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The night passed with the silent tears of both..
The morning sun shined more brighter indicating it will be a brighter day..
Bihaan woke up with the sound of her bangles.. It is like the daily alarm for him. He lazily opened his eyes and found her before the mirror. His sleepy eyes opened wide when he found her in saree. She was wearing a plain red saree with golden border. Even though it is not the first time, he gets equally mesmerized when he sees her in saree. His continuous gaze disturbed her, she looked at him and lost in his childlike innocent sleepy face. After some time she composed herself and continued her work. Bihaan then observed that she is struggling to tie the Dori, he as always went to help her. He tied the Dori looking at her through the mirror. That proximity created a storm in both the hearts. Their eyes met, he observed a different emotion today may be guilt. But why will be guilty? He was confused inorder to divert himself from those magnetic eyes.
He started ” what is the special today chuk chuk gadi? You in saree ?? And… you are looking gorgeous.. ”
Thapki felt happy, few days back when she expected the compliment he irritated her but today it was natural straight from his heart. She replied ” I am going to temple bihaan. Will be back soon ”
He offered to drop her, but she politely refused. She Wants to be away from him though her thoughts are always around him.
She reached the temple, for her luck temple was very empty and peaceful. She thought she can happily let her heart out infront of the god.
” Bhagwan ji, you know everything right? Today you have to answer my questions? I always trusted you, prayed you even when I faced many problems because of my stammering I never let my hope die, my trust on you die I kept trying. I felt very happy when DS came to my life, he is the first person who treated me special. I thought I am the most Luckiest person, but my luck my fate everything changed with one incident and because of one person.Imagine how a girl feels to live with a guy who cheated her in the same house in front of the guy who loved her. I hated him , I hated him to the core that I hated to see his face, but now my day does nt go without looking at him.
Why God? Why did you bring bihaan to.my life? To give me immense pain or immense happiness? Bcoz he is the one responsible for both. My life with DS was perfect but with bihaan am happy.
N what kind of a person he is? He beared all my rudeness, my families hatred and His own families rudeness and everything for the mistake he didn’t do. He is repenting for the mistake where he is equally suffering. Yes, Our relation started with misunderstanding then it turned to hatred but slowly i got to know him more. The more I understand him, the more I felt that he can’t be wrong. May be that is the reason why it was a mere satisfaction to me than shock to know that there is someone else who tried to break my marraige,someone who forced him to do so. Unknowingly we came so far, we overcome the awkwardness, we became friends and now… I realised it but am afraid to accept it

She closed her eyes ,joined her hands, tears continuing to flow
“God! Please help, where is my life going? What is in store for my future? What is my destiny? Show me the way God.. Show me”
She was disturbed with the sound of the temple bell ringing beside her. She opened her eyes and looked to the side.
There he was .. Her answer to the questions, her future, her destiny, her love, her life, her husband.
That is the point of realization for thapki. That she is incomplete without him. Her life,her love, her heart everything is complete only with him.
She kept staring at him. He was praying sincerely n seriously as if asking something big.
He opened his eyes and looked at her. She continued staring him.
“Woh.. I came to take you home. Come,”
He left and she followed. She got on the bike and wrapped her hands around his waist and Sat closer to him. He seemed different today, more handsome,more dashing,more special may be bcoz she is in madly love with him. She blushed with that feel.
They reached home, he got down and rushed inside.she saw her parents in the hall waiting for her, oh..that is the reason bihaan came to pick her she thought. After taking their blessings,she looked at her father.
Kk: thapki beta, last time when you came home our situations were not good so we sent you back but now everything is fine. And only week left for your 3 months to end so we came here to take you home.
Thapki is shocked, her eyes searched for the person to stop her but he was not there. Even bauji and dadima agreed to her father’s proposal so she went to her room to pack her bags.
She got into the room and broke down
“Why.. Why everytime I expect something I don’t get it. Why me? The day I realised my love is the same day I am leaving him.. ”

Her stammering got worsened, and she felt like she got her answer. He was forced to marry me but may be he really Hates stammering. May be he hates me. With all the memories flashing in her mind she cried her heart out.She wiped her tears and started packing her bags.
Bihaan entered the room, he sat in the hut.He didn’t seem happy. Thapki wanted to talk to him even if he is rude she wants to listen to his words, may be for one last time.
She started “bihaan you may be happy right, no one will be there to irritate you with stammering ” she cried.
He got up and moved to thapki and cupped her face and said” your stammering was never a problem to me thapki, I know you are a lot more than that”
He left her and moved a step back and continued ” in fact I am habituated.. Habituated to your fights, your long long prawachan for small small things, your mahaanta and you… …If I had a right to stop you. I would never let you go. This house, this room is never the same with out you thapki.. Nor my life he whispered,” his voice changed, he is in a verge of breaking down, he turned back and started to leave.
Thapki prayed ” just say it bihaan, just say it once.” And he stopped at the door step without looking at her he said ” thapki ruk jao na yaar, mat jao mujhe chodke” his voice showed it clearly that he is in pain, literally crying inside. Before she could stop him he left.
Thapki danced in joy, she got it. He stopped her and how can she disobey her husband. She ran downstairs and said to her father that she can’t come with them. When asked why she replied with a smile” papa I am married and this is my house, how can I leave this?”
Dadi and bauji exchanged glances and are happy. Thapki mom pulled her to a side and asked her
” what is this beta, are you sure. Are you thinking to give a chance to your marriage? ”
“No ma. Not only to marraige am giving a chance to my happiness too” she hugged her and ran to meet her husband.
She bumped into DS. There is no more awkwardness from her end. She thought to help him to move on but now she needs to meet her husband first. DS was shocked to see thapki,this is the first time she saw her very happy, she was never this happy even when she was with him. Even though it’s painful he accepted that bihaan is the reason for her happiness. He was sure that she moved on long back but now he felt that she is in love too. He decided to give a chance for his happiness.
Bihaan was at the bank of the river, the same river in which he jumped to get the coin just to see her happy. He remembered all the moments with her. All things he did for her. Slowly his pain started turning into rage.
“How can she be so cold hearted, she is leaving me even after I did so much for her. Even though I never admitted I did it for her but she was the one who always got benefited… but too. I know I am being selfish, I should not count on my favours but if the matter is to get her I will be selfish.he can’t let her go away from him, that is the reason he risked his life to save her, he let go his ego to bring her back. It pains like hell to loose her maybe because he loves her. No not may be he knows it for sure.. He loves his wife,his chuk chuk gadi,his mahaan atma, his thapki ”
But reality hit him back ,no she will not come back to him, he don’t have any right to expect her back. He can’t ask her to give a chance to the relation which all started with a lie and cheat. He should forget her.. Yes I should he thought.
“Bihaan”.. Damn when I am almost making my thoughts away from her. Why did she come and why did she cal me so sweetly. A ray of hope raised in him,May be she too feels something for him, may be she decided to give a chance. He turned to her with a lot of expectations.
“Bihaan if you don’t have a problem with my stammering then why did you break my marraige? “She asked expecting to know the truth.
Bihaan lost his temper. He expected a chance from her but she is still stuck with his cheat. He cursed himself for loving her, a stone hearted.
He shouted ” wow thapki I thought you truly forgave me when you spoke all that yesterday but you still think the same. You are still thinking about my betrayal but not about our relation. N i thought we came a long way ahead. But no, truly I am mad to sit and cry herebecause you are leaving
Thapki didnt expected this reaction of him, but that is not because of hurt or anger but because of love, she thought to get what is in his heart so she asked calmly ” so you don’t want me to go?”
More than the question,her way of asking irritated him, no he said in annoyed tone.
But why?
He can no more handle it, can’t she see his pain or is she acting to turn blind towards his pain. He angrily pulled her closer holding her waist and shouted
“I Love U Damn it”
And pushed her back. Thapki closed her eyes, a tear of happiness escaped her eyes. Her love loves her back. This is the best feeling in the world she thought.
She saw him, he is standing facing his back to her. She walked to him, and hugged him from the back. He felt her hands on his chest, he placed his hands on hers.
“Then why did not you stop me bihaan? ”
“What right do I have to do that?”
She placed her chin on his shoulder and said in his ears.
Your are my husband, you have complete rights on me. What else you want?
Bihaan turned and without a word hugged her tight. They conveyed many unexpressed feelings in a single hug.
They broke the hug, but he held her close to him.
Bihaan , will you give me the right of a wife? She asked him. He was confused.
She took the sindoor box from the bag and showed him. He looked into her eyes and nodded. She closed her eyes expecting his hands filling the vermilon. But..
“No thapki, this is not right” he said
She opened her eyes with shock.
“I love you so I will fulfill my duties but you need not, without love why will you do your wifey duties? ”
“No bihaan, I too.. ” she stopped seeing his naughty glint. She thought ” So this was his trick to make her confess. This boy never leaves a chance to irritate me” she gave a stern look and turned to leave.
But he pulled her, placed his hands around her waist in a tight grip and asked “you too what?”
Thapki kept her hands on his chest , started playing with his shirt due to nervousness” woh actually.. I mean.. I .. I too..” She struggled to speak, his continuous stare is making her more nervous.
He placed his finger on her lips. “Shh.. No need to say thapki, you know that I can read your eyes, and they are conveying a lot more than words usually do.”
He took the sindoor and filled her hairline,she closed her eyes in acceptance.
She opened her eyes he looked at her at said “this right was, is and will always be yours”, she placed her head on his chest ” this is the reason I fell for you, ”
she took a deep breath
“I love you bihaan”
He tightned his embrace and said “I love u too my chuk chuk.. I mean thapki”
She lifted her head looked at him ” now you can call me chuk chuk gadi , I started loving that name too ”
Bihaan gave huge smile and before he could say something thapki closed his mouth with her hand and uttered “gazab” in his style. They shared a hearty laugh and hugged back.
Both of them know that there is no happily ever after in life , there will be many tough situations, problems, complications.
For thapki she has to know the truth of her marrAige to prove bihaan innocent, she needs to redevelop the brotherly bond between DS and bihaan which was broken bcoz of her, she wants bihaan to get well settled overcoming his drawback of discontinued education.
Where as bihaan he knows his mother hates her, his brother still loves her he have to save her from all the humiliations and accusations. He should save her from shradha’s stupidity. He wants her to achieve her dream job overcoming her weakness.
But they silently promised themselves and to each other that What ever may be the situation the other half will always be on their side to support. They can’t avoid the problems but will guarantee to face them together and always stay together. They will not be thapki and bihaan, they will be one like
Thahaan- together forever
P.S: I can’t be romantic so I choosed to be dramatic.LOL Am sorry for pakaoing u all with a longgg update, I hope this is not over dramatic and cheesy.

This my last update of the FF. Thank you all who read it, n special thanks to all who encouraged me

Credit to: Taru

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