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part 7
Yes I know. No one knows bihaan Better than me. And I know for sure that MY BIHAAN CAN NEVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS
Nidhi is shocked. Everyone else relieved.
N: I think you forgot the past.
T: no, I didn’t …I remember everything.. Everything means everything. A tear rolled down her cheek.
I remember his betrayal, but I also remember his repent
I remember his insult, I also remember his support
I remember his cheat, I also remember his care
I tried to remember him as a person who spoiled my life, but all I remember him as the person who saved my life many time.. Even.. Even risking his life.
I tried to remember him as a person who is the reason to my problems but all I remember is the person who stood for me in all the problems.
I tried to remember him for all his insult, but I remember him as the one who fought for my respect. Like he did yesterday.( fight with men for insulting thapki’s stammering)
The bihaan whom you are blaming to cheat me is the same who stood against his family for me, he is the same who trusted me when no one else did, he is the same who bothered about my every small wish, he is the same who took care of me in my every situation.
I know nidhi.. I know him, I know his manners,I know his care, I know his love, I know his respect and it is in his blood to respect women. He will never stoop so low in his life.
And I definitely say this is your plan to blame him
N: acha you trust him so much.and you doubt me right. Come.
She pulled thapki to the store room. He is here in this room, I locked him inside and escaped from him.
T:(in a determined tone) even if I find him inside, I will not trust you.
N: you know what thapki, I thought these people are blinded in love. But it is you who is actually blind. You are blindly trusting him. Why don’t you people believe that it is bihaan who did this with me??
“But bihaan is with me”
Everyone turned back on the voice of bauji, and shocked to see bihaan with him. Thapki ran to bihaan and hold his hand. She doesn’t know it is for her comfort or his but she felt like doing so.
Nidhi is shell shocked she didn’t know what to do. She looked at shradha.
Shradha ran to the door and opened it.
Dhruv??? She almost shouted. Everyone looked at each other.
Till then no one observed that bauji and dhruv were missing from the gathering.
Suman interrupted ” you said bihaan deverji did this, but inside the room it is dhruv deverji. What will you say now??”
But dhruv can’t do anything wrong. Bihaan confirmed. Thapki nodded but didn’t utter a single word.
Shradha is horrified seeing the blame turning towards Dhruv. She looked at vasu who is watching helplessly. She thought she have to do something. She continued
S: these people are like this. They come and play a game so that they get the money. I am ashamed to say you are my friend. Now get lost from my house
Nidhi is shocked with shradha’s turn. She tried to say something when Shradha pulled her out of the house. She begged her to go away with out informing anything. She promised of paying whatever amount Nidhi demand but asked her move away .
Nidhi kept thinking. She didn’t expect this turn of events. she promised herself to return to get bihaan but staying at that time would be dangerous so she left.
Thapki is in her room, she is furious she felt like killing that Nidhi ki bacchi. Bihaan entered. He went there and sat beside thapki. He didn’t utter a single word.
T: (almost shouting) I felt that there is something wrong about that chudail.. She always tries to be near you, she definitely had other thoughts in her mind, that is why I tried to keep you both far.
Thapki felt like she revealed a secret. She looked at bihaan. He is not normal.
Bihaan just gave a look at her. His eyes speaking many things like love thanks guilt and many more. She put her hand on his shoulder and said in a calm tone
I know bihaan, you can never be wrong. I know you respect everyone. I trust you.
Bihaan chuckled sadly. He stood from his place
B: respect?? Which respect thapki? Which I never gave you?
Thapki is shocked. She stood.
B: if I would have respected you, respected your feelings. I would have never done that mistake of marrying you. The mistake which deserve no forgiveness.
Thapki stood silent. After few moments she spoke
T: I received your respect bihaan. I did.
when you jumped into daldal(quicksand) to save me, u respected my life.
when you encouraged me to complete the puja task which dadima gave me, u respected my capabilities
when you believed me that I didn’t mix dadaji ashes in coffee, u respected my values.
when you left your family trusting me, u respected my innocence.
When you stated my tears as my most valuable thing, u respected my emotions.
When you fought with that men for insulting me, u respected my self respect.
May be your mistake is unforgivable but I don’t why I feel I am no more annoyed with you, no more angry, I don’t know I forgave you or not. But I no more consider you as a cheater.
Bihaan you know what,a girl needs respect more than love. N u really do. She leaves the room with eye full of tears
Bihaan was startled with her words.

Thapki went to terrace for fresh. Her own words echoing in her mind. She never thought to herself nor specially observed bihaan’s doings but she today felt how they slowly slowly impacted her life. After some time she went to the room but didn’t find bihaan so went for searching.
She went to balcony found him holding their Marraige pic and speaking to it
B: I don’t know thapki, today when my character is blamed , I felt like Even if no one believes me it is OK but I want you to believe me that am not the culprit. For the first time in my life ur opinion mattered the most to me, more than Maa and bauji’s. And the trust you showed on me is what I really don’t deserve. I don’t even deserve to say sorry to u thapki. I spoiled your life. I ruined your love. I am ashamed of myself. I should have not done. I should have not come in her words. I should have not Sat in the mandap with you. I did a mistake very big even though it is for saving her I should not have punished you. N you say u no longer consider me as a cheater, but I am thapki, I am.. He cried hugging the pic.

Thapki stood there shocked.. It was not bihaan it was someone else who forced him. He was compelled to marry her. He is regretting it everyday. His tears are the proof of his guilt. He is also a victim??? Yes He is…

Credit to: Taru

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