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Part 6
Thahaan room.
B: thapki, please pass that pillow
Thapki nods and throws the pillow on bihaan’s face
B: what is this?
T: arey if you can’t Even catch a pillow. What should I do?
B:acha now you catch. He throws back the pillow on thapki’s face
Thapki gets furious and they start a pillow fight.
Dhruv passing from there and looks this. (He gives his constant expression) thapki wins the fight and laughs. She looks dhruv at the door step. Her smile vanished.His questioning eyes asks her how can she move on with the person who betrayed her, who shattered all her dreams. Who ended their love story, who is the reason for all her tears? How can she be happy when the person she loved is dying daily in pain. Dhruv left the place but she kept staring at the spot. Bihaan shook her to get her back to normal. She excused herself and left the room.
In the balcony.
The moon is shining brightly, thapki looking the moon and is thinking. The cool breeze hitting her face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her thoughts always Rome around one person, hence the same face appeared to her when she closed the eyes. Her lips turned into a curve. She opened her eyes and said to her self.. When I first met you I seriously had no idea that one day you will turn this important to me. She remembered her first meeting, how unpleasant it was,she continued her thoughts how bihaan had always insulted her,teased her and all. And yes finally the thought which she almost forgot stroked back. How he married her…
Thapki hit the harsh truth again. Yes bihaan is a cheater, he cheated her in the most important thing of a girls life. He cheated her in Marraige. He is the reason for her problems he is the reason for her insult. He is the reason for her tears. Not only hers but also of her family’s and dhruv sir’s . He is the reason why her life is at that point. It is undoubtedly true that her life would be very different and may be very happy if she married DS.
But what is she feeling from past few days? She no more consider bihaan as a stranger, he in turn became her friend may be best friend with whom she can play, tease and share anything but How can she forget what bihaan did? How can she forgive him ? How can she melt towards him when he became a stone hearted in her case. Yes may be in past few days he turned out to be good and may be that is the reason she stopped hating him. But that doesn’t nullify his mistakes.
No I have to maintain the distance between us. I have to ignore bihaan before he occupy more space in my life,brain and may be heart. I have to distance myself from his thoughts.
She decided to avoid him and came to the room. For her luck he already slept. But this time he didn’t find him cute. she woke up next morning and didn’t find him place. she was glad. She got fresh up and went to do house hold works.

Here shradha and Nidhi were ready to execute their plan. Nidhi messaged bihaan that dadi asked for ghee from the store room. As bihaan got into the room shradha locked the room. Nidhi and shradha signed each other.
There was someone who is shouting and crying out loud. All the family members came out to see what happened. Nidhi ran to shradha and hugged her tight and started crying. After a long drama of every one asking what happened? She opened her mouth
She said that bihaan misbehaved her and forced her.
Everyone was shocked, vasu lowered her head in shame as she know everything but couldn’t open her mouth .
Dadi reacted asking what non sense is she talking? And how dare she blame bihaan.
Nidhi did her acting but she didn’t find anyone trusting her
But the family is not the one who should trust this. So she moved to Thapki
N: thapki, I consider you as a sister. These people are blinded with love. But you can see the truth. You can understand my pain as a girl. I am from abroad so I am little friendly with everyone but I didn’t expect bihaan would get such thoughts with my friendly nature..
She observed thapki standing there as a statue without any expression.
She continued , thapki it is you who knows bihaan well. After all he did with you you can understand how he can spoil someone life without any pity.don’t you remember all you beared because of him. You are the one who knows him, very well. Don’t you?
Thapki recalled all the moment, her Marraige, Diwaker insult, bihaan insult, his rude behavior..
Thapki didn’t spare a glance at anyone. No one could understand what’s running In her brain. Dadima was confident that she will support bihaan, but to her utter shock she said
“Yes I know”
Everyone are shocked including shradha.

Credit to: Taru

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