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Hi peeps, I am writing a short FF on Thahaan to fill our imagination. This FF starts after Thahaan enters the PN back.

First of all, I love bihaan ( even manish in his real avatar). He is soo cute yet dashing, carefree yet caring, intelligent( he is the one who observed the true colors of shradha) yet moti budhi( in my ff he is mostly moti budhi only). So I really wish thapki should fall for him first.

N my concept to bring out her unrealised love is J for Jalan and J for Jealousy.

Introduction :

Vasu & shradha are pretty sure that they can’t do anything to Thapki unless and until bihaan is by her side. In past few days vasu understood that her emotional blackmail is not gonna work on him anymore. As bihaan’s trust on thapki is very high ( he left his family trusting her), they decided to break the bond from thapki’s side.

Vasu gives an idea that thapki knows bihaan is a rowdy type ladka, she can ignore that but she can never forgive him if he does anything wrong with anybody. N bihaan will never do something like that as he is grown up in this house and he knows the values . So we will create a doubt in Thapkis mind, If thapki blames him for his undone mistake bihaan becomes furious and leaves her.

Shradha loves the idea . she feels that a thing which can easily frustrate a wife is husband being close to another women. she decides to take the help of her friend to create a rift between the two. She plans to create a root of doubt in thapki’s mind.

Now will thapki fall for the plan? Will she blame bihaan? Or will bihaan really do something inappropriate? Or there will be a undying trust and realised love??

Your comments/compliments are heartfully welcomed

Credit to: Taru

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  1. Nice intro.All the best dear.

  2. Nice start..

  3. super introduction……..ALL THE VERY BEST

  4. Good intro….. Keep writing…

  5. Good introduction
    Waiting for ff
    Good luck. ….

  6. Its super!!! waiting eagerly for the ff……

  7. Thank you. Will update part1 tomorrow

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