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u r mine forever (Episode 11)


Sorry for the late upload guys little busy with work

Episode – 11

atharv went home he trails the shirt which vividha selected and he blushes
Atharv himself: vividha i Love u soo much.. Thanku soo much for coming into my life.. And he hugs the shirt..

Next day athrv reaches vividha hostel and pick her and they both start their journy with some beautiful songs..

And the song starts

Humma humma humma…

Vividha : Atharvvvvvv this is my favvvvv song..( and she starts moving her hands and enjoying the song)
And atharv humming the song and staring at vividha
Ek hogaye hum aur tum
Toh udd gayi ninde re
Aur khanki payal masti mein
Toh kangan…

Yeh pehli baar mile
Tumpe ye dum nikle
Tumpe ye jawaani dheere dheere
Maddham machle re

And suddenly vividha reduces the volume
Atharv: are what u did ..u said its ur fav song and u reduced the volume Y?
Vividha : i want to listen this song in ur voice
Atharv : whatttt r u mad how can i sing
Vividha : plz atharv u r already humming the song na please sing loudly i dont want to listen original i just want to listen ur version pleaseeeee( and she keeps some cute expression)
Atharv πŸ™ slowly) ahhh vividha how Can i say no For u.. if u r ask with such a cute face..
Vividha : what did U say
Atharv : ahh nothing i will sing .
And he sings the song again

Ek hogaye hum aur tum
Toh udd gayi ninde re
Aur khanki payal masti mein
Toh kangan…

Yeh pehli baar mile
Tumpe ye dum nikle
Tumpe ye jawaani dheere dheere
Maddham machle re

Humma humma…
Humma humma humma
Hey hamma hamma..
Humma humma humma

And vividha sleeps peacefully listening to atharv song

And atharv sees her while sleeping and smiles

After some time they stop at a dhaba for dinner and completes that and start again

Vividha : atharv u look soo tired chalo i will drive for some time u please take rest
Atharv : acha will u drive
vividha : ha perfectly..
Atharv : vividha ji we need to reach village not heaven or hell
Vividha : stop it atharv no need to worry i have driving licence also
Atharv :ok then come.. Ohh godd please save me and my baby car please godd
Vividha : stop it atharv and he beats him…

And vividha starts driving the car and
Atharv : acha vividha how u know that im tired
Vividha : ur eyes tells everything
Atharv : how
Vividha : basically ur eyes have some charm atharv but when u get tensed ur eyes will get filled with tears and when u r tired ur eyes become small and red
Atharv : wah re wah with in a week u understood soo much about me.. Did u studied eye psycology?
vividha : nothing like that atharv if i feel a person close to my heart i can read their eyes very well
Atharv himself : woww im seriously lucky to get her how understanding she is ..

And atharv sleeps and he lies on vividha shoulder while he is in deep sleep..
Vividha smiles seeing him and puts her hand on his cheeks and holds his face tightly so that his sleep cant get distrubed when car shakes as the road is full of holes and stones

And in middle atharv woke up and he observes that vividha holding his face and he acts as he is sleeping just to stay on vividha shoulder..
Atharv himself : vividha i found a new fav place today its ur shoulder i hope one day i can lie in ur lap also.. Hoping that the day is coming soon

And they reach to village By morning
dadaji dadima and everyone recives them with so much love

Dadaji : beta u people are looking soo tired go and take rest and by 10am u people can go to visit our village

Suddenly a small boy Runs and hugs Atharv he is atharv’s favv kid his name is Madhav

Madhav : chotu bhayyaaaaa
Atharv : are madhavv how r u my champ
Madhav : bhayya im good.. How r u.. And bhayya who is she.. She is sooo cute bhayya can i go to her once
Vividha : are madhav u dont need any permission to come to me.. Come and she hugs him and ur soo cute madhav
Madhav : u also and chotu bhayya r u marrying this girl is she my bhabhi

Atharv and vividha gets shocked and look at each other

Dadaji : are madhav what r u talking is this the manner to talk to ur elders Go and play there
Madhav : acha what i told wrong i just asked as i have doubt and i liked her very much

And madhav leaves from there
Dadaji : vividha beta please dont feel bad he is a kid right sorry
vividha : are dadaji y u r saying sorry i can understand

Both atharv and vividha leaves from there either sides and atharv turns back and stares at vividha and when he turns back vividha turns towords atharv and she stares at him…

After some time they both comes out from their rooms and vividha wears a yellow and red salwar.. And atharv gets mesmerized for her smile
And vividha is talking to dadima and some people and they all are laughing
Atharv stares at her with a smile on his face
And suddenly vividha observes that and goes to atharv and waves her hand infront of his face as he lost in vividha smile
Vividha : hello hellooo atharvvvv
Atharv : ah ahh ya vividha ji tell me
Vividha : where u sir.. Why u stand like a statue with a cute smile
Atharv : ahh nothing shall we go to see the village
Vividha : hmm ok.. But not in car pleaseee
Atharv : then how can we go.. We cant walk throughout the village right
Vividha : hmm i have an idea
And vividha goes to madhav and borrows his cycle
Vividha : atharv ji vehice is ready
Atharv : hahaha vividha ji we need to go on cycle
Vividha : haa why cant we.. u ride it and i will just sit back side
Atharv : ok ok as ur wish madam

And the both r going on cycle ….

Precap : they both go to a hill station at midnight

  1. Veer

    Superb as always that song scene reminds me of offscreen ShiVik segment of Pushkar where they both sing a song while going on cart. Awesome and cute episode. Keep writing.

  2. Sandy17

    Fantastic episode…the song, madhav,bicycle ride😍

  3. Sunanda12345

    Superb superb awesome dear πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒVitharv πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•just luved it a lottttttt….

  4. Zaina

    There are no words to say how good it is…
    Its fantastico…. I loved ViTharv’s cute nokjhok…. please write the next part so soon as possible….

  5. wow!…what an episode…
    just loved it…waiting for next episode…
    keep writing and u have an excellent writing skill…
    best of luck!…

  6. It’s awesome episode dear keep writing next episode dear πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ very excited to read next episode

  7. Pooja94

    Thanku all for these beautiful comments… Will post it soon

  8. ooooo such a cute episode so sweet and romantic just amazing keep writing dear and yes today whole episode my fave was smiling and it was looking that it is real amazing

  9. ooooo such a cute episode so sweet and romantic just amazing keep writing dear and yes today whole episode my fave was smiling and it was looking that it is real and yes again it was amazing

  10. RAOne

    dhekho bhai….. kuch nahi h bolna only!!!!! thoko!!! thoko…..great keep writing

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