U r mine..only mine (part 3)

I am happy that u ppl are liking it.. Sorry for delay… I will try to update the FF faster.. N here the story goes…

It’s evening.

Nidhi wears a beautiful gagra and comes to bihaans room. Bihaan is busy in selecting his dress. Thapki too completes her work and comes to the room. Nidhi calls bihaan, thapki stops at the door step to listen their conversation.

N: how am I looking bihaan ji?

B: nice

N: just nice, I never dressed up like this, it took so much time for me to get ready and you don’t like it. She makes a sad face

B: no no I like it. You are looking very beautiful just like an angel

Nidhi smiles, thapki fumes.

T: shez not an angel, shez a witch . chudail kaiki

N: but bihaan ji

B: what happened??

Nidhi turns back and pointing towards her untied Dori.. Can you please Tie it??

B: what? Me? No you ask ma or bhabi they will do it

N: everyone already Sat in the puja and we should not disturb them.

B: no problem thapki is there, she may be coming

N: but she is busy in arrangements she herself is not yet ready. Plz bihaan ji help na.

Bihaan feels uncomfortable, thapki observes him. Nidhi insists him again and he accepts it unwillingly. Thapki is shocked she should stop bihaan, bihaan steps towards Nidhi, thapki enters hurriedly and says ” bihaan bauji is calling you, he said it is very urgent work. Hurry up”

Bihaan rushes out. Thapki angrily goes towards Nidhi and ties her Dori tight. Nidhi gives a fake smile and leaves.

Bihaan goes to bauji and asks why did he call him? Bauji says he didn’t and asks him to get ready quickly. Bihaan thinks gazab, did thapki lie to me.

He goes to the room and sees thapki wearing a beautiful dark blue saree. He stands still mesmerized. He comes to his senses. He goes to her.

B: why did you lie to me?? Bauji didn’t call me

ThApki expected the question but was not prepared with the answer.

T: because.. Because.. Ha I want to get ready alone and without any disturbance. Nahi tho, you will come and ask me too move like you did in bhabhi Marraige day function.

B: satyavadi mahan atma lied for such a small reason. Definitely thapki some thing happened to you.

T:(murmurs) not for me, something happened to you. ” USS chipkali ke saath chipakne ka aadat”

B: what??

T: nothing bihaan say me how am I looking?

B: frankly speaking ur looking fat (in teasing tone)

Thapki is fully frustrated.

Bihu observes it and says ya ur are looking not bad

T: is this is the way to compliment some one

B: I know it like this. What to do?

T: acha.. But I heard something else few mins before

B: oh you listened. (Laughing) remember thapki on v day how you said the same to me. Now you got to know how it feels right??

T: so you were taking revenge from me?

B: nothing like that but say me one thing, from when you are expecting compliments from me?

Thapki feels embarrassed.

T: I have hell lot of works. I can’t sit here and answer all you stupid questions. Come soon and she left.


Thahaan comes down and participate in the puja as a couple and completes all the doings.

N: wow am so excited now we will play dandiya..

Bihaan remember their first dussera dandiya.
Now you have no force, if you don’t want to play it is fine. I will convince the family.

Thapki was about to answer when they hear Nidhi shouting.

N : (some random guy) can’t you teach me properly. You have hurt my hands.

She goes towards bihaan and asks him “bihaan jii.. Please can you teach me??”

She looks at thapki and says if you both want to play then you can , I will not disturb

Bihaan looks at thapki and gives a huge smile. He whisper that they got a solid reason for not playing. He asks her to enjoy and goes with Nidhi.

Thapki gets sad thinking he didn’t even let her say what she wants. She sees them both playing and gets furious. She leaves the place and goes to her room.

Thapki sits on the bed and is angry. Bihaan enters the room.

T: what happened? Is your dance over.

B: no I didn’t find you down so just came to ask is your health OK??

T: tumse MATLAB, you are busy in you enjoyment .. Why bothering about me?? Go your sweet hearted Nidhi is waiting for you …

B: one second, are you J for Jelous??

Thapki feels tensed she has to cover the situation

T: are you J for joking??

B: ya right.. Why you feel jealous and that too for me? Okay as you said your health is OK am going. Call me if you need something.

He leaves. Thapki gets thinking bihaan is right , am jealous about Nidhi. I left the party because of her, I lied for the first time because of her. But why am I jealous??

I can think about it later but first I have more important work, to make that chudail far from bihaan .


Thapki runs downstairs, she searches for bihaan and Nidhi but doesn’t find them . she finds bihaan sitting in the corner of the room eating samosas. She smiles and goes towards him. She asks him why he is not playing dandiya??

B: how can I play when my partner is not playing??

Thapki gets super happy

B: Nidhi went out for some work and not yet returned.

Thapki fumes but she controls it.

T: if you want, I can become your partner

B: are you serious??

T: ya seeing Everyone , I also felt like dancing

B: gazab

T: but you can’t change your partner ok??

B: OK OK come let’s join them

Thahaan plays dandiya lost in each other. They enjoy each and every movement of the dance. Nidhi and shradha fumes as their plan got wasted.

Its night

Thapki is arranging her bed.. Bihaan is checking his mobile

T(in a super excited tons): bihaan , I enjoyed a lot today, how fun it was .. I want to play more and more even though my legs are hurting

Bihaan was surprised, he never saw thapki excited like a small kid. He gave a heartful smile

B: yes thapki, it was great and may not be a good dancer like me but you too are not bad ( in teasing tone)

Thapki smiles


T: but??

B: I think Nidhi is upset. She is the one who arranged the party and she is the one who didn’t play it.

T: ha but…

Before thapki saying something, he gets up. ” I will go and say her sorry. May be she feels good” without a delay he left.

Thapki gets angry. She thinks to listen to them.

Thapki goes near the guest room where bihaan and Nidhi are talking.

All she could hear is Nidhi demanding an ice cream treat and bihaan refusing her saying it is late night. Bihaan started moving to their room.. Thapki almost ran to reach the room before him.

Bihaan comes in and is about to sleep. Thapki gets an idea..

T: bihaan

B: ha

T: you said am a good dancer, don’t you give me any gift?

B: what you want?

T: icecream

B: all of you have gone mad or what?? Is this the time for ice cream and no shops will be open. I have to travel more than. 5kms for that

T: bihaan plzz.. Can’t you do it for me??

That worked as a magic on bihaan. Ofcourse he can do anything for her and this is a very small thing. Bihaan gave a angry look to her and took his bike keys and left.

Thapki is thrilled with joy. Bihaan cares for her, her words and her illogical wishes.

Few moments passed bihaan came back. He gave thapki mirch wala ice cream

Thapki felt happy that he even remember her choice, she saw more two ice creams in his hand and asked for whom?

B: one for me.. One for Nidhi. She too asked for an ice cream treat.

Thapki’s smile disappeared in a moment.

Bihaan went to the guest room and knocked.

B: look what I have brought for you? He gave the ice cream to Nidhi. I don’t know your favorite flavor so I bought you mine. Strawberry

N: wow bihaan you are a sweet heart. Strawberry is my favorite too. It is the best flavor of all.

B: thank god you liked it … OK good night

Thapki sees everything. Bihaan comes to her.

T: I want strawberry flavor

B: but you like this..

T: but I want that. Go and ask her

B: are you mad? How can I ask her ice cream back.

T: fine give me yours.. She pulls his ice cream from his hand and leaves.

B: G for girls.. G for gazab.

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  11. Wow I never knew this was that good!! You’re very impressive and you written it really well Hun too.
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