U r mine..only mine (part 1)


Part 1

Let me give the character introduction first.. Nidhi is the friend of shradha, a very hot and s*xy girl but very cunning. She agreed to help shradha in exchange if huge amount of money. Her work is to woo bihaan and create a doubt in thapki’s mind.

The story starts with thapki serving tea to bihaan & bauji in the garden. A girl enters the PN house wearing short dress. Thapki questioningly looks at bihaan but finds him staring at her. She fumes a little. Bauji gets up and about to ask the whereabouts of the girl,but shradha interrupts in middle and introduces her.

“Bauji,she is Nidhi, my childhood friend. She is a NRI and came to India for few days. Can we allow her to stay in PN for some time please”

“It’s OK beta, it is your house too. Make her comfortable and she can stay here as long as she want”

“Thank you bauji”( in her mind she will leave as soon as our work of breaking relationship of thapki and bihaan aka Thahaan is done)

“Nidhi come let me introduce you to all. Ahh let me introduce them first she is thapki and he is bihaan my bro in law.” She signs towards bihaan. Nidhi looks at him and thinks hmm he Is handsome & smirks. She greets both thapki and bihaan

N: By the way your house in too good shradha. ( going towards the stable) what is this??

S: ya it is stable for our gulaboo and RAM pyari but in India there are people who even steal the animal homes.

Thahaan gave a annoying look to shradha. Nidhi saw gulaboo and got afraid she started running and collided with bihaan and both of them fell down. Thapki fumes, shradha sees this and smirks.

N: m sorry bihaan ji, I got afraid seeing those animals there.

Bihaan gave a huge laugh and said ” no nothing to worry, I will introduce you to them they are far better than few human( giving a look at shradha) they don’t harm anyone ”

Nidhi acted to be afraid and hold bihaan’s hand tight. Thapki unable to take it anymore ” we can carry on those introductions later, first let her come in ”

Bihaan nodded and signed Nidhi to go in and informed thapki that he is going out.

It’s night. Bihaan is in his track pants & t shirt arranging his bed on the floor when he heard a knock on the door. It was Nidhi

N: Hello bihaan ji, did I disturb you.

B: no no please come in? Any problem?

N: yes, because of me your hand got hurt. Nobody neither cared nor applied any antiseptic

B: ohh I didn’t even observe it. And it is nothing I don’t need any medicine.

N: no no you shouldn’t ignore it else it may be dangerous. Come I will apply this ointment.

Bihaan thought for 2 mins and shrugged his shoulders indicating as your wish. Nidhi smiled and took the medicine in her hand. Thapki entered the room and shocked to see Nidhi at that point of time. She soon understood what was going on there. As Nidhi was about to apply the ointment she shouted “Nidhi”

T: what are you doing here?? I mean its late already Don’t wanna sleep

N: actually no one cared for bihaan’s wound so I bought the medicine

T: am there. I can completely take care of him and it is so sweet of you. I will apply him the medicine. You can leave now. Good night.

Nidhi gave a stern look to thapki and said “good night bihaan ji” and left

Thapki turned towards bihaan.

T: few days back when I applied you the ointment you were shouting. Now you are smilingly asking her to apply??

B: she bought it. I never asked her. And when she asked so much how can I reject her

T: wah, you say you hate shradha?? But you are caring for her friends feelings so much.

B: I hate shradha even now. But Nidhi is innocent and childish. She is sweet hearted.

T: n what about me?? Am I stone hearted??

B: why are you comparing yourself to her? N if you don’t want me to apply medicine,it’s fine. Y are u making a issue out of it??

T: no wait, I will.

Thapki started applying the medicine. She was staring bihaan and bihaan was staring his wound. As thapki was not concentrating she missed the wound and medicine is applied to another place.

Bihaan in confused state raised his eyes from the wound and there was a short eyelock.

B: oye madam, where are you?? Where my wound and where are you treating. ??

Thapki saw what she did felt little embarrassed and was about to explain.

B: let it be. However this doesn’t require any medicine. Now go and sleep. S for shubratri and s for sweet dreams. And he sleeps on his bed.

T: (in her mind) this Nidhi seems to be a chipku types, always Rome’s near bihaan. I have to keep an eye on her. But why should I? However i will leave in few days and after that what bihaan does in his life is none of my business. But why am feeling bad?? Why someone getting closer to bihaan is bothering me?? …

What all nonsense am thinking. I think I should sleep now.She takes a deep breath and goes to sleep

Credit to: Taru

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