u r mine forever (Episode 8)

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Vividha and Atharv reach the party place

Atharv : papa she is miss Vividha

Vividha touches raman’s feet
Raman :jeethe raho beta
Vividha : congratulations for the award uncle
Raman : thanku beta and we r very lucky and happy to know you.. U r such a sweet girl
Vividha : no uncle i am more lucky than u.. To meet people like u and Atharv ji.. Seriously i admire u people..
Dadaji and dadima come there
Dadaji : beti u came here
Vividha : ha dadaji ur chotu invited me here
Dadaji : chotu beta thanx for invaiting her we r so happy to meet her again
Atharv : dadaji i think u r loving her company more than mine
Vividha : yes they love me more than u.. Because u forgot to pick them but i didn’t.. Am i right dadaji
Dadaji smiles : nothing like that beta from now we love u both.. And we love more wen u both r togeather like this ..
vividha : hmm hope he will meet me again dadaji i too like his company.. But he is very busy na ..
Atharv : no no i dont like ur company .. dadaji will anyone like atombomb’s company??

Vividha : awwww am i an atombomb
Atharv : any doubt
Dadaji : haha stop stop now … Have dinner vividha please.. Chotu can we take her for dinner
Atharv : ahh dadaji i will take her u please stay with papa .. I dont want to trouble u to send with this Atombomb
Vividha : ha dadaji u please enjoy the party dont be with this boring fellow
Atharv: who?? i am boring fellow??
vividha : if not who mistr boring
Dadaji smiles: and beta one more thing vividha beta i already told u na its my grand daughters wedding u also please come on wedding day na chotu beta please bring her with u
Vividha : acha dadaji we have to come wedding day only i thought that we can come 2 days erlier so that we can spend some time but..
Atharv smiles

Dadaji : hesitates .. No beta nothing like that but its village na u may not feel comfort there and u wont like our food also it wont be this much rich and tasty but on wedding day na my son arranged some rich food and will book a rich hotel for ur stay thats why i said to come on wedding day only
Vividha : ohh dadaji u still feel me like a stranger?? u said that im also like ur grand daughter but i think not.. We dont need any rich food and rich hotel to stay we want to stay in ur home with u only.. And if u provide even curdrice with This love it will taste like Manchuria for me
Atharv ( turns his head quickly with funny expression) : ahhh what ??
Vividha : haa Manchuria.. I love that
Atharv : haha what a comparision what a comparision u r great vividha ji please tell tutions for me na plz u r my guru from now
Vividha : ahh it may cost high mistr Atharv.. Ok i will give discount for u and god bless u my student and smiles naughtyly
Atharv : acha teacher can we go for dinner now please.
Vividha : ok chalo

Vividha : woww there is manchuria in dinner
Atharv asks a catering boy : bhayya please bring some extra manchuria na this big bowl will not enough for her
Vividha : stop it yar u think i can eat this much manchuria .. this bowl is soo big i cant each much
Atharv : thank god now more people can taste manchuriA and atharv smiles naughtyly

And they both have dinner togeather and talks about their job and bussiness ..

After party
Vividha : acha uncle i will leave now..
Raman : beta how will u go alone at this time acha will do one thing did u brought any vehicle?
Vividha : ha uncle i brought my scooty
Raman : ok i will tell any one to bring bike to ur hostel and Atharv will drop u
Vividha : ohh thats ok uncle i can manage and i can go alone no need to give burden to them
Raman : no beta we cant send u like this wait Atharv.. Atharvv
Atharv : ha papa
Raman : vividha saying that she will go alone to hostel . Will u allow her to go alone at this time
Atharv : hello miss atombomb we know that u r strong but at this time we cant risk..I will drop u now ok
Vividha : no atharv ji i brought my bike also
Atharv : so what i will send a man to bring it to ur hostel and we both will go togeather in my car ok
Vividha : atharv ji…
atharv : no more arguments zip ur lips for sometime and come with me ..

Precap : they both are going in car and it is raining slowly

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