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Bihaan is still asleep. Thapki finds him super cute sleeping like a child. She thinks to wake him up but feels that she should let him rest as he got tired and also slept late yesterday. She sits there admiring his child like innocence and constantly smiling, she hears some sound out and comes back to her senses. She thinks what is happening to her but cuts the thought at the beginning and goes down.

The most unwanted face welcomes her . and ya it’s Nidhi.

N: hi thapki, where is bihaan ji?

T: he is sleeping and don’t you dare to disturb him

Nidhi looks on shockingly

T: i mean bihaan loves his sleep and if anyone disturbs him, he may shout so I just warned you

Nidhi makes a sad face. Bauji enters

Bauji: what happened Nidhi beta. Y are you sad?

N: uncle, I never came to noida so I am thinking to go on city tour with bihaan ji. What you say?

Bauji: sure sure. Thapki ask bihaan to meet me.

Thapki nods. She thinks to give the morning tea to bihaan in the room itself. She goes to bring the tea. She moves towards the room and opens the door. She stops at the door step as she heard bihaan’s name from Nidhi’s mouth.

Nidhi is speaking to someone in phone and is excitedly saying about her day out with bihaan. She says shez gonna have super cool day with a super hot and handsome.

Bihaan is in washroom. He forgot his clothes but he is damn sure that thapki will be downstairs serving the breakfast. So he wrapped his tower around his waist and moved out.

T( in her mind) : how shameless, how can a girl see some other person in that sense and after knowing that he is married. What did she say hot and handsome..
Just then bihaan steps out of the washroom. Thapki looks at him,( lost in him says in a low tone) but he is ( imagine a shirtless bihaan with wet hair and strong body)

She then realises the situation and shouts aaa… And turns back.

B: aaa… Chuk chuk gadi, tum?? How did u come? I mean when did u come? I mean why did u come?

T: bihaan wo.. Wo.. Bauji is calling you. Come down.

Her stammer worsened and he heart is beating fast..she starts moving

B: thapki..

Thapki stops..

B: don’t say this to anyone .. I mean I know you wont but don’t say and he quickly closes the door.

Thapki runs from there..she is walking in the corridor. She keeps the tea cup on the side table.. She thinks about the incident.

“aaa… Chuk chuk gadi, tum?? How did u come? I mean when did u come? I mean why did u come?”

She remembers Bihaan and his expressions. She Bursts out laughing. After a big laugh she thinks

” I don’t consider him as my husband, then if Nidhi is wrong then am too.. But don’t know why I feel like only I have a right on him. Whatever this guy is a super crazy combi of cute and hot.”
She chuckles

Realising what she said , she says to her self “Thapki control what the hell are you thinking. Now I have to leave.”

Credit to: Taru

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  1. spr…update d nxt episod soon…eagerly waiting 4 it…

    1. Tq.. Tomorrow will be nxt update. I wl update evry alternate day

  2. Hey taru i read ur ff on india furoms.
    umm. …… Till 11episode it is soo good.
    intresting track i am just waiting for 12 update. Plzz post them soon.

    1. I updated the last part yesterday.. It is only 8 parts update..

      1. Hey taru it was not at all pakoing yarrr. I would say perfect ending. U have written it so beautifully. Explained each and every emotion so clearly. And thapki’s confession in temple. It was soo beautifully described. Amazing yarrr.

  3. Ohh!! Actually i don’t remember the no. of episode quite clearly. As i have read all the episodes at one stroke. Yeahh!! U posted the last part. Let me read it first.

    1. Thank you mineey 🙂

  4. It’s awesome……bt make it bit long dr….

    1. Yeah… Actually it is not the actual update.. I wrote it in frustration on thapki who behaves like 50’s in her 20’s. 😀 : D

  5. Yr taru i also want to read ur fanfiction of india forums plz send me the link for it…

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