u r mine forever (Episode 10)

Hello everyone. before starting my 10th episode i want to share something.. Guys firstly thanku all for ur support since first episode of my FF.. I thought that i may finish my FF with in 5-6 episodes.. But because of ur support i am writing this more.. those coments really means alot for me thanku soo much everyone.. Till now i love JNDSD… From now I love JNDSD Family….

So here is next episode..

——episode 10—–
Vividha goes to her room and sandy asks her some questions

Sandy: acha vividha u came?? how was the day my dear
Vividha : this is one of the best day in my life sandy..U know what.. i smiled today and best thing is its a heartful smile not fake smile..atharv and his family were too gud.. And Atharv.. Wow he is sooo sweet and he is so responsible towords me.. And she narrates the story to her
Sanday herself : wow my imagination is correct firstly i thought that Atharv will bring smile to vivida face.. But atharv brought not only smile but also happiness to vividha face.. No no its not for face its for heart..
Vividha : sandy sandyyyy ( she shouts as sandy lost in thoughts)
Sandy : ha vividha
Vividha : where u lost madam..
Sandy : im imagining ur romantic moments and laughs naughtyly
Vividha : stop it sandy he is just a friend dont think too much idiot go to sleep now

there atharv reaches home with so much happiness
Atharv : papaa papaaaaa
Raman : what atharv y r u shouting like this at this time..
Atharv : papa come u always feels that i share any special moments with maa and didi first right.. But todays happiness need to share with u all at a time come
Raman : whats the matter
Atharv : maa, didi, papa. Im soo happy today.. papa u told me na one day the girl will definately come to my life.. Yes papa u r right she came
Raman : what really?? who is she ? show me her photo na plzzz
Atharv : no need of photo papa u already saw her
Raman : what i saw her?? when??
Atharv : (he hugs him ) papa she is non other than our Vividha
Raman : what vividha ? really .. (he gets tears with happiness)
Atharv : yes papa.. And he narrates the story
Raman : thanku soo much god u listened atharv’s and our prayers .. And u know atharv me sujatha And ur didi liked vividha alot but we thought that u wont feel anything for her as u have feelings for some other girl.. But god satisfied all of us.. And im soo happy for u both
Atharv : wow thats great papa u all liked vividha .. But papa vividha treating me like a friend and she dont know that iam the one who saved her in manali .. How to tell her papa
Raman : beta love will not go with any plan .. Follow ur heart and dont wait for any special moments when ever how ever u feels to tell her.. Just tell her thats it
Atharv : ok papa
Raman : and one more thing i cant come with u for wedding as i have some urjent meetings.. U do one thing u and vividha go first then i will come directly on wedding day.. And have some great moments with vividha..
Atharv : sure papa.. And dadaji dadima left??
raman : ya they left from party only i have sent driver to drop them at village directly they cant go in busses at this time
Atharv : oh thats good papa ok we will go and we have 3 days time for that i need to do shopping also
Raman : ok go and sleep peacefully now ok
Atharv smiles

Ad both vividha and atharv lies on bed and thinks about their moments and smiles..

Sandy : ee vividha y r u laughing like pagal at this time u r distrubing my sleep
Vividha : oops sorry sorry
Sandy herself: god please unite them quicky this vividha is becoming pagal see how she is smiling herself ..

And next day evening vividha and sandy goes to shopping to buy a gift for the wedding couple
And atharv also come to same shopoing mall

And suddenly atharv sees vividha while she is inside the shop and he stares at her from out side of glass door
Sandy observes this and goes to atharv and distrubs him
Sandy : hello mistr hello
Atharv : ya tell me
Sandy : y r u staring at her like this..
Atharv : (He blushes ) ahh nothing
Sandy herself : oh shit he is mistr atharv na oh i forgot
Sandy : oh u r Atharv right
Atharv : how u know
Sandy shakes her hand : hi im sandy vividha room mate
Atharv : (gets shocked) oh hi sandy ..
Sandy : dont worry i wont tell vividha that u love her.. U only have to tell her
Atharv : ah love no nothing like this we r just friends
Sandy : hello stop.. Stop here only.. Im not a kid ok .. Whoever observes ur staring at vividha will definately admit this u love her
Atharv : ahh sorry .. And ya please dont tell her
Sandy : ok ok i wont tell.. But u know what atharv u both make a great pair.. And u r damn lucky to get her .. Please dont leave her..Please
Atharv : sandy ji .. I will never leave her .. Im sure

and vividha comes there and shockes seeing atharv..
Vividha : Atharvvv u here?? what r u doing here
atharv : nothing vividha i came here for playing cricket
Vividha : cricket? who plays cricket in shopping mall mistr.. Here people do shopping only..
Atharv : acha then y u asked me that what im doing here.. U already have an answer right
Vividha : acha so u r teasing me na
Atharv : any doubt and smiles naughtyly
vividha : no sir .. Did u completed ur shopping..
Atharv : not yet madam need to buy a shirt
vividha : acha chalo then this time Vividha will select for u come
Atharv : wow wow how lucky im miss vividha is going to select me a shirt
vividha : atharv dont u think that u r doing some overaction?
Atharv : u think so
Vividha : haa
Atharv : ok then i will stop and will keep quite ok
Vividha : good boy come
And they shop togeather and vividha select a blue kurti type shirt for atharv and he gets so happy..
And they all have lunch togeather.

Atharv : acha ok vividha will leave now and tomorrow evening 6pm i will pick u and we will go ok
Vividha: ok bye

Precap : they both travelling and they enjoying their long drive with some songs
Vividha : atharv i can drive for some time u look tired take rest i can drive
Atharv : ok

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  1. Zaina

    Wow… such a super epi… keep writing yaar… we will support u alwayssss….waiting for vitharv moments….

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    1. Pooja94

      Haha sure sunanda i wont stop it soon it Will continue for more 10 episodes..

      1. Sunanda12345

        No more than 10…more than 20…???

    2. Pooja94

      Sure i will try for more

  5. Wowww…….dear the episode was awesome ……….loved it ….keep writing.eagerly waiting for the next episode.all the best.

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    Superb as always. You write wonderfully, don’t stop with only 10 more episodes. Explore many more with them. Explore them further.

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku so much sure i will write more

  11. Pooja94

    Thanks alot everyone

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    great keep writing all the best…..ROCK ON !!!!!

    is there any viilian in your fan fiction…. if you whave then call me for audition……
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  13. wow such a romantic episode again heart touching episode plssss don’t complete it soon it is a very nice ff keep writing dear

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