u r mine forever (Episode 14)

Sorry for this very late update guys.. I know u people are very eager to read this episode.. But what to do stuck with work in office…Hope u understand.. And who ever reads my FF just please share ur openion in comments section so that i can decide weather to complete it quickly are can i write more episodes…

Here is the next episode..

Atharv goes to town with dadaji to get some items for marriage
Vividha sees raman in marriage and comes to him
Vividha : hello uncle when did u came?? how was ur journy??
Raman :hello vividha i just came..everything is fine..And how was ur trip did u enjoyed this trip with my atharv??
Vividha : ha uncle i enjoyed alot..( and she search for atharv)
Raman : beta r u searching for anyone
Vividha : ha uncle where is atharv?
Raman : oh he went to town with dadaji
Vividha : what ? he went to town? in this condition? how can he go alone .. He may informed me right i can go with them
Raman : vividha relax y r u so worried.. And what is the condition here…
Vividha : ( thinks not tell that matter to raman because he may get tensed ) nothing uncle i just want to go to town i need some cosmotics he went without informing me thats whay..
And she leaves from there ..
And atharv comes after some time.

Vividha runs to atharv and holds his hand
vividha : atarv r u ok … Why u went alone that tooo u drove the car in this condition u should ask me to come right??
Atharv holds her hands
Atharv : vividha relax im ok now nothing happened to me u please dont worry. Come its getting late go and get ready for marriage first..

Vividha comes out with wearing a red colour saree with loose hair

Atharv mesmerizes by seeing her
Atharv himself: woww vividha ji how beautiful u r .. U look damn cute in this saree… Ahhh i just want to come and hug u right now.. But no i cant..

and atharv wears the shirt which vividha selected for him
Vividha : are wah u looking handsome man
Atharv : u also madam u look so beautiful…
Vividha : really? am i that much beautiful …
Atharv: oh not u vividha im talking to this saree.. Its so beautiful.. If any beautiful girl wears this saree.. Then it look amazing
Vividha :means im not beautiful ..
Atharv:ha u r also beautiful but not more than this cute saree.. U r looking beautiful beacuse u wear this ( and smiles naughtyly)
Vividha : u….
And she runs to beat him and atharv escapes from her
Dadaji sees them
Dadaji : acha beta u both can fight later come and have breakfast first
Atharv : acha dadaji is manchuria there in the menu
Dadaji :ohh beta its breakfast time right we have alu parata and all .. And who will eat manchuria as breakfast
Vividha : atharv please stop( and she pulls his hand and tries to stop him )
Atharv : ( escapes from her) She dadaji.. Our vividha can eat manchuria as breakfast lunch dinner and snaks and however she wants
And he laughs
Vividha :chalo bye mistr atharv im leaving
Atharv:are baba sorry sorry come will have food togeather ..

And they completes breakfast and attends marriage and they are about to leave and take blessings from all and they start their return journy…

In middle
Atharv: vividha can i tell u some thing
Vividha 🙁 with sleepy voice )ha atharv tell me
Atharv : im feeling guilty for what i did.. If i say sorry for 1000 times also it cant fix my mistake
Vividha :ahh atharv Will u please stop this now.. I already told u that it wont matter to me.. U r safe now and i am able to save u at that time .. And thats enough for me please dont take this topic again.. And she turns other side angryly.. And she sleeps..
In middle she falls on atharv shoulder..And she slept there only .
Atharvhimself : vividha just wait for few days we will be togeather forever then..

And they reach their place and he drops her at hostel and he goes to home.

And they regularly chat with each other

After a week….
Raman : beta whats ur plan now
Atharv : papa we should go to vividha house tomorrow..And i will talk to them about my love.. I hope they will understand me and my love
Raman : ok beta i will postpone all my meatingd tomorrow we will go

Next day atharv and raman reaches vividha home as atharv already knows her village and some landmarks ..

Kailash (vividha father ) he is not so cruel in this ff as in original… He lover her daughter alot and he always respects her choice and he trust her alot…
Kailash : ahh may i know for whom u came here ?
Atharv :hello uncle im Atharv
Kailash : oh Atharv beta u? sorry i didnt recognized u.. I forgot my spects somewhere.. Come come inside… Umaa. Come see who came to our home

Uma : are Atharv beta u what is this sudden surprise beta.. U should inform me prior na so that uncle may come to pick u
Atharv: oh aunty no need of this formalities … And he is my father Mistr Raman
Raman :namasthe kailash ji and uma ji
Kailash and uma : namasthe
And they all sits in their lawn
Atharv: wow aunty ur house is so beautiful and i love all these trees
Uma : ha beta vividha made this lawn decor and all..And beta vividha also didnt informed me about ur visit ..
Kailash :oh uma is it impirtant to know about their trip as prior or is it important to serve any juice or anything for them
uma : oh sorry i forgot u people carryon i will come in 5 min
Atharv:ah aunty no need of all that and please dont tell vividha about our visit to here
Uma and kailash look each other with confused faces
Atharv : ha u listened correctly.. Please dont tell her.. We came here to talk an important matter with u both.. Come sit here
Uma and kailash looks on with confusion
Atharv : aunty uncle.. I want to ask a precious gift from u for my birthday
Uma : oh beta which gift u need..We will definately try to give it to u…
Atharv : for me nothing in this world is precious than ur daughter
They both gets shocked ..
Atharv continues : ha vividha is so precious to me.. I love her alot.. Aunty uncle will u please give ur daughter as a gift for my birthday.. I promise i will take care of her for rest of my life.. I will hold her hand forever.. I just want to be with her for rest of my life. i wont say that i cant live with out her.. But i can say this i cant live happyly without Vividha..I can imagine anyother girl as my wife except vividha… I promise i will keep her happy as always .. I promise i will never hurt her and i will never let her cry.. please aunty i want to become ur son-in-law and i want to marry vividha
Uma and kailash gets shocked and wont talk single word also
Raman : ha kailash ji she is so special to us … Please give ur daughter to us and send her to our house as our bahu.. We feel very lucky to get her for my son… Please accept this proposal ..

Kailash : raman ji , atharv … I hope u understand and respects my decission but we cant accept for this proposal..
Atharv: but uncle Y? dint u liked me and my family?
kailash : no beta nothing like that .. But we are not as rich as u people and we cant match ur status so..

Atharv : oh uncle please its not matter of status r money its matter of people and their relationships ..
Uma : beta Atharv do u really want to marry my daughter?? if it is true i am the first person to feel happy.. Beta when i saw u for the first time i felt like u r our own Family person ..
And now i feel so happy for vividha .. i hoep she is also happy now
kailash : ok home minister granted permission then Small leaders can not oppose right.. And im seriously happy to get relationship with people like u.. And raman kailash hugs each other
Atharv himself : oh god thanku so much u cleared my way just one step away for my marriage ….
Atharv :aunty uncle please please dont reveal this to vividha i want to give a big surprice to her
Uma and kailash accepts
Atharv :vividha get ready for my surprise

Precap :its Atharv Birthday.. Vividha calls him to wish him

Hope u like it

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      Sure veer.. But its quite suspence.. And im sure u all will love that proposal scene.. Thanks for ur support

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