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Part 2
It’s morning, everyone is present at the dining table for breakfast. Thapki is serving all. Bihaan comes and sits in his place. Nidhi too enters. She sits beside bihaan. Thapki serves less spicy parata to bihaan and normal one to Nidhi. She takes a bite of it and starts shouting

N: aaa.. This is so spicy.. I don’t eat much spicy food. Omg it’s burning.

Bihaan immediately takes the glass of water and gives it to her but she doesn’t take it and drinks water from bihaan’s hand. Thapki gets irked. Bihaan takes his parata and gives it to Nidhi.

B: ye lo, this is less spicy. I too don’t eat much spicy food.

T: but bihaan I specially made for you. I mean only for you so we don’t have less spicy parata anymore.

B: no problem I wl eat these fruits for today. How can we keep a guest hungry.

N: aww so sweet of u.. Really bihaan ji we are so similar to each other. Come give me a Hi Fi

Thapki gets irritated and leaves from there.
Bauji calls everyone to the hall.

Bauji: today I have arranged a puja in the evening. I am giving the responsibility to thapki and bihaan will help her. Nothing wrong should happen like the shiv puja last time.

Shradha gets angry and leaves.

N: uncle , I never participated in such events shall I also join them

B: no problem Nidhi it is a gods work and everyone is welcomed. Isn’t it thapki??

Thapki gives a fake smile and nods

Nidhi then goes to bauji and says something in his ears. Bauji laughs and says as your wish.

Everyone asks Nidhi what did she ask. Nidhi says surprise and asks everyone to start their works.


Everyone are busy in arrangements. Thapki carries a heavy ladder to decorate the house. Bihaan stops her.

B: why are you always interested in doing stunts?? You can see the ladder, it is twice of you both in height and weight. Let me bring it.

T: no bihaan I can manage.

B: of course you can. You are a mahaan atma you can manage anything and everything in the world. But I wl not let u manage this. Come give it to me. Now don’t waste the time by arguing.

Just then Nidhi comes carrying the puja samagri (utensils) and she skips and all the puja samagri falls down.

B: arey, what happened??

N: bihaan ji I have to carry all this to dadi’s room and you know what they are really heavy. Will you help me??

B: why not come. He takes the items and leaves.

T: wow big big words and zero result. Dadi is so right he is a budhu such big budhu that he don’t know a ladder is heavier than the puja samagri. (She looks at the decoratives) leave it I will not keep them.

Bihaan comes and sees the decoration empty. He goes to thapki.(in kitchen)

B: thapki, y u left the decoration in the middle.

T: what to do? No one is there to help me?? You thought of helping but you are busy helping others.

B: gajab.. You are really mad. First I wanted to help you u refused, now you are taunting me for not helping. It is waste to talk to you.

Thapki feels sad and angry at the same time.

She comes out and sees bihaan completing the decoration. She feels happy and smiles.

Thapki goes to prepare the Garlands
. here shradha and Nidhi plans something.

Shradha pours some oil on the floor and signs nidhi.

N:(in her mind) dekhna bihaan ji, how I will fall straight into your arms and it looks unintentional because of the oil.
She sees bihaan coming and goes towards him. She steps on the oil and about to fall on him but bihaan hears thapki’s voice in pain he turns and sees thapki hurt her hands with needle, he immediately moves towards thapki and Nidhi meets the hard floor. She cries in pain. Whole family gathers, bihaan asks thapki to get the pain relief spray and sprays it to Nidhi leg.

Nidhi thinks she can change the plan but will not waste this situation. She tries to get up and intentionally falls and says she is not able to walk.

Shradha asks bihaan to carry her to her room, thapki gets furious. Before bihaan could speak Bauji interrupts saying he will cancel the dandia program then. The family gets shocked , everyone ask Dandiya and now, he says Nidhi requested him to arrange as she doesn’t get the chance to play in abroad.

Nidhi gets tensed that her another plan can also get flop so she reacts “no no it’s ok I will be f9 till evening,it is not paining so much”

She request bihaan to give her the support to reach the room and bihaan does.

Thapki is in her room feeling a little uneasy. She is unable to identify her feelings is she sad,angry or irritated?? She knows the reason but don’t want to realize it. Every time when she is hurt, the concern she sees in bihaan’s eyes is her most loved thing but seeing bihaan’s care for someone else is hurting her.

She thinks how can she be so selfish and why she is negitive towards Nidhi. She got hurt and may be she should also care for her.

Just then bihaan enters and thapki starts asking many questions about Nidhi. Irritated with her questions he shouts on her “she is not thapki to sit and care for her”

He then realize what he said and says ” I mean she is not the best friend of problems like you, so she can manage herself” . Thapki feels good but acts as getting angry and leaves from there

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