U R Mine Forever ? First episode

Here is the First episode of My FF..

One day in their college..

At entrance of college vividha is waiting for her friends to come so that they all togeather can go to class Then Ravish got down from his bus and vividha staring at him
Vividha POV: ohh God please help me to talk to him na pleasee ..
Vividha lost in ravish thoughts and continuesly staring at hin
Guddi(vividha best friend): hey vividha why r u looking at him like that.. Do u like him??
Vividha: no guddi nothing like that im just looking casually
Adithi(one more friend of vividha): i think vividha loves ravish. I saw vividha u dont act infront of us i know that u always stares at him in class also..
they both teases her and vividha doesn’t tell the truth

God listened vividha’s wish

On that day they have their chemistry lab and faculty making pairup each one with other student randomly

Vividha pov: god i know u r helping me plz plz make my pair with ravish na plzz i just want to talk to him and wnt to ibtroduce my self.. Then he anounces pairs and one pair is Ravish & vividha

Vividha feels soo happy
But then she got a shock with him that he didnt talk to her single word properly
Vividha: hi im vividha
Ravish: hi im ravish i dont know what to do with all these instruments u do it alone i want to go to my friends if sIr askes anything about ne just tell him that i already completed my work bye..

Vividha: how can he talk to me like that.. May be he don’t like to talk to me as i dont look good ?

vividha always tries to talk to ravish but he won’t give responce properly vividha get hurt so many times because of his behaviour

2 years passed like these only but vividha and ravish didnt became even good friends also

Vividha to guddi: guddi u people asked me about ravish long back but i lied that time.. But the truth is i love him alot but dont know why he wont talk to me properly
Guddi : vividha r u serious u love ravish? i dont think u both make a good pair..both ur ways are quite oposite he likes to be modren u loves to be treditional.. His aim is to settle in USA and u dont even want to go to another state by leaving ur family.. He gives value to money u give value to persons and relationships i dont think this will work out.. And it may an attraction but not LOVE.. Vividha just think with ur heart once plzz

Vividha : no guddi i can adjust for him i can change my self for him.. Im sure its not any attraction or anything else its LOVE i know

Guddi: ok lets do one thing today we have events in our college so in dedication event u dedicate some roses to him as unknown person and we will see his reaction

Vividha : woww thats great idea i will give red roses for him as i love him

Guddu POV : vividha y u r thinking like that im sure u r going to get hurted very badly .. But i want to save u from this.. God help me to save this innocent girl and help her to find her true love who makes her happy not who hurts her..

Precap: for their college tour total class will go to north India trip..

thaks for ur support everyone plz excuse if u found any spelling mistakes as i type very quicky ?

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  1. Getting interested day by day …nice episode ?

    1. Pooja94

      Thanku sandy

  2. Sunanda12345

    Interesting dear….nyc…keep gng on….

  3. RAOne

    ya keep rocking…. all the best for future……

    1. Thanks sunanda & raone ..And aisha sure yar i already told na he will give entry with a BANG and in his style only.. In next couple of episodes only..Mostly in next episode..And glad u liked my FF thanx

  4. it is getting interesting and amazing but plssss introduce our atharva also when will he be introduced just asking but really I liked your ff a lot

  5. ok ok waiting for the entry of atharva a entry with a bang and yes and I will say your ff is too good

  6. It’s wonderful episode its going very interesting pls update next episode pls

    1. Thanku sreelakshmi.. I will update it soon

  7. Awesome…..just loved it. pls upload the next episode soon….cant wait to read it..

  8. good job dear??loved it.plz continue.

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