U r mine..only mine (part 5)

Part 5
Everyone gathered at Hall. Thahaan are avoiding each other. Bauji finally broke the silence and ordered bihaan to take Nidhi on the city tour. Bihaan agreed. Thapki looked at Nidhi’s face, she felt strange the smirk on her face is conveying some different emotion. She don’t know why but she felt that something is wrong with Nidhi intentions. She cannot give her a chance. So she said
” bauji,actually I too never went on a good tour of the city. I came from Agra and started working and soon after that the marrAige, so did not find proper time to see the city. Shall I accompany them”
Bauji said sure. Bihaan asked her to get ready soon and come
The trio started their trip. Whenever Nidhi tried to come close to bihaan thapki avoided it. She became like a wall between the two. Bihaan observed her actions, he felt them strange but didn’t utter a single word.


Nidhi and bihaan are busy in taking selfies, when bihaan observed someone closing thapki eyes from back. She turned towards him and a huge smile crept her face. She was very friendly to him, laughing and beating in between. Bihaan moved towards them. She saw bihaan and introduced to each other.
T: bihaan this is rahul and rahul this is bihaan
B: her husband.
Bihaan said in a very confirmative tone as If indicating the other not to come near his wife.
After few talks Rahul bid bye to both and left.
B: who is he?
T: he is varun bhai’s friend
B: he is varun’s friend,not yours. Why are you so friendly with him?
It didn’t sound like a accusation or doubt, but like a kids complaint that some one else is playing with his doll.
Thapki gave a smile and said ” he is not my friend he is like a brother to me, I used to say him everything when I was in Agra ”
Thapki observed bihaan’s expression changing into a satisfactory one. She dont want to leave a chance to pull his leg like he always did. So she continued “waise bihaan, are you J for Jelous?? ”
Before bihaan could answer the heard Nidhi shouting. There were a gang of men who were teasing her.
Bihaan went to face them he warned to leave them, the men made fun of bihaan. Bihaan hold the collar of one man. Thapki rushed to him and asked him to leave.
Man1: hahaha look at the way of her talk , by the time she says leave him the fight will get completed.
M2: haa. (Turning towards bihaan)N wah Bhai you are maintaining two two beautiful girls. What else you will do, when one piece is defective you have to go to better option and he starts Laughing until he got a strong punch on his face.
B: ( in a angry tone) you harassed our guest, insulted me but too I left you but if you say one more word about my wife I will kill you.
Thapki who was crying because of the insult now had happy tears in her eyes.
Bihaan signs Nidhi to move and starts w
In car, he said sorry to Nidhi as he couldn’t complete the city tour.

In home,
Bihaan POV
Why did I react so much? M not the one who made fun of her stammering. Am I not the same person who named her chuk chuk gadi because of her weakness. Why anyone insulting her effects me so much? Why always feel like standing for her in any situation.
Thapki POV
when bihaan himself makes fun of me, why did he react so much. The way he reacted, his anger proves that he don’t want any other to insult me. I don’t know what place I hold in bihaan’s life. But I am sure no one can occupy my place. I am unnecessarily worried about Nidhi but I still don’t find her intentions good. But from now am least bothered about her because I trust bihaan
Nidhi and shradha are in her room
N: I am tired shradha.. Whatever I do it work in reverse, I feel like am playing the Cupid between the two.
S: this luck always support thapki but we have to do something.
N: yeah we have to do something very big.
She says something to shradha.
Vasu overhears this. She confronts shradha.
V: our plan was to seperate the both but what your doing is wrong. Never even dare to do this. She leaves
Shradha is also afraid of the plan she says no to nidhi

N: think shradha, think about your dhruv . dhruv won’t be yours until thapki is here We have to do this. Then you will get your dhruv, and I will get my bihaan.
Shradha looks shockingly.
N: I mean I will get my money.
Shradha agrees she goes and warns vasu that if she disturbs the plan then she will say how she has planned everything against thapki. Vasu is shocked to see shradha’s true colors. Nidhi hears all this and smirks

Nidhi POV
I came here to play the game but who can resist bihaan. The way he is, the way he looks, his style,his care, his attitude, his innocence everything made me fall for him. I am mad for him .Now I will do whatever I can to get him, even it is bad for him.
PS : I have three more parts to complete the FF. Excuse if you find it boring Ouch

Out of curiosity.. Which actress suits the Nidhi character.. State your views???

Credit to: Taru


  1. Wooow…bihan also felt jelouse 4 thapki….it’s interesting…..plz continue ur story!!! I’m eagerly waiting for ur next epi….and if u don’t mind i have a humbl request…plz continue rahuls’story…bcs its funny to see bihan feel jelouse for thapki!!

  2. Akanksha Gupta

    I don’t know whose face suits to nidhi but you wrote beautifully and I read your ff regularly and smile like an idiot… Pls write more

  3. .vinlora

    It’s not boring at alll…..very interesting. …nidhi part suits nidhi chabra from YHM…..

  4. Prtibha

    Yeah extend it n i think ada khan from nagin(sesha) would b good for it or maybe ritika from meri ashiqui tumse hi…bTW nice episode n pardon me that i couldn’t comment before..

  5. Shruti

    Superb episode.Waiting eagerly for the next episode. I think ritika of Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi suits nidhi character. ???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.