u r mine forever (Episode 9)

Here is my next episode guys…

vividha and Atharv travelling..They need to cross a lake side area to reach vivida hostel..

When they are about to reach the lake it starts raining
Vividha: woww its raning .. Atharv ji please off this AC na we will open glasses..
Atharv : No vividha ji its not good dust will come
Vividha herself : unromantic fellow
Atharv smiles seeing her serious face and opens top door of the car
wind blows and vividha looks up and she is soo happy
Vividha : Atharv jii..
Atharv : u can njoy the rain now.. Nd by the way im not an unromantic fellow
Vividha : oh shit u listend that
Atharv : ha yes

Vividha : what if u listen nothing happens..I will njoy the rain
and she stands and comes out of the car and Opens her arms and enjoying the rain
Atharv himself: she is so innocent and such a pure hearted like kids..
Vividha : ( sees the lake view and an icecream vehicle) atharv ji please stop the car na we will have icecream and will enjoy the lake view at this time
Atharv : ice cream ?? in rain?? u also love it
vividha : ofcouse y u also like that??
atharv : yah

And they both get down from car and walk till icecream vehicle and suddenly they find that there is some barath is going on
Vividha : acha atharv ji if we join them in barath will anyone find out us
Atharv : u want to go there
Vividha: yes

Atharv : lets go then
Vividha : seriously
Atharv : yah for whom u r waiting
And they both join barath and dance crazyly for that beats and they enjoy alot
Atharv : vividha ji its getting late and rain may get increase come will move
Vividha : atharv ji u please go and buy ice cream and i will come to our car directly ok please more 5 min
Atharv : ok be safe i will observe u from there come fast ok

And atharv leaves to buy ice cream and he took ice cream and calls vividha to come and keeps icecreams inside the car
Atharv : vividha ji come.. And wait i will come there u have to cross the road
Vividha : no no u stay there i will come
Atharv : ok carefull

vividha is about to cross the road and some drunken boys are driving the car very rash.. Atharv observes that and gets shoked by seeing vividha crossing the road by looking at the barath people and she is not observing anything
Atharv : vividhaa vividhaa go back..
Vividha doesnt listens him

Atharv runs towords vividha …..

Ad he drags her and saves her in the span of seconds and the car crosses them

and while draging her they both loses their balence and vividha falls on their car and atharv falls on vividha ..
They both Look at each others eyes ..

Suddenly vividha observes tears in Atharv eyes
Vividha : atharv y u r crying
Atharv gets shocked and then he realises his tears
And he moves and they both stand
Vividha : atharv we became so close in span of 2 days right ..u r crying for me now.. How sweet u r..
Atharv himself : y im crying.. Y im feeling like this same as i felt in manali with that girl
Vividha keeps on talking and suddenly
Vividha : u know Atharv u r the second person who saved my life
Atharv shocks : what
Vividha : s atharv 3 years back also i was in danges and a man saved me and u know what i also observed tears in his eyes while saving me.. But i didnt saw his face as he covered it with scarf And i dont even know his name also .. But i will remember him forever
Atharv : ( gets happy and with so much exitement in his face ) what vividha when it happened and where

Vividha : its in manali atharv and she narrates their story
Atharv himself: oh my god is she vividha whom i saved in manali… thats why i felt same when she is in danger again … Oh god thanku soo much
Vividha : Atharv Atharvv (shouts in his ears as he was lost in happiness)
Atharv : ha vividha
Vividha : shall we leave now
Atharv : vividha i want to tell something to u
Vividha : atharv please we will talk later na im getting sleep please
Atharv : ok

And they reach vividha hostel
Vividha : ok ok bye Atharv Good night

Atharv : vividha listen
Vividha : atharv not u.. I want to tell something to u.. After very long time and very sad period.. When i forgot how to smile… Again u brought Back smile to my face thanku Atharv… Im so happy to get a friend like u thanks for everything..
Atharv : vividha u will come for wedding na
Vividha : how can i miss that will come for sure
Atharv : ok will talk then bye good night
Vividha : good night

precap: both Atharv and vividha are getting ready to go to village
Raman : beta u and vividha go first i have some work i will come directly to wedding
Atharv : ok papa

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Pooja when iam reading this episode…smile appears on my face and it’s gets increasing by every bit….iam really really enjoying u r ff dear awesome…yar…keep writing…even my sister also like u r ff…she will daily ask me that pooja dii uploaded the ff are not…
    Any have awesome episode dear ????????

    1. Pooja94

      Woww thats a great compliment sunanda.. Thanks alot for that.. And thanks for ur sis also for the love..

  2. Veer

    Really girl u r literally amazing. I get lost when I read your episode. So pleasant they’re to read and I can’t stop imagining the characters and the situations. Your story is giving my imagination a hard time.
    Keep going.??

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku so much for this reply Veer.. It means alot..

  3. Wow………….the episode is awesome????. Loved it…keep writing dear .all the best.

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku asritha

  4. the story is getting a lot interested everyday and a smile comes on my fave after I read this ff when atharva and vividha talked to each other and when vividha said after a long time smile came on her face omg such nice episode

  5. your ff was so realistic that every scenes I started to imagine…
    the way you showed the atharv’s concern for vividha and their funny talks were excellent…
    fantastic job di…

  6. Sandy17

    Pooja,ur ff is just mind blowing
    Very eager to read the next episode ?

  7. Pooja94

    Thanks alot for all ur beautiful coments.. they working as boosters for me

  8. It’s superbbbb episode dear keep writing next episode dear ??????????

  9. RAOne

    great!!!! keep writing……all best your really good writer

  10. Jenny123

    Ur ff is always awesome…Keer writing..

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