U R Mine Forever (Introduction)

Hi everyone im new to this site and i came here just to write a fanfiction on JNDSD.. Hope everone like it.. this is going to be the intro episode for the charecters..

Hero 1: Atharv sujatha raman(he has added both his oarents names)
Hero 1 mother: sujatha raman
Hero 1 father: raman

Heroine: vividha kailash
Heroine mother : uma kailash
Heroine father : kailash

Hero2: ravish naren
Hero 2 mother: suman naren
Hero 2 father: naren

Here this story is totally different from our original Jndsd story..

Vividha Is alone daughter for their parenta nad she is an angel for them.. She has completed her 12th and comes to city for her graduation.. In her college she got so many good friends and awsome fun and she has only one sarrow that is she has to stay away from her parents and she has to stay in hostel..

Here in the same college and same class our hero 2 ravish also joined.. Ravish has one elder brother who was alredy married and setteled in USA.. Ravish goal is also to settle in USA..

One fine day in their class english lecturer asked them to speact for one minute on their favorite topic.. Then vividha sees ravish and falls for him and she never shares it with any of her friends.. And ravish don’t know that.. in class vividha is very silent girl ( she is tooo naughty actually). And she is very shy to talk with boys.. And she has only 2-3 very good male friends who r like her family..

Precap: in their lab session vividha is praying that she should be pair up with ravish so that she can introduce herself to ravish..

So guys in these episode i didn’t mentioned atharv name so please dont worry atharv is main charectr in this story he will give entry with a BANG..

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  1. Manjula20

    Nice dear continue soon

  2. OMG!!! Good intro dear..Keep writing..All the best

  3. Pooja94

    Thanku s for sure

  4. RAOne

    keep going on……… cracking!!!!!!!!!

  5. I liked the epidose go on dear but don’t think bad but is this ff ravish or atharva will be paired up with vividha hope atharva plsssss

    1. Pooja94

      Don’t worry aisha this ff is from huge fan of vitharv ? now i hope u got a clarity ? but im sure both leads will have equal presence in this ff As i dnt want to hurt any fan of JNDSD either Atharv or ravish

  6. Gud start dear…go on ?

  7. o sry I haven’t read the line that u have written under precap really sry hope vividha starts to love atharva

  8. nice intro dear witng for the next part

  9. Sunanda12345

    Nyc introduction dear…..gud..keep gng on….

  10. after knowing this I would not be afraid anymore now the story will go amazing right keep going all the best dear or all the best to huge fan of vitharv

  11. nice n best of luck dear. plz continue.?

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