u r mine forever (Episode 12)

So guys here is my next episode

Atharv & vividha starts for site seeing on cycle ….
And a couple going on another cycle and they cross them and there wife was sitting at front side of cycle here vividha is sitting backside of cycle
Atharv himself : wow howw cute it is that man has her wife front side and i have my wife at back side.. I want vividha also sit like that so that i can see her..
vividha : stop stop atharv stop

Atharv : what happend vividha
Vividha : look at there a small lake how beautiful it is come lets go there
Atharv : ok
And they both goes to that lake and vividha asks atharv to click her pics
After sometime

Atharv : madam ji how many pics will u take im tired chalo na plzz..
Vividha : acha atharv ok i will stop my single pics chalo we both will take pics togeather
Atharv : oh god who invented this photos please dont send him infront of me.. I may kill him
Vividha : u can kill him later come keep pose

And they both click selfies
Suddenly vividha phone rings
Atharv : thank god vividha ur mom is calling
Atharv himself: oh god thanku so much so she will take more than half n hour to talk to her mother.. So i can take rest now
And he sits on a rock with relaxed face
Vividha lifst the call

Uma : hello beta u people reached safely na
Vividha : ha ma we have reached safely and ma me and atharv are taking pics will call u latet bye bye dont distrub me ok ..
Atharv listens this and keeps crying face
Atharv himself : god again
Vividha : hahaha atharv how funny ur face is
Uma : ah u r irritating him also for ur photo madness??
vividha : no ma nothing like that he is soo happy .. U only ask him and vividha gives phone to atharv
Atharv : ah namasthe aunty

Uma : jeethe raho beta.. How u r bearing with her beta
Atharv : ah nothing like that aunty she clicked only 200 pics till now lot more to go na aunty no worries i am habituated
Uma : oh beta im sorry for her foolishness
Atharv : aunty please dont talk like that she is soo innocent and actually i love clicking pics.. And im not bearing her but im enjoying her company u please dont worry about her ok
Uma : ok beta take care bye
Atharv : bye

Vividha : wow atharv u love clicking pics ok then click some more
Atharv with crying face: vividha plzzz we have so many places u Already spent 2 hours here come na
Vividha : awww how cute u r with these face ok chalo…. Atharv small request
Atharv : what?
Vividha : i will sit front side of cycle im cant see anything if i sit back side of u.. U r like wall nothing is visible
Atharv 🙁 happyly) ok madam as ur wish
they both start again and atharv gets happy that he can stare at vividha now and the both are very close to each other

And they completes almost all the places of village and left with only a hill where a small wooden house will be there but no one stays there as its very cool place …
Dadaji : beta u can go to that hill tomorrow its already late its not good to go there at night time it will be soo cool and rainy season started right if rain starts that place become more cool

And they both agree and completes dinner with all the family
And they arranged their sleep outside of the house in open air because inside of house there is no fan as its a small house

Both atharv and vividha are either sides of house little bit far to each other …They both badly want to go there and they continuesly stare at that hill
Atharv : (sees that vividha also looking at that home and askes her)
What vividha u also want to go there
vividha : seriously atharv i m dying to go there

Atharv : soo shall we go
Vividha : but dadaji said not to go
Atharv : im here na vividha nothing will happend will u come or else i will go alone
Vividha : no no i also will come
Atharv : ok chalo then.. A please dont make noice they may wake up
Vividha : ok ok
And atharv holds vividha hand and they both climbs that hill.. And reaches that house
Vividha : wowww its sooo beautiful atharv
Atharv : ha seriously it so beautiful
And vividha please u dont start ur photoshoot now i just want to spend some quality time here

Vividha : hmm ok photos will not look good at this time so i wont click ok ..
Atharv : thanku soo much come sit here
And they both sits on a rock and enjoying the weather
and they both chit chat for sometime and vividha starts telling about their family And the relation between her and her mom
Atharv : vividha u know what whenever i talk to aunty i feel like im talking with my mom only.. her care towords me is nothing less than which she shows on u.. Thanku soo much
Vividha realised tears in atharv eyes and she holds his hand
Vividha : atharv y r u crying
Atharv: nothing ( wipes his tears)
Vividha : please tell na atharv wont u feel me as a friend to share ur sarrows ..
Atharv : ( starts crying ) ha vividha u r so special for me.. Nothing to share here.. erlier I have only 3 important women in my life my mom, didi, and tara ..
My family so happy family till 10 years after my birth.. But…
Vividha : (holds his hand tightly and wipes his tears ) atharv conrol ur self please

Atharv : hm ya i have to control because if i cry loudly also god wont return them he took my mom and didi and tara cheated me and left me
Vividha : what?
Atharv : ha vividha till now u saw my smile only u didnt saw my tears back of my smile… Our family is so happy family im the youngest one i used have one elder sister her name is natasha .. When im 10 years old me maa didi papa planned to for a road trip.. And we enjoyed it alot.. and dont know why suddenly i started crying for icecream ..
And maa told me that at next stop we will buy icecream and i agreed for that and i slept ..
But after reaching the next stop didi rememberd about icecream and she woke me up..me and papa went out for that …
And suddenly ( cries alot) a lorry came and hit our car ..and startts crying

Vividha : shocs listening to that
Atharv : i lost my mom and didi infront of our eyes in span of 30 second only..u know what if didi wouldnt woke me up they may be with me now ..
Vividha : im sorry atharv i have spoiled ur mood and please control ur self
Atharv : and again that tara we thought that we are in a pure relationship called love for 3 years but she left me for an NRI guy who has some crors of money .. I lost 3 important women in my life.. I always wanted to talk to my mom.. And he starts crying
Vividha hugs him
Atharv hugs her tightly
Vividha : atharv please dont cry
And vividha breaks the hug

Vividha : come sleep here and and vividha makes him to rest on her lap and keeps her hand on his hair
Vividha : u know What.. atharv u have to feel that u are lucky to have a caring father .. in this Socity there are so many people And small kids also dont have parents and they dont have proper food also … Just think about them and think how lucky u r .. U got ur mom love when u r a kid.. But some kids dont even know their mother touch also.. when u r in low standards u have to compare ur self with more low people then only u can feel that u r lucky.. When u compare ur self with people who have parents u will feel like this only.. And tara plz think that she dont deserve u.. She loved ur money not u ok..
Please stop crying now

Atharv starts shivering for that cold and when ever he cries he gets shivering and also its very cool there and rain is about to start
Vividha : atharv …Atharv what happend r u getting shivering
Atharv : (woke up from vividha lap ) its ok vividha i can manage
Vividha cover him with her duppata and holds him
Atharv shivers alot

Precap : atharv : yes i should talk to her parents first about my marriage

So guys hope u like it

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    Superb yarrr awesome ???Vitharv hug ???very sad for atharv ??
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    As usual its awesome… waiting for vivi’s confession… pooja, u r rocking…

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    Very very emotional episode.

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