u r mine forever (Episode 17)

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kailash : beta we will talk to pandit tomorrow and will fix your engagement date.. What u say raman ji
Raman : ha sure kailash ji we have to fix it as early as possible.. I want to bring my bahu to our home soon
All smiles
Uma : (with tears in his eyes) atharv beta thanku so much for everything … for vividha we cant bring a better partner than u… she is a most pampered girl.. I dont know how will her father manage with out vividha.. They both are so much attached to each other ….And she cries with happiness
Atharv hugs her
Atharv: maa please dont cry.. From now im ur son.. And she is ur bahu.. Ok..
Raman : ha she is my daughter from now.. I dont want this boring son.. I want this atombomb as my daughter..
Everyone laughs.. And leaves from there…

And next day kailash and uma fixes their engagement after 15 days..
And all are very happy

One day vividha is walking on her hostel terrace.. And its cloudy

Vividha : woww its so beautiful weather.. If i go to long drive with athatv now it will be so much fun…
And suddenly she gets call from atharv
Vividha : hmm wow how romantic he is..he calls me when ever i thinks about him.. Hello my darling hubby
Atharv : offo what miss atombomb y u r in soo good mood now
Vividha : nothing atharv im just thinking about u and u called me.. The weather is soo cool na and its cloudy also.. Rain may start in few minuts i think..
Atharv : ok… Then come down we will go on a ride..
Vividha gets shocked : what?? u came here…
Atharv : haa its cloudy .. So i know that my wife love to go for ride at this time.. So no second thought just came . U come down quickly..
Vividha: awwww atharvv how sweet u r.. Ok just wait for 10 min i will come
Atharv : hello madam no need of any makeup now.. I know u r beautiful come fast…
vividha : ok baba atlease i should change my dress right… Im in my normal wear…
Atharv : no need of any dress change.. U r beautiful in any dress .. And we are not going for any party just come down in 2 min thats it..Otherwise i will leave.. And he cuts the call
Vividha herself : this atharv na too stuborn… He wont listen to me.. (And she blushes)but still i love him.. And she runs..

And vividha runs to atharv and hugs him
Vividha : Love u soooooo much atharv… U r the sweetest hubby and he kisses on his cheek
Atharv breaks the hug
Atharv : baap re baap.. How shameless u r… Chi chi chi ..these generation girls Will do anything before marriage only…
Vividha beats him
Atharv :are vividha These are all should be done after marriage only
vividha : aha then what u did when u proposed me.. U kissed me right. Ok i will never kiss u till our marriage …Ok ..
Atharv : are vividha im not talking about kisses im talking about beating .. wife should beat her husband after marriage only.. Before marriage wife should not beat hubby.. but wife can kiss her hubby and he blushes
Vividha : acha if u dont want me to beat so dont expect any romance ok chalo now.. Its getting late …

And they go to lake view and they both sit infront of their car.. And vividha holds his hand and lies on his shoulder.. Atharv lies on vividha head..
And the both talk for some time..

Atharv : vividha.. From now there will be no cheatings and no secreats in between us.. We are two bodies but we are one soul…
Vividha : ha atharv we may be different physically but we are one by soul and heart…

And suddenly vividha thinks
Vividha herslef : yes i have to tell about ravish.. I cant start this relationship with a secreat and i cant cheat atharv..But how will he react…

Atharv : vividha what r u thinking..
Vividha : nothing atharv just want to telk something to u..
Atharv : ha i also want to tell something…
vividha : oh what is that
Atharv : i told u about tara(its none other than kangana) right..
Vividha : ha that she has cheated u and left u for another boy..
Atharv : ha yes. i want to tell that story now..
Vividha : ok
Atharv : u may think that some thing happend between us as we are in relationship for 3 years.. But nothing happend.. me and tara became friends in facebook .. Didnt met each other till a month before our breakup.. Our relationship is just in facebook chat and phone calls.. We didnt even proposed each other … But i felt like she loves me so i used to send gifts to her and she also accepted that.. And i thought that we can propose when we meet and days passed and its almost 2 n half years then we planned to meet each other.. And i went to her place and we just went for lunch and i gave her a dress and she gave me a watch as gifts and i came back…. After a month she said that she is moving to USA as her marriage is fixed with her chaildhood friend who has setteled there and earning some cros.. And i was broken and i asked her what the hell and what about me and my love.. And u know what is her answer ” atharv when did i told u that i love u… We are just friends not more than that… Just look at ur status and how can u think to get a bilinior as wife u idiot get lost”
Thats it i just burst out in anger and dont know what im doing i have broked all her gifts and smashed everything…and now i need to thank her for cheating me.. If she didnt cheat me i may miss u.. I may miss worlds best partner.. And he kisses her forehead..
Vividha : smiles… Ha atharv i also want to tell some thing
Atharv : ha tell me..
Vividha : actually when im in my college days..
A girl runs towords atharv by shouting Atharvvvvvvvvvvv… And she hugs him. Atharvv i love u….
Both vividha and atharv gets shocked…
And guess who is she…
She is tara

Tara : atharv i miss u… I miss u soo much.. I realised ur love Baby.. I returned for u..
atharv gets tensed : tara u ..
Tara : ha its me.. And u know what.. I said that my marriage is fixed with my friend right and he also understood me and my feelings and he only brought me here.. He will come He is parking the car.. By the way who is she..
Atharv holds vividha hand : she is vividha my wouldbe
Tara : what no atharv u cant cheat me.. Wait i will confirm my love for u.. U cant marry her.. My friend will explain u.. There he is coming

And everyone looks there

Precap : and a man walks towords them…

Hope u like it..

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  1. Veer

    Nice romantic episode with dramatic twist at the end. I’m expecting that man to be Ravish. Girl, no Jodi crossovers now please. Waiting for next one. Don’t change ur content because of us, you present ur genuine content.

  2. Interesting continue ur ff. Liked the way u r making the story.

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  4. Sandy17

    Very interesting…keep writing dear ?

  5. O gid why thissbtara cane back and yes i think that man is ravish right and hope vitharv marriage takes place and episode was super duper loved vitharv scenes

  6. Nyc yar awesome….I think in precap The man is ravish….

  7. RAOne

    Welcome ravish…….. good keep writing all the best…. Thoko!!!!! Ha… Ha…. Keep going…….

  8. Very nice episode dear I loved it a lot waiting for the next one

  9. Diya30

    pooja dear fabulous ?
    best of luck

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