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HI hello Namaskar friends dis ur friends divya and Sammie here…Friends we decide to write a fiction on swaragini….?? Before writing we need ur suggestions regarding PAIRS then regarding TITLE and some sort of SUGGESTIONS regarding d STORY and important thing is ur COMMENTS bec it is VIEWERS BASED FAN FICTION u r d main pillars of our story we r writing only bec of u not because of us…whatever u say whatever suggestions u give we will try to modify and write a fiction regarding dis….???
So ur job is simple here some stories u should read d story nd suggest title pairs and if u like to change some instances u can share and suggest so take ur mobile and vote regarding pairs voting lines r open till WEDNESDAY MID NIGHT 12 after 12 no votes r taken into consideration so be hurry up friends dis only for u bec dis VIEWERS BASED FAN FICTION a new try I hope u will join hands with us through out our journey…?????

Before starting let us pray to almighty and our mother goddess and our mother land who letting dis living creature to dis world…. so all boys and girls here we go

1) I’M NOT pr*stitute BUT STILL I HV A PAST….

Friends it is a simple story very a boy name sanskar very charming very polite every one like him but not his family..his family accept him has neglected child bec due to lucky..Lucky is d only son his father ap dp died in accident so his property goes to laksh maheshweri..so sujata and rp r behind his property so they neglected their child..??
Ragini rathod:she is 20 years young lady so charming so cute anyone can flat with her smile she is so carry so humble but she is involved pr*stitute so d next question y how she involved in prostitution u know later
Friends I. M die hearted fan of swasan but I give major role to ragini bec dis role is suitable for ragini bec she has something attractions if u want I can change based on suggest..
As u know I. M swasan fan so I can’t leave my swara as so here swara play as billionaire girl only daughter age 20 years..
Regarding story once sanskar friend suggest to go one place called prostitution to forget his sorrow with or without know he use ragini then he decide to marry ragini well destiny permits to do it..later sanskar parents marry swara as DIL by her huge property after dis well sanskar fail to go ragini then he able to love Swara…? If swara comes to know about ragsan relationship..? Lastly did ragini really a pr*stitute……????­? WHAT HER PAST SO TUNED….???


Friends dis is 2nd title and story line
Sanskar a business tycoon age 24 years little attitude he never touch any girl but in his life he came across a big guilt tat is..once he is coming from party a 16 years teenage adult girl name Swara gododia coming from tuition…he rape tat girl but tat girl is mentally unstable her age is 16 but her mind act as small kid she can do anything for a chocolate..its so silly thing but impact is more if u c news u can c dis type issue in dis command days …bec she is small kid type..she doesn’t have parents he leave with his grand father..after dis incident once ap met with swara she like her innocence he bought to mm house then later she think to join her hands with laksh wheather sanskar able to rectify his guilt wheather swara able to stole sanskar heart. ???its a love triangle story bet swasanlak ragini character also their it’s a real story which happen in our area in few months back….I hv not stole from anywhere….

3) title should be suggested actually it’s a serial which is in our language i like dis story so much so I like to share dis story
Story is where laksh play major role I want to c laksh in dis role so laksh maheshweri a very rich and mentally unstable man his past his unknown
Ragini gododia:very sweet girl mother died in early age and father die in flight crush..everyone likes ragini everyone needs ragini…
As father mother died ragini stay with her mama mami house her mama mammi has only one daughter name Swara she is elder to ragini…but she is very unlucky no one like his beauty due to his so called colour she is black….?
Then d next hero sanskar maheshweri small brother of laksh he is studying in USA she had a girl friend called kamya…
So story is ragini going to teach tuition to adarsh son ajay due some circumstances Anna purnna force ragini to marry laksh..hence laksh is mentally challenged thus he able to accept dis marriage does laksh has past y he become mentally challenge…?? Then does kamya truly loves sanskar or his money..wheather sanskar able to know real face of kamya…?? Does swara get his partner…??? Stay tuned when we deal with story I will give introduction in detail.

4) this is my fav my friend love story

So here is d story laksh gododia 3o years young man who completed pu his only desire to marry her sister daughter ragini gododia age 16 years..
Ragini gododia:16 years young lots of ambition in her life studying b.com 1st year.. she had a crush on arjun his friend but his family force and marry to laksh maheshweri..hence ragini from village background she give more respect to marriage and so called culture hence her marrriage dream is vanished she has d only dream to full fill her degree to stand her own feet but does ragini succeed in pursuing her dream…? Then our next hero sanskar purhoit : he is ragging dashing time pass educated guy..he has many crush many girl friends but he is not womaniser he thing love is only for time pass.. he just think from mind but not from heart ..he thinks girls r free for cost…??,he loves his 1oo watt bullet bike..he love his parents lot he is ready to sacrifice his life for his parents dis is d only good nature of him..
Swara kapoor:young bullet fire rocket type sharp and naughty more naughty at outside so decent inside d family bec his father is so strict obi dent business tycoon…hence swara and sanskar family r old dushman from beginning age they stayed in same area they both don’t like each other but their children’s likes each other as sanskar loves swara for his physical appearance or his beauty but swara loves sanskar from heart but later sanskar betrayal swara..?does swara able to forget sanskar love…? Or how swara succeed to achieve sanskar love..??if she achieve does her family agree for her decision…??main thing is sanskar see swara face but swara doesn’t c sanskar face she just c from far..dey doesn’t interact face to face it is silent love…its a feeling of two heart…hope u like dis story

5) for dis story we hv to go back for 4o years 1975 after Republic

Dis story inspired by mishti and shekar and they so called baby…. I want to show dis story little romantic so pls bear me our story is simple
Sanskar(46): working has peon has only one wife so beautiful and charming
Swara gododia 42: so beautiful strong bold house wife..here swasan has 8 children don’t feel bad or laugh it’s true it’s happen in tat period now they planning for 9th baby. 7 girls only one boy..as u know in olden period father likes boys more bec they r hair for their family…eventhough swara is not ready for dis but sanskar like it bec 46 is not big age more than they r illiterat.they don’t know what r d problem they face further…..their first daughter is ragini if u want I will change by ur suggestions he had crush on laksh he is a rich boy very humble carry boy…once swara came to know she is pregnant once side she happy once side their poverty once side more responsible one side girls marriage..during dis time factory has closed sanskar doesn’t hv job without facing further suitation sanskar elope from house..later village spread d news tat he is no more…?? Now swara able to get his sanskar does he able to marry ragini and laksh more than tat does she able to give food for their children…? Does she able to forgive sanskar…here I want to show women empowerment..then poverty love compassion then their illiteracy etc if any changes pls give suggestions …I will change 100%

So friends dis r d stories now u hv start voting regard d pair u doesn’t like to d regarding character for ex if i choose

1) in tat u can suggest title name if u don’t like
Secondly if u don’t like pairs u can give say which pair is more suitable for story and u should give compromise answer to us
Lastly suggestions regarding story where we can modify better …so friends dis story only for u all so ur comment is most important for us because dis is VIEWERS BASED FAN FICTION. …..

My friend says tat telly frnds r silent they keep silence always so I challenged to her no pakka they will become violent and comment us..so here is d challenge for all Telly v/s Facebook friends let me c where we can get more comments..so my telly frnds pls show ur power like 100 watt bulb….

Note:voting lines open till Wednesday mid night after tat we doesn’t take any vote..after votes we both decide and u will get ur fiction story on Thursday..with full drama ka…???
Take care love you all Urs divya and Sammie signing off….

Hey its purely by them… I m just updating… so pls suggest d best… all r fabulous from my side…

Credit to: Varu

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    3.4 is awesome Intro
    I choose 4?

  2. 3,1 is awesome but in 3 story please make it ragsan

  3. Divyanshri

    1.Ur storyline is awsome…… But sorry I dnt. have any title I myself need a title for my new ff…. but nothing is coming in my Chotu Sa Dimag……… ?
    2.In this story…….Also story line is awsome… ..But I dnt like love ? …..coz whenever there is ? third person will always be hurt……. u decide what u want I will surely read ur ff……
    3.This storyline is of Bidaai….. There was a serial with same story line which was telecast in Starplus…. pairs swasan n Raglak…….
    4.There r many revenge stories where sanskar cheat n swara suffer…..if u. can make I opposite….. swara to cheat sanskar to suffer……
    5.i cannot imagine swasan as 45-42 they r so young yaar…. but still make some changes……

    Waiting for ur fan fiction to be update soon…….

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    I choose 4 one and for pairs I need badly swasan pls pls pls I beg u and anyways luv u ?

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    1st if you’re writting that then i would suggest you to title bilionare’s mistress or use mistress in place of that p word..
    3rd one if you write ek duje ke vaasthey
    srry if i hurt you in any way 🙂

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