U R Mine Forever (Episode 3)

So guys here is my next episode

As vividha walking down with so much anger and she lost her way and she checks around and she realises that she is in a wrong way and there is no one around her and she get scared
Vividha : oh my God i think im in a wrong way i dont know who to reach my friends and there is no one around Here what to do now..

Vividha is about to faint with fear and weakness she is about to fall on a rock….
And some one holds her and she lost her sence and the man who holded her sat on a rock and he makes her rest on his lap and tries to wake her..

And guess who is he

YES he is our own
Atharv sujatharaman..

Atharv : hello miss wakeup please what happend to u.. Ahh i think she fainted what to do now .. Oh god her body became so cool and its danger to her ..
and he starts rubbing her hands and trying to wake her up and suddenly he realises that he has tears in his eyes..
Atharv POV : what is happening with me why im crying seeing this girl in this state?? did i met her before?? but im unable to see her face as she covered with scarf.. Let me see her face..
and he forword his hand to remove thee scarf and suddenly he stops and thinks no i cant do this a man can not do this type of thing to a women with out her permission.. But y im feeling this

Tumse milke aisa laga jaisa apna koyi .. Ankhome sapnee naye mann me hulchal nayi

Dhadkane tham gaye tumko dekhkar tumse milne ki dua zindagi bangayi…

And vividha slowly opens her eyes and atharv gets happy and tries to talk to her

Atharv : hello what is your name
Vividha : ( she sees guddi from long and tries to call her ) g..gu..guddi
Atharv : ohh ok Guddi ji how r u .. We need to get down from here and u r not able to walk if u dont min can i take u down?? can i lift u and take u down ?? please talk some thing an say yes or no guddi ji plz..
Vividha again lost her sence and she not able to respond

Atharv : (with tears in his eyes)oh god how can i lift her without her permission … And he remembers her mothers words
FB : sujatha: (feeding food to atharv and teaching morals to him) beta remember a perfect men will never touch a women without her permission
Atharv :(when he was 10 years old ) but ma if the girl is in danger and if she is unable to give permission then can i touch her to save her??
Sujatha : sure beta to save her life in that situation u can touch her u have to save her life at any cost .. And remember u have to say sorry to her for touching with out her permission ok..
Atharv : ok maa i will
Sujatha : i know my beta is very good boy ..
Fb ends

Atharv : yes i can say sorry to her later now i have to save her life..
And atharv lifts vividha and starts walking down

jana na dilse door .. Jana na dilse door.. Plays

In the middle vividha got into her sence and get shocked seeing herself in some ones hands and remembers that she fainted and he rescued her
Vividha : excuse me im ok now please leave me i can walk please dont take so much burden
Atharv : no guddi ji u cant walk in this state we almost reached not a problem. And really sorry for touching u with out ur permission
Vividha : guddi???
Atharv : ha guddi is ur name right i asked ur name and u said guddi
Vividha : (remembers calling guddi) ohh sorry thats my friends name and im trying to call her u thought its my name ..
they both reach the place where vividha college people and faculty standing and everyone shock seeing vividha
Atharv : see we have reached ur place r u ok now .. U want me to take u to hospital ??
Vividha : ohh no need i can manage thanks alot for ur help
Atharv : no need of thanks thats my duty ..And im glad that i have saved u ..And he tell her friends that feed some thing to her she is so weak and take care bye..
Vividha : bye and smiles …Ohh shit i forgot to ask his name
and turns back to call him but she doesnt see him and she feels bad for that..

And she see ravish running towords vividha with full tension in his face

Ravish : vividha r u ok what happend i looked around there and asked ur friends about u and they said u came down and i didnt find u on the way r u fine??
Vividha : s ravish im fine i lost my way and some one helped me to reach here
Ravish : thank god u r safe u can ask me to come if u want to go why u came alone
Vividha : u r njoying with ur friends i dont want to distrub u so
Ravish : ok fine dont do this again come i will take u to hotel..
and ravish places his hand on vividha shoulder vividha smiles seeing his hand ravish and takes her to hotel and make her rest.

Vividha pov : (thinking about atharv moral values) how can a men will be that much perfect he is saying sorry for touching me in that condition.. Oh my god the girl who marries him will be the most luckiest girl on the earth.. And im also lucky as my ravish is also a caring person and she starts blushing

Ravish friends : what is happening ravish u r taking more care of vividha these days anything special about her
Ravish : shutup yar she is our classmate and we are at a new place and the girls are our responcibility if any other girl of our class is there in vividha’s place then also i will behave like these only and remember she is just a friend to me not more than that

And they came back to their city after the tour and vividha and ravish became good friends and shared lots of moments and memories

And they exchanged their mobile numbers and starts chatting with each other everyday after college upto 1am or 2am in midnight..But ravish wont talk to vividha in college and no one knows that these two became good friends..
Vividha gets confused that y he is behaving like this and she dont have dare to ask him

Precap : one day ravish mets with an accident and he comes to college with bandages.. and vividha was absent today.. Her friends informs her about the accident of ravish and vividha gets shocked and messages ravish and he wont respond for that

So guys here is our atharv entry hope u like it..

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