u r mine forever (Episode 6)

So guys here is the next episode. Sorry if any gramatic or spelling mistakes occur

The old people reach atharv home and Atharv gets shocked by seeing them

Atharv : dadaji what happend to ur phone and how u came home??
And then old man narrates entire story and then
Old man : chotu because of that girl only we r here now and she gave her phone number and said to call her when we reach so This is her number u please call her once
Atharv : sure dadaji i will call her u please go and have ur lunch its so late already
Old man : no beta we already had our lunch in a big hotel.. that girl only paid our bill
Atharv : ohh ok u go and take rest i will call her … and whats her name??
Old man : ahh sorry beta we are with her almost for 1hour but we didnt asked her name
Atharv : no problem i will talk to her.
Atharv himself : wow how sweet she is.. in these generation some people are not ready take care of their own family only.. But this girl is great she dont know who r they but she got to know about their hunger and she sent them home with her own money.. Great i will call her now

Atharv calls vividha

But she Won’t answer as she is driving..

later vividha reaches shopping mall and forget to check her phone and involves in her shopping
Atharv : i think she is busy thats why she is not lifting the call.. ok i will wait for her call she may do call back otherwise i will try again after some time

Vividha reaches hostel and check her phone

Vividha : whos number is this they called me 3 times .. ok will do call back .
And vividha calls atharv
And there atharv sees that he is getting call from that girl and he smiles
Atharv : oh she is calling me ..Hello
Vividha : hello who’s this u called me 3 times and sorry i was busy..
Atharv : ah thats ok i just called to talk to u may i know ur name plz
Vividha : mister who r u.. U think im here to entertain u and talk to u all the time can’t u answer properly i asked u who u r but u r asking me in return. Do u think im a normal girl so that u can flirt easily.. What do u think about ur self…. Bla … Bla And she shouts him continuesly
Atharv : are listen please give me a chance to tell who am i .. Madam hello and he tries to stop her but vividha wont stop shouting
Athatv himself: is she the same girl who helped them.. i taught she is soo sweet but this girl is not sweet she an atombomb
Atharv : hello miss enough…enough Will u please listen to me
Vividha : y should i listen im cutting the call dont call me again idiot..
And she is about to cut the call
Atharv : hello this is Atharv .. Atharv sujatharaman..
Vividha listens his name and realises that he is the one related to those old people…
Vividhaa: ohh shittt im really sorry atharv jii… Im extreamly sorry i hadn’t talked to u in this manner im sorry please forgive me..
Atharv : smiles its ok miss can u please tell ur name atleast now so that i can talk properly
Vividha : ya thanku im Vividha.. Vividha kashyap
Atharv : oh acha vividha ji my dadaji and dadima and our people came here safely and reached by 4pm ..I just called u that time to inform u ..And thanks alot for ur help. If u r not there at that time they may struggle alot.. Thanks alot for ur help
Vividha : no need to say thanks atharv ji im glad to help them.. Ahh its not a help its my pleasure to take care of them.. I will admit one thing that because of them today i met one of the best human being in the world..
Atharv : with confused face acha did u met any person while helping them
Vividha : no why u r asking like that
Atharv : just now u said na because of them u met one of the best person
Vividha : laughts louder

Atharv : vividha ji y u r laughing did i cracked any joke
Vividha : hahaha im talking about u only atharv ji
Atharv : what i am that best person?? haha this is the biggest joke u dont know me well..
Vividha : no need to know deeply about u atharv ji ur name says everything about u and they told me more info
Atharv : acha please dont make me mahan vividha ji i want to stand here only dont want to fly in air please
Vividha : haha ok atharv ji sure..
And both atharv and vividha want to ask a question to each other and they both at a time
Vividha & atharv : can i ask u something
And they both smile for their co-incidence
Atharv : ok ladies first u can ask anything vividha ji
Vividha : how much it costs to adopt a village and do the needful for them?
Atharv : ah the cost will be a big heart..And this is not the matter of money its matter of thinking.
Vividha : hmm thats right mistr mahan and u can ask me now
Atharv : nothing how much u have spent for them today if u send ur account num i will send the money
Vividha : with angry tone its not the matter of money atharv ji its matter of big heart and thinking
Atharv : okk..i understood Everything with ur voice only sorry
Vividha & Atharv : can we meet once
atharv : haha again what a co-incidence
Vividha : haha ya atharv ji and sure we will meet
Atharv : ok will do one thing actually im organizing a party for our people as my father got best businessman award this year i will be very happy if u come there please
Vividha : sure atharv ji i will come.. u just send the details through whatsapp
Athav : ok vividha ji I will send now.. nice talking to u bye gud night
Vividha : same here atharv ji good night…

They both think about their conversation Smiles and lies on bed

Precap : vividha getting ready to attend the party
Atharv to raman : dad i have invited vividha to the party
Raman : wow thats great so we can meet her today right..

Hope u liked it..

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  1. It’s such a cute episode…Vitharv’s conversation…I could just imagine what all vivi could have told atharv in angry ??
    Go on dear

  2. Lovely episode….so nice. Just loved it

  3. awww seriously so sweet dear….loved it….???

  4. Lovely episode….so nice. Just loved it?

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    Superb…superb…dear..awesome ? ? ? ? keep gng on buddy….

  6. OMG!!!Superb…Superb…Superb…??? Loved it sooo much..??
    Their conversation especially angry vivi..??? I am eagerly waiting for next episode..Keep writing and update soon

  7. Veer

    Girl, u r just awesome. That big heart dialogues were fabulous. I was literally imagining ShiVik in those conversations.
    Keep going.

  8. wow so cute episode I really liked it it was soooooooo nice keep writing dear no words to say

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