u r mine forever (Episode 15)

Here is my next episode guys..

And atharv comes back to his home and planned everything for the surprise for vividha .

There vividha talking about Atharv with guddi( even though they are old friend they meet freequently)..
Vividha : guddi dont know why im feeling like this.. I didnt even thought about my feelings at that time.. Dont know why i felt like that and i dint tried to stop him.. Im totally confused what to do

Guddi : vividha im sure u both are made for each other.. And Atharv is such a great human.. u please dont get confused and dont hurt him by saying NO when he propose
Vividha : guddi what r u talking .. propose made for each other .. what all these.. We are very good friends nothing more than that.. U know me right.. I dont want to get into that pain again.. i cant bear it for one more time… So u also please dont think like that
Guddi : what still u r thinking that it is friendship after that incidence also.. Oh u dumb vividha ….I have fixed in mind when u got to know that he is the one who saved u in manali..
Vividha : what.. Y u r thinking like that
Guddi :ha vividha think with heart not with brain… Then u can get ur answer
Vividha : r u sure guddi …

Guddi :yes.. u just wait for few days he will definately propose u..
Vividha : ok.. Will see
Guddi : (sees vividha is blushing) acha vividha if he propose u what will u say ?? u dont love him right
Vividha: ahh.. it doesnt mean i dont Love him.. But if he propose me i cant say No to him ( and she blushes)
Guddi : aha some one is blushingg

Vividha : shutup yar..
Guddi :so the total matter is depended on Atharv Proposal
Vividha : ( gets tensed ) but guddi if he dont have any feelings for me and if he dont propose me then what to do??(with tears in her eyes)
Guddi : vividha y u r thinking negitive..
Vividha : no guddi i cant do this.. Im falling into same mistake again .. Im living in daydreams that he will come to me.. But it wont happen. I dont want to think about him from now only.. If not i need to cry again ..

And she starts crying and gets tensed
Guddi holds vividha hand
Guddi : vividha please … U trust me na.. When i told about ravish that u dont make a gud pair.. U didnt trust me .. But later it has proved.. But now im telling that u both are born for each other.. He will definately come to u.. If not u propose him.. U said its his birthday nextweek right ..u just propose him..

Vividha : no guddi i wont propose i will wait for him thats it.. And will do onething.. I will give him a gift which indicates Love.. So that i can get a clue as i love him.. Because he may think that i will feel bad if he propose..Bichari he said sorry for more than 20 times for that incident only.. And u know what he looks so cute when he tell sorry.. and i njoyed alot
Guddi : aww vividha u became too naughty these days ah.. Anyway i am soo Happy for u.. All the best
they both have a hug and leave..

Vividha comes to hostel
Sandy :some one is blushing…(guddi and sandy also became good friends because of vividha)
vividha : what
Sandy : are stop guddi already messaged me about this and she said to tease me
vividha : u people are devils seriously and she lies on bed and covers with bedsheet and thinks of Atharv and she blushes..

One week later
Raman : beta i need to leave now.. Will come back here on time ok
Atharv: ha papa u have to be here at that time .. Please dont make my plan as flop
Raman : no beta never.. Ok bye
Atharv : byee
Mid night 11.45pm
Its Atharv Birthday nextday

Vividha And sandy goes to Atharv home with cake and redroses and a gift ..
and she waits at their door …

Atharv check his check list of surpeise plan..
Atharv : yes everything is fine now just vividha has to come ..And (he sees vividha Pic ) meree pyarii patni.. Just wait for few hours ..

Its 12Am
And vividha knocks the door
Atharv : ah who came here at this time(and walks towords door) i am waiting for vividha call..see This buddu is not calling me.. i think she slept by eating more food..
And he wishpers like this about her and opens the door and gets shoked seeing vividha ..
Vividha : Surpriseeeeee Happy Birthdy Atharvv
And she hugs him
Atharv still in shock …

Vividha breaks the hug and shakes
Vividha :hello atharv why u stood like a statue come come will cut the cake …
Atharv feels so happy
Atharv : vividha u came here alone at this time for me..
sandy : (comes inside with cake and some bags)hello mistr atharv she didnt came alone i also came.. But she came for u and i came to bear all this weights..
and they both laugh and vividha takes bags

atharv :are wah u also came for me thanku thanku
And sandy wishes him gets a call from his wouldbe and she goes into a room to talk.. ( a plan to give privacy for them)
And they cut the cake and feed to each other and
Vividha : atharv see i beought some gift for u
Atharv: wow give me give me
and he opens the gift

Its a photo frame with some small love symbols at few places ..And in that she kept all their photos.. And also a cd
And atharv plays that cd ..

In that vividha arranged a video with all his chaildhood pics and their family pics his friends and all with a happy birthday song in background.. And she has collected some video clips where his old friend are wishing him..
Atharv gets happy tears with her surprise…

And he goes to her and hugs her tightly
Atharv : Thanku vividha Thanku so much for all this … This is the best best Birthday so far..
vividha : anything for u Atharv …
atharv breaks the hug
vividha : atharv .. Whats ur plan tomorrow
Atharv : no plans till now.. If u want me to come anywhere im ready
Vividha : ok we will go to temple in the morning and we will plan something ok…
Atharv : ah vividha i got to know about a hill station nearby can we go there tomorrow
Vividha : what hillstation Again..

Atharv : ah vividha nothing will happen this time im sure.. That time i just lost my control thats it its not wanted thing right so please its my birthday
Vividha : atharv r u serious?? u did all that just because u r out of control?
Atharv : ha vividha nothing more than that.. I know we are very good friends but it happend like that leave it na.. U dont like to talk abou that right

Vividha gets sad by hearing that he dont have any feelings for her and he did that just because of out of control and she gets tears in her eyes..
vividha : ok i will leave now ..
Atharv : are vividha what happend y u became sad.. U r alright till now…

And sandy vividha leaves from there
Atharv : (Smiles )oh vividha im sorry … I know u feel bad if i talk like this.. But happiness which comes after sadness is more precious.. I want to give that to u…
and atharv follows them for security

Precap : at hill station vividha is still sad
Atharv : u know that i love a girl right.. U know what her parents accepted for our marriage and im soo Happy
Vividha herself : i know it wont work for me but again i did this mistake by loving him …

Hope u like it…

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Superb yarrr awesome…??????
    Very Egerly waiting for next episode…..plss update soon…m

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku sunanda.. For ur contsant support throughout my FF

  2. Zaina

    Can’t wait for next epi… i am soooo haapy and excited…vivi realised her feelings… pls try to update the next tomorrow itself…..
    I think u should participate in os competition… anyway continue ur ff.. ViTharvians will always support u….

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku so much zaina.. And what is this Os compitation.. I dont know about it.. Can u tell me plz

      1. Sunanda12345

        Pooja dear os means we have complete story in one shot…we have add luv story,family drama and energyful dialogues….the head will give marks…..

      2. Sunanda12345

        Me and raone participated in earlier os competition….

    2. Pooja94

      Oh thanku sunanda i will try to participate..

  3. It is soo nice love it pls update

  4. Sandy17

    Fantastic dear ??
    Plz update it fast…excited to see vitharv moments again ?

  5. Diya30

    pooja dear it’s just awesome. loved it.?

  6. Wow I liked it… vivi birthady gifts and surprise was nice. Guddi and vivi conversation has given me phase 1 feels. Waiting for next epi. Yes u have talent keep a try on os too.

  7. @Zaina ur DP is awesome. can u plz tell which episode is that. @pooja ff is super.

    1. Zaina

      Vimala, this scene was shown as a flashback that had seen by vivi in the intial days after RaVidha’s marriage.
      Episode no : 154
      date : 9 th october 2016
      hope u can download it from the hotstar…
      It was really a good scene…..

  8. Veer

    Superb superb !!!! Keep going.

  9. Vigneswari

    no words ya….
    u r just awesome…keep writing…
    waiting for next episode….

  10. o wow what a great eposode it was so nice really was smiling while reading the episode as it was true really just amazing keep writing dear

  11. Wow superbbbb Pooja keep writing next episode dear ??????????????

  12. Zaina

    Pooja di… i came to know that the deadline of the competition got over by 25 th may… dont worry.. they will conduct the next so soon… be update with the os section in telly updates regularly…..
    Here is the link : http://www.tellyupdates.com/tv-serials/os-competition/

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