u r mine forever (Episode 19)

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Vividha listens what atharv is talking to tara
Vividha herself : oh god what to do now.. This tara told everythig to atharv before i tell him… Dont know how will atharv react..
Atharv cuts the call with anger.. And he throws the phone and things over there…
Vividha runs to him and hugs him
Vividha : atharv im sorry … I have cheated u. I didnt tell about him before.. Im sorry atharv.. Im really sorry.. And she cries louder…
Atharv breaks the hug and he sees vividha with tears in his eyes…
Atharv wipes vividha tears And signs No….
Atharv : vividha please stop crying…Please dont cry i cant see tears in ur eyes… Y r u feeling like u cheated me..
Vividha : i didnt tell u about my past.. And u get to know about that from someone who is trying to break us.. I have broken ur trust…Im sorry atharv.. I dint mean to hide this.. I am about to tell u but tara and ravish interupted me.. Please forgive me athatv…
Atharv : ahhhh vividha please dont talk like that…Come sit here
And he makes her to sit
And he wipes her tears and holds her hands…

Atharv : vividha u dint done any mistake.. And whats wrong in it.. I too have a love story in past.. Like that u also Can have One…but we both are in love now… And we both trust each Other…i know u dont want to hide this but u dint get correct time to tell this thats it.. And if u want to hide anything from me u can hide… I will never mind.. When ever u feel to share that u can share then only..U will never get forced to tell everything to me… And u r not my slave.. U r my princes And my wife.. And in this matter we both are equal..Its not Correct That male can have N number of love stories but not female..every human can have some attractions at some time… Here Past doesnt matter for Me.. Present and future these both matters alot.. And i belive that u love me present and im sure about future also… i told tara that i know everything because i dont want to give her chance to break us. Not to make u feel guilt.. please guilty should never exist in between us ok..
Vividha : u dint feel bad when u get to know about my past?? and i thought u are angry because i dint tell u till now..
Atharv : no vividha … I will never fell bad.. And i am not angry for that reason. Im angry because she is talking bad words about u.. I cant listen those words about u… if she is infront of me now she may become deadbody by this time…
Vividha : atharv…And she lies on his shoulder..How can u be this much metured… I thought u will get angry and i should beg u.. But u r different.. Im so lucky to get u..
Atharv : this is not meturity vividha… Just i started thinking in ur perspective.. Thats it.. And its not meturity.. Its Love trust and respect towords u.. Because I love u…
And they both smile…and vividha tells everything about ravish..

After listening
atharv : vividha god is so crazy right..ur past love and my past love came here to break our present love…Woww.
Vividha : no atharv ravish dont want to break us.. he told me that he want to supoort us.. And he wants to help us..
Atharv : wow how good friend he is..and u please dont take stress about this tara..when we are togeather like this.. No one can break us…and we need to go to shopping for our engagemnt.. Papa and aunty uncle And some of ur relatives are waiting .. Shall we go

And they both go to sgopping

kalindi (vividhas aunty) sat in between vividha and Atharv..
Atharv himself : oh god i think this aunty dont have sence how can she sit in between us..
Vividha : oh god atharv should select lehanga for me but how can she sit in between us.. How can i ask him now…
and then
Kalindi : atharv what r u doing here we will select for vividha u go and select ur dresses
Atharv : ( with a bit anger in his face ) ok u carry on
And vividha mesaages Atharv : atharv u should select my lehanga and jewlery please do some thing.. My aunty will never move from here..
Atharv : ok madam .. As u said..
And atharv gets up from there and goes back near to mirror..( they can talk with signs in mirror)
And vividha wears some neclaces and she is asking atharv to select and he is signing her from mirror so that no one can catch them..
and Atharv selects a neclace for her and he messages her
Atharv message : are wah.. U look beautiful when u wear that…
Vividha message : oho so im not beautiful with out this right..
Atharv : no no i didnt mean that
Vividha : so what u mean..
Atharv : i mean when u wear that… It looks more beautiful..It gets beauty when u wear it… 😛
vividha : Atharvv.. U r becoming so naughty these days…
And they goes for lehanga shopping..

Precap : atharv selects a lehanga for vividha..But some one else drags it from vividha hand..and they both gets shocked

Hope u guys like it…

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  1. Vigneswari

    superb yar….
    keep writing…
    vitharv scenes were awesome….

  2. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear awesome ?????????
    Precap is quite interesting….I think it’s tara…

  3. Nice. Liked the conversion between atharv and vividha. Thats a matured one. cintinue it.

  4. RAOne

    Great keep writing all the best…… Enjoying your plot….

  5. Sreelekshmi

    Superbbbb episode keep writing dear ??????????????

  6. Sandy17

    It’s awesome , dear …vitharv’s sign language ?…go on ?

  7. Aliza111

    Pooja keep writing ioved it . Who is the man I wonder it might me T?ara and kalindi interrupter?

  8. Supppppeeeeerrrrr dear It was just… loved it like anything o be still long…. Really vitharv ate incomplete without each other… Loved that part of the episode soooooooooooo much… And their nok jhok is awesome as always…… Loved today’s epi a lot.. eagerly waiting for the next update….

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