U R Mine Forever (Episode 4)

Hey guys hope u like my FF.. So this is the next episode

One saturday vividha was not feeling well and she didn’t went to college

On friday evening when ravish going on his bike unfortunately he fell down from it and got hurt on his hands and legs and small wond on forehead also he wants to take rest but he has to submit his record and he also have less attendence so he has to attend college at any cost so he dicided to go to college

everyone in class asks ravish about his bandages and he said them that he met with a small accident

Guddi informs vividha about ravish accident and vividha gets shocked and dicide to message ravish
Vividha message : hey ravish i heard that u met with accident how it happen and how r u now??.. Is everything fine?? what is the need to go to college in this condition ?? u can take rest right??

And ravish wont reply to her as his hand is paining and not able to type and he dont want to ask his friends to replay bcz they dont know about their friendship

Vividha gets sad because she didnt get reply and she is dying to talk to him

After college ravish comes home and calls to vividha
Ravish :hello vividha sorry my hand is paining so im not able to give repky for u..And how u know about my accident u didnt came to college today right??
Vividha : oh ravish first tell me how u now .. and giddi said the information
Ravish : i am ok vividha that is a small accident not a big one just small wonds thats it
And they both talk for some time

Vividha talks herself : god y u did this to ravish please reciver him fast by monday when i see him he should be fine i will keep fast tomorrow for his speedy recovery ok..
sunday on their regukar chat ravish askes vividha about her lunch and she lies hin that she kept fast for cousin who is not feeling well
Monday in college
Ravish gets fine and aditi feases vi idha for her fast

Ravish adithi guddi vividha and avinash( one of ravish friend whom vividha treates as brother ) are discussing aomething in class suddenly adithi tells them that adithi : vividha loves her boyfriend soo much
Avinash : really sis do u have a boyfriend u didnt tell us till now
Ravish : really vividha tell his name na please
Vividha & guddi signs adithi stop this
Adithi : s guys she kept fast for her boyfriends speedy recovery as he met with an accident recently
Vividha gets angry and takes adithi away
Vividha : r u mad y u r telling ravish about my love
Adithi : arey vividha u dont have dare to tell him so im just giving hint to hime chill he is not an idiot to loose u ok

Ravish thinking: what vividha loves me ..Shit what is happenning .. Am i behaving like that or she has feeling from long before .. Oh god what to do now

Meanwhile Atharv talking to some one

Atharv : im sure i have some connection with her.. U both dont beleave that but dont know why im feeling like that.. i wanted to see her face and i wanted to know her name but nothing happend it just went like a dream She dont saw me nd i dint see her we both dont even know each others names also what to do now??
Raman : whats the matter beta u always tell every matter first to ur mom nd sis only dont u think to tell me
Atharv : nothing like that papa u r busy na thats why im sharing with ma and didi.. And narrates the story
Raman : beta if u feel like this u dont need to search for her or bother about her she will surely comes into ur life one day so be cool
Atharv smiles..

On feb 14th mid night 12 am
Vividha messages ravish from an unknown number
Vividha : hey ravish u dont know who i am but for sure i will come infront of u soon .. on this special day i want to propose u LOVE u sooo much Ravish
Ravish : ohh god Vividhaaaa y u r doing like this i thought we r good friends but..
On feb 24 its vividha birthday she invites all her friends to lunch party and there her friends makes to sit vividha and ravish next to each other and they click pics ..
Adithi tell him indirectly
Adithi : ravish u know u have fans in our class
Ravish : adithi will u stop it here only iknow everything im not that much dumb ok
That night avinash tells everything to ravish
Avinash : ravish vividha loves u soo much and she dont have dare to tell u so we decided to tell u
Ravish : i know that avinash but please tell her that i dont have any feelings for her she is just my friend and will stay as a friend always
Next day vividha hets to know everything
Avinash : vividha please stop all this here only he dont accept u and he dont have any feelings for u
Vividha atarts crying she went to her hostel and she dont talk with anyone except her parents and she dont take food and almost for 3 days
guddi and adithi comes to her hostel
Guddi : vividha will u plz stop this stupid acts now and have food
Adithi : vividha if u dont take food now i will surely slap u
Vividha : please leave me alone he cheated me i thoight he loves me thats why he talk to me till mid night
Guddi & adithi : what u both talk to each other ? when u didnt tell us
Vividha narrates everything to them
Guddi : ok fine leave it now i already said that he is not fut for u will u taKe food or shall i inform ur parents??
Vividha : no why to hurt them
Adithi : so u dont want to hurt them right so they are more imp than ravish for u na
Vividha : yes but..
Adithi : so just leave him for their sake ok

There avinash scolds ravish for hurting vividha
Avinash : u r a fool ravish .. How can u reject a girl like vividha and u will never get a girl like her
Ravish : ( with tears in his eyes ) hugs avinash and tell him that i know that but what should i do .. I dont want to hurt her more after marriage thats why i said no to her
Avinash : what r u saying ravish do u love vividha.. then why u said no to her
Ravish : ha everyone loves her and she is dream girl for any boy she is so understanding and she know how to hold relationships and sge trust people and she know family values and ethics .. But whatto do avinash both our ways are different..
I dont want to leave my Goal that i want to settle in USA if i marry her she also have to settle there but she cant stay without meeting their parents alteast monthly once. she can adjust but she wont be happy right if i leave my aim for her i wont be happy thats why i decided to say no to her with heavy heart is it wronv avinash( with tears rolling down on his checks)??
Avinash : hugs him and says sorry ravish i missunderstood u sorry its right u did correct
Ravish : avinash u please console her u she feels u as her own brother please tell her that ravish is not a good person that u think
Avinash : y like that y to make u bad
Ravish : s u have to make me bad infrontt of her so that she can forget me easily if not u tell truth she loveme more so please do this
Avinash : ok

Later after 3 months ravish moves to USA for his masters

And vividha setteles as a software engineer..
Ad they both talk each other on 2 days on their birthdays just to wish each other

Vividha slowly comes out if ravish thoughts

Precap : vividha going on her julia( her scooty which her parents gave her as birthday gift).. and she see 4 of very old people standing on road at afternoon time in summer and she goes to them to talk.Atharv trying to call some one
Atharv : dadaji what happen y ur phone is not connecting where r u and how can i pick u up now

So guys from here main story starts .. Hope u r liking my FF

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