u r mine forever (Episode 13)

Hello guys here is my next episode..

atharv shivering alot
Vividha : Atharv.. Atharvvvv please talk some thing.. R u able to walk now ?
Atharv : no vividha i cant walk not a problem will stay for some time i will be ok
Vividha : what ok.. See how u r shivering .
And she starts rubbing his hands and then she is about to rub his legs
Atharv : are vividha dont do this no need of that.. Please dont touch my legs vividha its wrong
Vividha : what is wrong in it atharv when u touched my legs to save me at manali.. How will it become wrong to touch ur legs now
Atharv gets shocked : vividha
Vividha : (with tears in her eyes)ha atharv i know that it is u who saved me in manali i understood that when u saved me again.. I can understand it by seeing ur eyes and i can feel ur touch and presence
Atharv gets happy tears
Vividha : atharv y r u crying.. Oh god how to save u now..And she covers him with her duppata..But shiver wont stop
Vividha herslef : god please give me an idea to save his life.. And she hugs him tightly
He also hugs her tightly
They both hav hug for some time..
suddenly vividha breaks the hug and she kisses his forehead with tears in her eyes..
Vividha : atharv i can do anything to save u from this condition tell me what to do
Atharv :(with slow voice ) vividha im sorry without knowing ur feelings i hugged u
Vividha: stop it atharv no need to know any feelings now here no ones feelings are not important u r important For me.. I dont bother about hug or what ever and she Hugs him again

and atharv loses his control and he starts kissing her and he holds her waist ..
Vividha herself : god why im not able to stop him..Its not correct we r just friends i dont have any feelings for him but im not able to stop him..Did i falling for him?? no god pleasee i dont want get in to that hurting Love agaib…
And after sometime atharv realises what he is doing and he sees vividha face and realises that she is feeling uncomfort but she dont want to stop him…

Atharv comes far from vividha
Atharv : vividha im really sorry i dont know what im doing… please forgive me and he joins his hands
Vividha : atharvv please dont talk like that i can do anything to save ur life.. I know if u r ok.. u will never behave with me like this.. I know ur charecter atharv ..at that time u asked for sorry for touching me while saving my life.. Now cant i do this to save u?? see u became normal now
Atharv realises that he stopped shivering
Atharv : ha im ok now chalo we will go now
Vividha : r u able to walk l.. If not we can stay here for some more time
Atharv : no vividha im oK

And they both comes back to home and lies on their respective beds ..
But they both are not able to sleep and when they clise their eyes the same scene flashes in their eyes

Aharv himself : time has came vividha.. I need to tell u about my love.. And suddenly he remembers sandy words
Fb shows
Sandy : atharv but its not that much easy to convince her because she is totally against love and love marriages.. and she has decided to get married to a guy whom their parents select
Atharv: oh is it.. Ok i will try
Fb ends
Atharv : yes proposing vividha may not be correct.. And its confirmed that she also has feelings for me with todays incidents.. So i should ask her parents first about our marriage .. and yes i will not tell her about my love now i can tease her for few days ( and smiles)

And nextday they attend marriage and
Raman : beta how was ur trip any improvement in ur love story?
Atharv :ha papa i got distinction in that
Raman : really? did u proposed her
Atharv : no papa but some incidents made a confirmation for me ( himself : ha papa any girl can not bear a mens touch if she dont have any feelings. but vividha didnt stopoed me when im behaving with her like that and i saw love in her eyes)
Raman : beta … Atharvvv( shakes him as atharv losts in that incident thoughts )
Atharv : ha papa.. papa we should talk to her parents first when they accept me as a son-in-law then i will tell vividha about this
Raman: but atharv if u do like this she may accept for their parents sake.. even if she dont love u also
atharv smiles : papa nothing like that i told u na i got signal from her that she loves me.. But she didnt realise it yet.. We will make her to realise not a problem
Raman : atharv im so happy now .. After tara chapter i thought that u will never love any ither girl but when u told me about manali incident i got small hope but now i got double happiness because u got ur love and i got my fav girl as my bahu..
And they both smiles

Precap: atharv and vividha are returning back…
Atharv : vividha i think if i tell sorry for many times also its not enough for my mistake
Vividha : ahh atharv i told u na please dont take that topic again its over and u r safe now thats enough for me

Hope u guys liked it…

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  1. Sunanda12345

    No words dear
    Their hug ???????
    Keep writing dear ??

  2. Sandy17

    Awesome episode …really loved it to the core ?
    Keep writing dear ?

  3. It’s superbbbb and romantic episode post next episode dear ???????????

  4. Veer

    Woooh!!!! Episode was very intense. Can’t wait for the next update. As I say every time u r fantastic.

  5. Nice written up. ur ff is good. Make vivi to realize her love for atharv. It is vivi who need to purpose this time. Some teasing moments will add escence in story. Waitng for next ff epi.

  6. wow so sweet episode it was so nice I really liked it keep writing dear

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