u r mine forever (Episode 7)

Sorry for the late update guys little busy with work And thanx for ur feedback everyone. Here is the next episode

Atharv sends the venue details and timing of the function to vividha.. While sending he checks her whatsapp DP
Atharv : So she is miss atombomb Vividha .. She look so innocent.. Haha but she is not..
Vividha checks the message as well as his DP
Vividha: oh he is mistr Atharv sujatharaman.. he is handsome
Sandy (vividha room mate) :(she also sees atharv pic ) woww vividha who is he. He is soo Hot.. Is he ur friend?
Vividha: no sandy and she narrates the entire story
Sandy: awww sooo sweet both of u.. Can i tell u something.. But u should not beat me ok
Vividha : ok tell me
Sandy: u both will make a great pair yar dont know y im feeling like this but im felling that u both will fall in love very soon..
Vividha : Stop it sandy.. u know everything about me nd my decission not to love any one else..
Sandy : i know vividha but how many years u will be like this.. U have to move on in ur life right.. Will u reject true love because of that fake love?
Vividha : no sandy but i dont want to choose myself.. I will marry the guy whom my parents select.. Because its proved the my selection is not good. And there is nothing like u think between me nd atharv . He is a gentelmen.. Please dont talk like this again
Sandy : ok baba ok . Now sleep peacefully nd sorry to bring that ravish topic i know u hurt. But plz dont cry now.
Vividha : (smiles with pain) sandy thats ok .. I will never ever cry for him.. But yes if i remember him i will hurt..its not easy to forget him right and i will definatly forget him and hugs sandy
Sandy herself: dont know y im feling like this . Hope Atharv bring smile on vividha face soon..

And next day morning.. Atharv messages vividha
Atharv : Good morning Vividhaji..
Vividha : Good morning Atharv ji.
Atharv : u r coming to party tonight right??
Vividha : yes ofcourse
Atharv : ok just call me when u r ready i will come and pick u
Vividha : no need Atharv ji i will come to hotel directly
Atharv : r u sure
Vividha : yes sure ..
Athatv : ok see u there Bye..
vividha : bye

Atharv to raman
Atharv : papa come sit here i want to tell sonething to u
Raman : ok tell me
Atharv : i have invited vividha for todays party
Raman : really . Thats great so we can meet that sweet girl today
Atharv laughs
Raman : what happend beta y u r laughing
Atharv : nothing papa u said her sweet right bit she is not .. She is an atombomb
And he narrates their conversation
Raman: hahaha thats great beta this generation girls should be like that only.. Ok i will leave now have some urjent work
Atharv : ok papa come soon

Evening vividha getting ready for the party in Dark blue and orange salwar with loose hair with bangles in her style …

There Atharv in white shirt with dark blue blazer..
Raman : areyy beta u looking hot in this dress i think few people may contact me for their daughters match for u today..
Atharv : oh papa u r thinking soo much.. U know my feelings right.. I want to feel something special when i see my girl..As i felt in manali while saving her
Raman : hmm i know beta hope she will come into ur life soon

And they leave to hotel

Vividha also reach hotel and calls Atharv
Vividha : hello Atharv ji i have reached ..to which floor i should come now ?
Atharv: acha ok vividha u just wait at entrance for 2 min i will come
Vividha : ok

And Atharv goes and he check here and there for vividha and he finds her
Atharv : hello
Vividha : Hi atharv ji
Atharv : come will go inside … And they are waling inside its very long to reach their party place from entrance..
Atharv: If u dont mind can i tell u some thing
Vividha : acha u still think that i will mind if u say anything
Atharv : no nothing like that.. Ur smile is too Cute..
vividha : oh from when boys are talking permission to give compliment for a girl ??.. please dont ask for permission Yar because girls love compliments .. and she smiles naughtyly..and Not bad u also looking great .. I think u prepared fully to get girls attenction in the party
Atharv: ahaa do u think like that… No no nothing like that this is my moms fav dress thats why i wear it for special ocassions
Vividha : great.. No its my turn if u dont mind can i do something
Atharv : with pleasure .. U can do anything u want
Vividha pinches his hand and says Same pinch blue blue and runs slowly
Atharv : auchhh uuuu
And they both laugh

Precap : atharv introduces vividha to his family and they both will do dinner togeather

Hope u like it

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Pooja dear..no words..yar awesome???????Vitharv ??last bit ???

  2. Wow pooja di the ff is awesome .superb .eagerly waiting for the next episode.all the best.

  3. Superbbbb dear awesome episode waiting for ur next episode ?????

  4. I really liked the episode it was so cute and amazing but has atharva not recognized vividha she is the same girl whom he saved hope he remembers plssss let him remember

    1. Pooja94

      He wont remember because he didnt saw her face At that time.. and he dont know her name also he just saw her in danger so he felt that he may miss her.. But here he is seeing her happy and he is treating her as friend.. Sure he will get to know about that for sure 🙂

  5. ? Superb episode….no words just loving it..

  6. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. RAOne

    good carry on your good work…..it takes hell lot of effort I know….
    can suggest protagnist name keep it Atharv raman Sujata it sounds good…. yes carry on…

    1. Pooja94

      Thanx for ur sugession.. i will change it from next episode

  8. Jenny123

    Superb … Really… I liked it a lot..Keep writing dear..You have good writing skill..Update soon…I am eagerly waiting for next part.

  9. ok pooja94 but again you are doing a great job keep writing your ff is heart touching keep writing

  10. Sweet episode especially that same pinch?..it was really cute..go on dear?

  11. Aliza111

    pooja i have been reading ur ff everyday. i luv it a lot . u have a diff track which i like bcauz ravish vividha connection was there so it felt some unique . iwas not able to comment since i am not well . nice story . iam waiting for the next episode eagerly . i always check whether ur new episode is uploaded or not cauz i love this so much maybe more than my ff . pooja pls read my ff and support me . made for each othar (jndsd)

    keep writing . the only mistake i felt was atharv should have felt something special when he met vividha in this episode . the attachment is only missing . dont feel bad iam not an expert if u feel i should not hav said it then sry .

    1. Pooja94

      Hi aliza thanku so much for ur feedback.. and ya im reading ur FF too and im unable to comment as im busy with work.. Yes definately atharv feels that connection soon .. Thanku

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