Soooooo soooorrrryyyyy guys was not able to post y do i still love u but for sure i ll update dailly from tomoro but as a punishment and as a suprise i have something so i just thought of writting a one shot story hope u like it but if not pls dont bash me so here we go



guy 1 : Hi u!!!!!! how are u my bhai bahot kush Lagrahe ho???

guy 2 : Hmmm main Aur happy

guy 1 : Arre u got ur love u got married with her y ur not happy

guy 2 : Arre thab thu shadhi karega na jab patha chalega

guy 1: Hahahahaha never i ll never get married

guy 2: Hmmm lets see (he geta a call) Oh shit ragini

guy 1: Kya hua laksh

guy 2(laksh) : Arre kya hua kya rags ka call hai dont know wat did i do now kabi gila towel bed main rakne ke liye danthi hai kabi dressing sense ke liye dont know y is she calling now pakka she has called oly to scold me ab muje chalne chahiye ok sanskar i ll leave now (saying this he ran out of the cabin)

sans : Bhai sambhal ke ye laksh bhi na (to himself) omg so shadi ke baad sab ki halath esse badal jatha hai kya(soon he gets a call) hello ma

ap : Yaad hai na aaj thume kahi chalna hai

sans : Maa but u know na i dont like these sort of things

ap : Maa keliye yeh bhi nahi karega

sans : Maa phir se aap shuru hogayi ok challo i ll meet that girl but if i dont like her i ll

ap : see u ll love her

sans : Hmmmn we ll see

****sanskar maheshwari : He introduces himself as sanskar as he doesnot want ppl to give him respect for his surname he is a handsome joyful funloving person he is son of ap and dp and he has a bro(laksh) And sis (uthra) He is 26yrs bachlor his mom is busy finding a girl for him and he is the owner of karma industry and co owner in maheshwari industries******


sans : See i have come sharp at 5 See this girl is not reached good she gave me a reason for rejecting her (soon he saw a girl in the entrance and got mesmerrised but soon his face went pale)

thats our swara

sw comes near him : (he was still mesmerised) hhhhhhheeeeellllloooo aa aaaaapppp saaaannnnnssss

sans To himself : Arre ye ladki aklathi hai (to her) cooolll cool i am sanskar and ur swara rite

sw : Yaaaaaaaa

sans to himself : Omg she so cute and beautiful but y did god give her this stammering problem i hate u god

sw : Aaaaapppppp nnneeeee kkkkkkuuuucccchhhhhh bbbbooooollllaaaa

sans who was drinking water spit it down : No i dint do u want some thing to eat

sw : Haaaaannnnnn

sans to himself : Bhukkad kahinki see atleast for a courtsy she can say no rite this girl cannot be my wife waise seeing her face and structure doesnt seem that she eats alot (soon he saw her she has already finished two vada pav, bel puri and a plate of pav bhaji) have she not seen food for all these days this girl na no way (saying this he got up)

sw : Kkkkkyyyyyyaaaaa hhhhuuuuuaaaa aaaappp kkkooo mmmmaaaiinnn passssanth nahi aaaayyyiii

sans : I have got a very important work so i have to leave(saying this he ran out of the restaurant)

sw was still sitting and laughing on his act

****swara gadodia: she is a single parent kid they are not so rich she is living with her mom she loves her mom so she is not intersted in getting married and one more thing is that she has got a small house in baddi on loan so she has to pay all her loans and settle so according to her this is not the rite time to get married and also she is a single kid no sis or bro and 23yrs old)

after A weekkk

@bestie wedding

utt calls sans : Bhai where are u i have told u rite this is my best frnds marriage and u are coming late

sans : Oh meri ma i am on the way and since we have to stay tonight there i have bought dress from home so took time ok

utt : Achha ok ok come fast

sans reaches the wedding place utt comes and hugs him

sans hears a girl laughing and many ppl standing around her

her frnd : Pls yaar pls ek.aur baar do.that na

girl : Ok ok Kkkkkyyyyyyaaaaa hhhhuuuuuaaaa aaaappp kkkooo mmmmaaaiinnn passssanth nahi aaaayyyiii

sans : Yeh tho uss ladki ki aawazz hai but y ppl are sorrounding her (he goes and see her she was wearing pink colour lehenga and free hair) Omg she is beautiful

ya that girl was swara

one boy in a gang : Omg wo ladka baag gaya u know

sw : Arre kaise nahi baagtha by the way u would have seen his face after knowing i have stamerring problem (all were laughing sans was mesmerised and forgot she has problem in speaking)

sans to himself : even her voice is so cute

boy : laughing sw pls stop it my stomaach is paining

one girl : By the way y did u make fool of him

boy : Oyyee she dint make him fool he had become a fool (gives hifi to swara)

sans remembers she was having a speaking problem and folded his fist in anger

sw : essa nahi hai yaar but he was cute

boy : Tho usse shadi karlethi y u acted

sw : hi u know na oly me and my mom and i have some responsivility after finishing everything i ll think abt marriage but then too not this guy u know pagal dint even had a courtsy of paying the bill

all togetrr : Weeee knooowwww yaaaarrr

sw : u idiots all are making fun of me

girl : Achha sw wat if he comes to know u acted on that day

sw : Yeh tho main socha nahi but ya i would tell him y i did this and i dont think he ll meet me he would have gone to usa

all together : Usa

sw : haan the way he ran i think he would have now reached there (all were laughing and even sans after hearing her smiled seeing her)

utt comes and taps sans And comes middle of the group : Suno guys meet my bhai sanskar

sw was shocked : Bhhhhaaaaiiii

sans : Haan i am sssssaaaannnnssskkkkaarrr uutttthhhrraaasss bhai miss swara

sw gulped her frnds was shocked seeing him

utt : Bhai y are u talking like this(saying this she sees sw and understands) Hoi dont tell me bhai ki u were the guy who sw made fool.of

sans stared at sw

sw : Actually muje kuch kaam yaad aagaiya i m leaving (saying this she left)

everyone laughed seeing her

boy in the gang : Omg ur great sans

sans : Y

boy : thumne tho kamal kardiya bhai

sans : Kamal maine kya kiya

boy : u made swara run and embarresed can u guys imagine he made the swara gadodia the sherni run

sans : Sherni????

utt : U dont know bhai she makes fun of everyone and no one can make her silent she was a tom boy in our college and a topper too

sans in mind : I am just loving it hmmm by the way mom is always rite i am falling in love with her falling kya i tho love her alot

utt waves her hand : bhai

sas : Haan bolo

all togethr : Bhai ur great u r our leader now

sans : Laughed at their behaviour

everyone started saying the naugty things which sw did in her colls like putting glue in lectures table steeling assainments throwing water in class mates seat etc

sans was loving her more as he has once said laksh that he wants a girl.who is naughty with brains

same day night

sw was standing terrace sans came attending a call

sans : u dint sleep yet

sw : Woo actually haan u also dint sleep y

sans smiles : had some important work that y by the way u dint answer me yet

sw : y shuld i answer u

sas Because i love u

sw : Watever (she was abt to leave) wt did u just say

sans came near sw her hair was flying in air he made her hair rest beside her ears and said : if u have this much thick and beautiful hair how will u hear me haan (sw stares at him) Ohhh dont stare at me with ur beatiful eyes i may not control myself and i am not responsible if anything wrong happens

sw : Wat rubbish???? is this a way to behave with a girl that too a stranger

sas : O i forgot to tell u i said ok for our marriage so ur my fiance

sw : Mr wat are u upto haan wat do u know abt me bada aaya shaadhi karna wala Idiot

sans : Hmmm so miss swara gadodia listen ur a beautiful 23yr girl and u live in badi with ur mom ur hobbies are playing pranks witg others singing dancing jumping and u have a small company named destiny i think this is enough and one more thing ur soon gonna become mrs sanskar

sw was just watching him with a shock : Wat the hell???? How do u????? Ok leave y am i wasting time with u get lost

sans : If i get lost who will marry u baby

sw : marry u my foot i ll kill.u

sans came near her and kissed her forehead : Ithna tension math lo u ll become more red and i ll loose my patiance and i ll(saying this he goes close to her)

sw was nervous : Wo muje neend aarahi hai i am leaving (saying this she ran)

sans smilled at her behaviour the whole marriage of utt bestie was over while on other hand sans was taking sw pics from all direction and watching her

next day all left to their respective houses


sumi : Sw here there is a letter for u

sw : Letter for me from where

sumi : Bank se

sw : Waaattt?????
she opens it and gets shocked

sumi : Kya hua shona

sw : Nothing maa main bas abhi aaiyi

@karma industries

sans : 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

sw opened his cabin and rushed to him as tusnami : How dare u blo*dy

sans : Not bad before completing the count down u came hmmm

sw : Wat is this (she throws the letter on hia face ) Y did u repay my loan

sans : Omg do u have any short term memory loss

sw stares at him angrily

sans : ok ok sorry my wifey but wat to do i cant see mrs swara sanskar paying emi to banks so i did this

sw : I am not gonna leave u and i am not ur wife understand

sans : Ok hone wali beevi

sw : Sanskar ur making me angry i am waring u

sans : Shhhhh cool swara cool

sw : Look (takes a deep breath) mr i dont want to Marry anyone so pls

sas : O u dont have that much seen haan no one can tolerate u than me

sw : How could u say that mr

sans : I know ur oly gonnaa be my wifey ok sweety

sw was bursting in anger (sans messaged someone and smirked)

sw gets a call : Maaa ka call (sw picks the call soon sans snatches her mobile and put it in speaker)

sw : Wat the????

sans : I dont want u to hide anything from me so talk my wifey

sumi : Swara maine thumari liye ek ladka deki hai

sw Frustrated : I have told u i dont(stops and looks at sanskar And smirks) Mathlab ya ma y not i love to get married and this time i ll get married to the person who u say ok

sumi : Thumari thabyath tho teek hai na swara

sw : Maaa

sum : Acha come fast guys ppl are coming in some hours

sw shocked : In hours (in mind : Arre i thought to make sans go out of my life so i said yes in front of him but i still dont want to marry but see now wat happened shona thu to gayi ab) Sees sans but to her mom : ok ok i am coming sayin this she ran out

sans who was controlling his laugh bursted out in to a big laugh and calls sumi (ya it was his plan and the guy is him oly)

sumi : Beta kya kiya thune thume jaadoo aatha hai kya when u told me she will accept her marriage i dint belive but now thank u so much and shona is lucky to have u as her life partner

sans : Maa aap ne kya bola shona

sumi : Woo i call her shona oly at home

san : Maa before where u in delhi

sumi was suprised : Haan beta y and how do u know that

sas : maa i am sanky shonas tution mate and scl mate her senior frnd

sumi : Arrre haan but u still remember her

san : how will i maa how will i forget ur food and my cry baby shona

sumi : Hmmm ya challo main ph rakthi hun haan ur family members are on the way and dont worry ap se maine baath kardi hai

san : Achha ok ma

after disconnecting the call

sans to himself : Omg such a small world na my first crush was in front of me (ya they both studied in same scl and he met sw in the ground when he was in his 10th std she was in 7th she got hurt while playing and was crying he helped her and they becme frnds and sanky was having crush on her but soon as sw papa passed away when She was in her 9th they shifted and he dint had any contact and thought it was infatuation and made himeself busy with other stuffs like studies business)
and i.dint know her hmmm its ok shona my swara ur oly mine


sw came running : Maaa pls liston to me actually wo

sumi : Arre ap ji this is my daughter swara

sw : Namaste aunty namaste uncle

ap : Ur so beautiful beta

soon sans enters badi

sw : Uuuuu

sans : Zada socho math u left ur mobile at office so i came to give u (seeing ap) Arre maa aap yahan

ap : Haan beta this is the girl i have seen for my son (she knows his plan)

sans : Ye hahahahaha are u sure

sw : Hello mr wat the hell haan how can u laugh at me like this

sans : u and him i think u shuld not accept this marriage

sw : Oh so u ll decide wat i shuld do and wat not haan

sans : See i am saying for the beterment of

sw : Achanak se ithni fikar mere bare main sochrahe ho sanskar

sans : hoi mam i am telling for that guys beterment if he marries u he run away the day he see u

sw : Very funny (to ap) Aunty ma i ll marry mr maheshwari and that too i want to marry him asap(saying this she went to her room)

sans winks and shows thumbs up to sumi and ap

all soon left

@swaras room night

sw : Idiot samajtha kya hai apne aap Ko blo*dy idoit how can he do that i ll kill him

sw ph was ringing (in same anger): Hello who is this

sans : Omg ithna gussa is not good for health my dear wifey

sw : Sanskarrrrrr??????

sans : Hmmm not bad i thought u ll be in thoughts of ur so called maheshwari but ur thinking abt me not bad haan swara

sw : Even my dog will not think abt u

sas : y shuld a dog think while my sweet monkey is thinking abt me

sw : Did u call me a monkey u idiot

sans : Achha ok ok leave that i wanted to tell u an important thing

sw : Watt

sans : I love u

sw : Ur getting into my nervous now

sans : thats a good sign soon i ll come in ur heart also hahahaha

sw : See sans i hate u and i am gonna marry mr maheshwari so pls

sans : Ok then lastly meet me once in my office tomoro we ll talk abt it

sw : i ll not come anywere

sans : If u dont come tomoro i ll never leave u i ll torture u by my love my dear shona

sw : Sans thume tho main wait a minute did u call me shona

sans : u have a hearing problem is it ya i called u shona oly my dear shona

sw : Dnt ever call.me that and get lost (she cut the call)

next day sware dint meet sanskar and was at home relaxing herself

**other day morning

sw gets a call : Waatttt???? I am coming now

sw went to sans office

sw : Mr sans wats all this y did u do this did i ask u for a favour

sans : Hi wifey good morning

sw : Main tumse kuch poochrahi hoon

sans : Ur shareholders were ok for selling the shares of ur company i bought it wats wrong in that

sw : U cannot do that

sas : But i did it

sw : U ll pay for it mr sanskar

sans : We ll see my love

sw gets idea : But i love mr maheshewari

sans : Oh really i dont think so
sw : U know wat yesterday he was with me the whole day u know we went for movie had dinner and went for sky diving everything he is just awesome u know awesome (in mind) I thought hearing this he will get jelouse but y ia he laughing like an idiot

sans in mind : Oh my shona ur so stupid by the i am liking it

sans : Oh realy hmmm i have heard he is a strict person and doesnt like anyone

sw in mind : Ya see its been two days and not even a call… Hmmm i think sanky is rite

sw : omg i missed it u know i should not tell this to anyone but u should also move as i am gonna marry him come here i ll tell u (sans comes near her) U know we both kissed yesterday do u even imagine first kiss it was sooo sooo super hot (sans was sweating hearing that!!! sw was enjoying seeing his reaction) I think u shuld also move on beta ok i am leaving now my maheswari will be waiting (before sw could turn sans grabbed her to a kiss his lips met hers and blood started oozing out of her lips sw was in a shock but sans was enjoying their first kiss because he knew she was lieing soon both were out of air so they partes away wherein sw was still in shock and staring at him)

sans thinks naughty and called her from his office sim : Sw ur ph is ringing i think

sw came out of shock where in seeing the name flashing in her screem made her hazel eyes become big : Mr maheshwari

san snatched her mobile : Ohhh see whose calling haan ur mr maheshwari

sw : Give me the ph sans dont dare to attend the cal

sans : Arre wah thats a nice idea let me ask him abt his first kiss (winks at her)

sw was shocked but before she could come out of her shock sans has attened.her call

sans on call : Hi mr maheshwari sanskar here and i have abt ur date i think u enjoyed with sw alot and she also told abt her kiss

sw snatched the mobile and went out : Hello see mr maheshwari wo wo sanskar muje tang kar raha tha thats y i had to lie that we went for a date and that kiss and all i am sorrry really sorry pls (she said in one go Where in sans was hearing this and was laughing inside and spoke to her )

sans Rude tone : I have work will.call u later

sw came to him : How dare u see he is angry on me ab kya karun main

sans : Mujse shadi karle

sw : get lost (she went to her home)

@night in mm

shomi and sw came for dinner since ap insisted them.to.come

ap : Arre come in we were waiting for u

sw saw a man and was shocked : Thum

ap : Ya he is my sons best frnd

guy : so ma she is gonna marry our mr sado

sw : Hello he is mr maheshwari and not sado ur sado

guy : Omg she again started

ap : Sanskar!!!!! (ya its our sanskar)

sans has told everyone to tell him as best frnd as he knows if sw comes to know he is gonna marry her she ll kill him

everyone started eating but sw saw some one and shouted in exitement

sw stood.up : Aaaaaaaaaa

sans : Wat happened

sw went running and Hugged him : Where were u all these days a where is (before she could.complete some one came and hugged her from behind) Ragini wat a suprise u ppl here how (ya it was raglak they were scl frnds since rag studied coll.with sw she knows lak and rags they r close frnds )

lak : Duffer i shuld ask u that its my house

sw : Waaatttt but i am marring mr maheshwari

laks: so ur the one who my brother is gonna marry

sw : Dont tell.me ur talking abt bbl

rag : Arre buddu ya ur gonna marry him oly

sw was jumping in happiness : O my god i am gonna marry bbl seriously i am just loving it but where is he

laks : He is (he was going towards sans but he signalled him no) In office

sw : O shit so today also i cannot meet him so bad haan tell bbl i am angry on him (pouts her face but sans was just staring at her lovingly)

sans : By the way wats bbl

raglak : Big brother of laksh

sw : Just shut up u guys i wanna see him pls pls give some idea na

sans : Y do u wanna meet him

sw : Thats none of ur business

sans was laughing inside : hmm anyway if u see him u ll know abt him

sw : I know he was so cute in scl hope he is the same now also i just loved him in my scl days

sans Teasing : he and cute he is one big fat dummbo

sw : Faaaattttt

sans : Ya fat and even he has become so black

sw : But he was

lak : Haan yaar after coll he was at home after eating alot he became fat and black

sw face became pale
sanlak bursted out laughing

sw Then came to know they were teasing : U i ll not leave u guys and started chasing them

all where playing togethr

a week passed swasan was working in destiny since sans is also a major shareholder they were working together sw started to feel for him

one day night

sw : Y am i thinking abt sanskar all the time in a week i am gonna marry bbl but(her thoughts were disturbed by a call)hello

sans : Hi princess

sw : see sans i have already told u

sans : That u are marrying ur bbl

sw : Sanskaarrrr

sans : Shonnnaaa

both burst out laughing and were talking all the night

on the day of mehandi every function was in mm

every one was dancing but swasan was looking at eachother and got lost in their own world

girl :wat is ur husbands name mam

sw : Sanskar

girl : ok mam (saying that she wrote sans name in her mehandi)

soon sans came near her and said something which made sw tensed

sans : hmm i thought oly i am loving u but seeing my name in ur hand i came to know u too love me

sw Who was shocked saw her mehandi and was more tensed : ye kya hogaiya yaar excuse me can u erase this name pls

girl : Mam name once written cannot be changed

sw was upset but somewhere she was happy


swaragini was sharing same room

rag : Hoi princess kya hua y are u sad

sw : Nothing

rag : u know swara if someone says nothing it means there is so many things now tell me wats killing u inside

sw : Sanskar

rag : Waat

sw : Ya he is killing me i dont know wat to do when ever he is with me i am happy and his presence makes me feel good but when he goes far i feel as if someone has taken my happiness from me i dont know i want to be with him i want to feel.him i am really dieing without seeing him(she started crying badly)

rags : ur gone mad swara dont cry

sw : wat can i do rags he loves me so much but i wat did i do i accepted to marry someone else that too his best frnd how much it would have hurtes him but see me i am happily getting married i hate myself

rags cups her face : No swara i think u love him

sw : Watt

rags : Pagal ya ur in love

sw : But he i dont deserve him ragini he is someone who every girl wants but i have just hurtes him he deserves all happiness in the world i am very bad he should get the best girl and thats not me

rags : Ur wrong sw ur the best and u both love eachother and nothing matters than that i think u should confess ur feeling to him trust me u will feel.better

rags left saying this and sw was still thinking

it was 1:00 am sw went to sans room and saw.him Sleeping she stood there for minutes and went near sans and kissed his forhead and was abt to leave sans holded.her hand sw was shocked

sans : Ab bhi nahi bologe

sw : Kya sanskar

sans : That!!!!!! Ok leave(saying this he.left her hand)

sw turned to him and hugged him tight and sans too hugged her

sw : Sanskar i dont know wat to do i am dieing inside

san : Shhhhh sw dont cry (hugging her more tighter)

sw : Pls sanskar be with me dont go away i

sans : Wat sw tell.me

sw : I i think

sans : U think wat swara tell.me

sw : i i i love u sanskar really love u pls.marry me i want oly u i love u when ever i am happy i want to share my happiness with u and when ever i am sad i want to cry in ur arms i dont want anything now ur my world i cannot live without u (saying this was hugging him tight and cried)

sans was happy But was tensed also thinking wat will be her reaction when she comes to know he is her fiance In mind : Shit yaar i wanted her to love me but wat if she comes to know ur her bbl she will kill me dont forget she is a sherni ab thu fass gaya beta kya karun main shit yaar i dint think before but now ok sanky take a deep breathe cool now concentrate on her (he cupped sw face and said) Hoi sherni why are u crying haan i am here oly rite nothing will happen we ll.talk to mr maheshwari ok

sw was happy : Ok but

sans : But wat

sw : I am feeling hugry

sans in mind : omg bhukad kainki now oly she had dinner now again dont know how am i gonna manage her

sw : Sans wat are u thinking i am feeling hungry come on we ll go eat something

they both went to kitchen and had their snacks togethr

sw was sitting on sans lap : Sans

sans : haan sw bolo

sw : Wat if bbl is not accepting our love and want me to marry him

sans : Cool get married

sw Was in anger : Waattt

sans : Arre i was just joking ma

sw : Idea

sans : Wat

sw: Wat if i mix dysentry tablets in his milk and give him before an hour of our marriage he ll be in the washroom oly all the day and we ll get married good idea na

sans in mind : Ab bugto beta who told u to love her see now she is gonna murder u (to sw ) Nooooo

sw : Y r u shouting i told i ll give that to bbl and not u

sans : Y to hurt him sw lets talk to him He ll accept

sw : wat if he is not accepting

sans : Leave that to me i ll take care

sw : Hehehee

sans : Y r u laughing

sw : U know wat even bbl says the same when ever i was in mood off or if some one is troubling me he ll say the same thing leave that to me i ll take care

sans was smiling

sw : i want to tell u something sanskar

sans : hmmm u dont have to ask permission my sweety shoot

sw : wat do u think abt first love

sans : that was an unexpected one hmmm kya kahun (remembering his scl days with sw ) Its a nice feeling which will never go out from our heart when the person enters in to the scl u get a positive vibe and when ur first love touches u that would be the worlds best feel u know the way she laughs wow she is an angel wherever i go she comes with me such a cutie (sans comes into senses O shit wat have u said her yaar) He looks at sw who was in her own world smiling (in mind thank god she dint hear me) wat happend sw

sw : hmmm u know sans i was in love

sans face became pale

sw : U also know that person

sans was eager to know in mind : Tell me i ll kill him who is that blo*dy guy (to.her) Who.is that swara

sw : Bbl

sans was happy : Watttt

sw : ya i loved him alot u know when i first saw him he was carrying me to the pt room as i feel down and got hurt the way he tied bandage in my legs i have that bandage till now

sans was very happy and wanted to jump in happiness but controled himself

sw was continuing her story : After that he came to see me every day and we became close frnds after my fathers death i had to come here to my mamas house so we left from ther but it was very difficult for me to come out of his memories and in coll i met rags who was my class mate in scl.and i came to know abt laksh i tried to reach bbl but he went abroad for studies now also i am not getting a chance to see him he even doesnot call.me
sans : Hmmm so u love him now also

sw : Smiling : May be but thats not love it was just a crush but he was thinking me as a frnd oly but trust me sanskar the time i came to know i love u i oly loved u and i will.love u till.my life ends

sans was happy and cannot control his feeling pressed.his lips on hers sw was shocked but this time she reciprocated they were disturbed by a voice

raglak : Ahem ahem we dint see anything

swasan were embarresed

sw soon ran to her room

lak : Bhai when r u gonna tell.her the truth

sans : After marriage

lak : Wat y not now

sans : U know abt her anger na she willkill.me if i tell her

lak : Will she not kill.u after marriage

sans : Atleast let me get married happily then i know how to convince her dont worry

lak : Oh ho so bhai all the best

@wedding day

sw in her room

sw: Sans wat happened

sans : I ll tell u but u get ready and come down everyone is waiting for u

sw : But

sans : No ifs and buts get ready and come afterall this our marriage na

sw was happy and hugged him : i am really happt but how sanskar

sans : we have lots of time to talk now lets go down ok

marriage was over it was swasans first night

sans was walking here and there in raglak room

rag : Ab kta hua bhai

sans : dont know how will.i face her wat she ll do after knowing all this

lak : Chill nothing will happen u go first she will be waiting (winks at ragini)

@swasan room

sw was sitting with gunghat sans came in and locked the room and came near her

sans removed her gungaht and saw her : Swara u are really beautiful

sw : I know

sans : i wanted to tell u something

sw : i too wanted to tell u no no give u something

sans : First u

sw : No u

sans : No sweety ladies first so u
sw : Achha close ur eyes

sans : Mam aap ka iradha teek nahi lagra hai

sw : hehehe close ur eyes na mr sanskar maheshwari

sans did not hear properly and closed his eyes then he remembered wat she told befor he could open his eyes

sans : Aaaaaaaaaaa

sw Was beating with a stick

sans : Aaaa its paining shona pls leave me na

sw : Leave u how u blo*dy idiot wat did u think of ur self a

sans : Pls shona no aw but how do u know this

sw : Dummbo see there (she shows something on the wall)
it was a pic which had swasan and raglak their scl days pic which sans had framed long back and kept on the wall (she has seen that on the day she came to his room to propose him)

san : O shit how did i forget this

sw : Not only this i saw u signalling ma and mom but i dint understand that time but now u know after seeing the pic next day i asked raglak abt this and they told me evrything (again she started beating him) How can u do this idiot u know how i felt bad thinking i lost my first love

sans got up and pulled sw towards him : How will i leave u shona ur my girl my first love and the last u know how much i love u “UR ONLY MINE”and u wanna see how much i love u (saying this he pulled to his bed and started to kiss her and bite her soon lights were off)

they lived happily

hope u like this guys sorry if u dont like it pls share ur feedbacks

Love u all

thank u


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  1. Sanswa

    Wat a beautiful surprise…. Wz fab dea…loved 2 d core…?

  2. Deeksha

    Awesome dear….!!!!!

  3. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear…

  4. Anu

    lakkooooo di is it uh!! are i m Sammy uh know na!! lakkooooooooooooooooo diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeh apne phele bhi post kra h na?? page par..oooo io have already read it!! but apne kaha tha ek new os dogi!! jaooo big wala kattiii!! nd uh didnt even give itu..jao bahut bahut badi wali katti!! aur ishu di aur hadi mom se bhi keh dungi apse baat na kre!!

    huh!! gandi lakko di…*pout face*

  5. Simin

    Sweet and cuteeee

  6. Anurta

    Loved it

  7. superb..!!loved it..!!

  8. awesome fabulous i have no words to describe it………


    wowww….. it’s Awesome dear

  10. Mahavir

    awesome dear loved it superb sanskar plan wowww beta superb plan….

  11. I m laughing like helllll…….too good….. awesome….

  12. Simi

    Loved it

  13. wow it was amazing funny and cute
    plssssssssss write more

  14. Mariyajap

    OMG lakshmi that was wonderful loved it to the core

  15. Pooja26

    superb dear…….
    loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    I already read it.. You posted it at earlier..

  17. Arshaanya

    I vr read it alrdy… i guess u ve alrdy posted it on fb or here only…
    Loved it…

  18. Srusti

    What an hilarious episode I have ever seen this funny really I enjoyed a lot lakshmi dear sanskar and swara and their love and tashan I enjoyed a lot if possible try this os based on swasan thanx a lot for giving us beautiful os thought I don’t know about u but I am not angry bcoz u give me a beautiful is so y I angry on u and thanx for u

  19. Tamil


  20. awesome..tc..

  21. Wow it was awesome yar…. Loved it??????????

  22. Rabia0032

    Awesome dear loved it Amazing os

  23. Awesome

  24. Manvinahar

    i was so unhappy when i saw the last episode of swaragini and then at about 10:15pm i read your os
    you know what u cheered up my mind
    after reading your piece of work i totally forgot about swaragini’s end
    thankyou for posting this os
    i just loved it !!!!!!!
    it is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!
    and your concept is just ausome!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Soujanya


  26. Super awesome

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