episode please give your views on it I will be waiting eagerly for your response. Meet it you in the next episode till tan bubbye……………

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  1. Shrutu

    Neptune , my future doctor ……..ur writing style clearly depict u ……….it was nice and as usually ur Swara elaboration was amazing .

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      hey shrutzz te maaru os naa vachyu ane me ‘her pain’ no first part pan update karyo che so plzzzzzzzzz ek vakhat vaach ama taara mate ek surprise pan che

      1. Shrutu

        SURPRISE i love surprises ………………….okkkkk fine i will try to read ……………okkk fine vachi liyis bas khus miss future doc.!!!!!!!

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    awesome neptu..!! loved it..!! sanskar…!! haaaaa eagerly waiting for SwaSan face-off..!! post soon..!! bye buddy..!!

    1. Mahavir

      nd i m maha from tamilnadu,,16 yrs soon to 17 at june..!! studying 12th std wants to be a doc..!! tell me about u will be waiting..!!

      1. Neptune

        i am from gujarat dear and i am going to turn 18 on 1st of june thanks for reading it dear

  4. nice..but will not reveal my age?

  5. Phoniex

    Amazing dearo loved it. Please start the story na

    1. Neptune

      thanks dear and yeah the story will soon start but i had to reveal the reason behind their death so the story will start from the next episode

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  8. Manasvi

    Dii.. As you know I live at Ahmedabad, Gujarat but I m not gujarati.. I m a Rajasthani girl and I m 14 yrs old..?
    I loved Swara’s character, dunno why but I feel that it resembled you!!??
    And the other few characters are also nice..

    1. Neptune

      hey mannu i live in bharuch but i often visit ahemdabad as my almost alllllllllllllll the relatives live there. by the way tu kya reh che hu 28th may na ahemdabad aavani chu……….
      hmm your guess is correct swara no character maara thi bov resemble kare che even i want to become a doctot ane a maara pappa nu dream che

      1. Manasvi

        Bharuch?? Hun tya varsh ma ek-be vaar aau chhu!!
        Hun odhav ma rahu chhu.. Tame kya aavavana chho??

  9. Nice…. interesting

  10. Kakali

    Waaaaaa Nice intro Neptune..!! Would love to read how the story unfolds..!! Continue soon dear..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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