U R Mine Forever (Episode 2)

On that events day vividha has decided to give some red roses to ravish and guddi and vividha goes to a stall and they asks a girl who is organizing that event to give this roses to him

Vividha : hi please give this bunch of red roses to mr.Ravish there he is sitting with his friend in blue shirt.. And please dont tell my name or dont dont revele me to him just tell him that a girl who is deeply in love with u has sent this to u .. Thanku
Girl : ok fine i will move now

Girl reaches ravish place

Girl: Excuse me u r mr. ravish right
Ravish : yes please
Girl: please take this roses ravish a girl who loves u alot has sent this to u
Ravish : what?? who is she??
Girl : thats secret u find ur own Love hav a nice day bye
Ravish : hello miss hello …..
Ravish friends : heyy heroo ravish fans ah dont worry we will find her and they tease him
Ravish : just stop this nonsence i dont know who did this and u all know i dont like this type of cheap tricks and he gets angry and he left those roses there and he leaves

Vividha observes all this and she start crying
Guddi : vividha plz stop crying dobt worry we are going to tour tomorrow na we will try to talk to him in tour ok now smile my doll plzz
Vividha : smiles ok fine

Next day they moce to delhi and visit some places and move to kulu manali

In manali they all are going to do river rafting and vividhas friend make a plan to sit vividha and ravish in same boat and next to each other..

Then in the boat in the middle river they both starts talking each other Ravish : vividha please hold tightly and take care water coming forcely please hold tightly
Vividha : ok ravish thanku
Ad they enjoy their ride and randomly ravish asking r u ok vividha??
After completing the ride while getting down ravish foot get hurts by a sharp stone and vividha gets shoked by seeing so much blood and she tares her duppatta and tie it to hime she does aid to him.. by that time everyone leaves to their hotel and both ravish and vividha tries to get a rikshaw but they wont get
Ravish : vividha lets walk na. It may get late if we wait for any vehicle
Vividha : but ravish r u able to walk ur foot has wond
Ravish : come on vividha thats a small wond thats nit a problem lets walk
And they bith walk slowly and share so many matters to each other like families studies etc..
After reaching hotel all their friends ask them that where were u both all this time and y u r late??
Vividha : actually ravish…
Ravish : ahhh nothing i git some wond so we webt to hospital there it has taken more time so we are late thats it
Vividha gets shocked and askes ravish y he lied as they didnt went to any hospital
Ravish : nothing vividha if i say truth they may misunderstand us thats why i lied to them
Vividha : ohh ok fine gud nyt take care
Ravish : bye good night

Next day they went to a hill station and the place will be very cool so they cover tgem with overcoats and scarfs e.t.c while they climbing hill guide instructed all girls to take a help of a boy to climb hill and everyone started climbing and vividha is alone and hopes ravish will come

Then ravish sees vividha standing alone and gives hand to vividha to hold and they both starts climbing and vividhas friends start teasing with signs..

After reaching high end ravish goes to his friends and vividha also starts enjoying snow.. And suddenly vividha search for ravish and she sees a girl moving closely with ravish and taking pics with him and she gets angry and one of her friend says that girl has crush on ravish and ravish dont know that… and vividha sees them and feels sad and she asks her friend will anyone come along with her as she wants to go to hotel. and no one is ready to leave that beautiful place.. And vividha leaves from there with angry.. And she lost her way.. and she is about to faint with weakness

Precap: she is about to fall on a rock and some one holds her and make her rest on his lap..

Guyss Sorry i tried my best to introduce atharv in this episode only but sure he will give entry tomorrow

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  1. Nice episode…waiting for atharv’s entry ?

  2. RAOne

    graet episodes keep going…….

  3. Pls introduce Atharv and update next episode fast as possible bye

  4. Sunanda12345

    Superb….episode..my atharv introduction in nxt episode…iam very exited…..

  5. So nice…very interesting. I hope the person who made Vividha rest on his lap is Atharv….

  6. Pooja94

    Thanku everyone fir ur support i will do my best and give my best.. I have updated next episode it my be published in an hour 🙂

  7. I relly loked the episode amazing waiting for atharva entry

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku aisha.. S the new episode is out now u can read it 🙂

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