u r mine forever (Episode 18)

Hello guys here is my nect episode…


Tara: no Atharv u love me right.. U cant cheat me.. U cant marry her.. Wait u r not trusting me right see my friend is coming .. He can explain u..There he is..
Atharv vividha tara looks on..
A man is walking towords them ..Suddenly..

Vividha gets shocked seeing him. And the man removes his sunglasses with a shock..
yes he is non otherthan Ravish…
Vividha herself : what is this distrubance in our relationship first tara and now ravish… Oh my god if he tell atharv about my love for him.. How will atharv react..
Ravish comes to them ..
Tara : see ravish he is Atharv.. u know i love him right.. Tell him na please he is not trusting me.. And u know what he is going to marry this girl.. Please ravish tell him to dont marry her and dont cheat me ….
Ravish : (smiles) Vividha..U

Atharv and tara gets shocked
Atharv : what?? u both know each other ?
Vividha : ha atharv he is my classmate in my b.tech and I..
ravish interupts her
Ravish : ha atharv we are classmates and good friends.. Right vividha ..
Vividha : hmm and thinks hey bhagawan please give me chance to tell the matter to atharv please…
Tara :oho now ravish u also on vividha side right. U made me alone… And u vividha first u snatched my love.. And now u r snatching my friend also… How can u marry a boy who loves another girl and u know how much he loved me…

Vividha smiles : see tara i know about ur story.. If u tell anything i wont trust u.. I will belive in Atharv only.. I will trust him not now and forever also… U cant break our relationship.. Just get lost now..

arharv sees vividha and smiles…
Ravish himself : Oh god what i did now.. Then i hurted vividha by saying no to her and now she got her love and i brought problems to her life… I cant help tara in this situation.. I should help vividha for her love…

tara : oh means atharv told everything to u right… Wow u r maintaining a great relationship…But i wont let u both be happy.. I want Atharv.. I can go to any extent to get him… And i dint felt any other girl as enemy but now.. vividha u r my biggest enemy.. I will never leave u… And how dare u to snach my love… And she rises her hand on vividha….
Atharv about to stop her hand but Ravish stops her…

Atgarv gets angry And his eyes become red…(shiv thandav bgm)
Atharv : (shouts) taraa.. how dare u to rise hand on my vividha infront of me.. Do u think that i will let you live after that.. I wont rise hand on women but if u try to hurt my vividha i will just forget that u r a women. mind it… She is mine.. And mine forever.. What ever u want to Do.. U do it but yes as vividha said our relationship is on trust.. U cant break our relationship even in ur dream also… and ravish..good u stopped her otherwise u may return with her deabody.. Take her away…

Ravish : im sorry Atharv.. I dont know about ur relationship thats why i brought her here.. I didnt thought that she will behave like this..
And ravish takes tara
Tara shouts : atharv no u cant marry her.. I wont leave u vividha i will kill u….

And tara and ravish leaves from there..
Atharv still in angry..

Vividha hugs him with tears in his eyes

Vividha : i love u atharv… I love u so much…
Atharv hugs her : im sorry i have spoiled ur mood… i didnt thought that she would come back to my life.. But i will never let her to touch u.. and im so lucky i got a partner who trust me to that extent..
Vividha : no atharv my mood is not spoiled but.. I am so happy to listen ur words about me.. Thanku atharv thanku so much and she hugs him tight…

There ravish tries to explain tara
Ravish : tara y u r behaving like a fool.. Just try to understand.. They both r in love and they are gettig married… How can u break them

tara : ravish what happend to u suddenly u shifted for their side… do u want to help ur college friend?? is she that much close to u?? wait… Wait a minute.. She is vividha means she is the same girl who proposed u right…
ravish : tara y r u taking old matterd now just stop it..
Tara : yes she is the one.. I got a weapon to break them and their trust…
Ravish : what?? y r u behaving like an evil tara.. U cant do this.. I will never let u do this with my friend.. U cant snatch her happiness
Tara : not me.. She snatched my happiness..

Ravish : no u r wrong.. First u cheated atharv and came to me.. but dont know y.. U again shifted to Atharv…
Tara : what ever.. I will never allow them to marry..If needed i can kill vividha also…
Ravish thinks : oh god how much wrong i did with vividha … I should help her…

Later ravish thinking what to do to help vividha..He gets call from vividha
ravish : hello vividha

Vividha : y u came into my life again ravish.. Im so happy now with my love and my life.. Again u came to hurt me as u did erlier.. Dont u think for a while while doing this…
Ravish : vividha please try to understand me.. Im soo happy for u and ur relationship.. But i dont know that tara loves the boy whom u love.. And listen im here to help u to overcome this situation… atleast i can be a good friend for u right..
Vividha : hm but please.. Dont hurt me again.. I need ur support… Actually i am about to tell our matter to atharv but tara came and interupted me..

Ravish : what? atharv dont know about us? oh god what to do now vividha.. Ur relationship is in danger now
Vividha : what r u saying…
Ravish : ha tara know about us she is about to tell this to atharv to break ur relationship u first go and tell him..

Vividha runs to tell the matter to him..Atharv is in phone talking to some one…
And suddenly he shouts.. Tara u cant talk what ever u want.. u cant blame my vividha… Just get lost.. And dont ever call me again.. Yes we dont have any secreats and she told me everything about her love.. Happy now..how funny u r.. U tried to break our trust u poor tara..
And he cuts the call
Vividha runs and hugs him:im sorry atharv im sorry.. I have cheated u.. Im about say ravish matter but They interupted me….

Precap: atharv breaks the hug and looks at vividha with tears in his eyes..

Hope u like it….

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  1. Sandy17

    Emotional one …but atharv will always trust vivi ….vitharv forever?
    Good going dear ?

  2. It’s really superrbbbbbbb Atharv breaks down when he knows the truth waiting eagerly for next episode dear ??????????????????????????????????????

  3. Wow simply super continue ur ff. hope vivi made atharv to understand the situation. Waiting for next ff eagerly.

  4. Sunanda 12345

    Wowww superb dear…… atharva will trust vividha definitely…..

  5. nice episode so soooooooo superb keep writing dear and waiting eagerly for the next episode

  6. Really nice & i want vitharv moments waiting eagerly to the next one but i loved today’s episode please continue i love ur ff a lot

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