U r my life (vishkanya, manmarziyan and tashan-e-ishq) epi-3


The episode starts with Twinkle tells Malay to fake care of mother and leaves from there with bag.. Radhika comes to apu and tells her that she got a job and leaving today.. Apu smiles and asks for treat?… Radhika tells her to pass last paper and asks for treat.. She tells sure and leaves to college and comes back and tells today college is leave. Radhika tells her to clean all things. . apu tells for me headache.. Radhika smiles and comes to kitchen and takes Apple juice and comes to her and gives it.. She tells nothing I am fine.. She tells I will do work..

Kunj takes blessing from usha and tells this is big contract and I should get.. Usha tells sure u will get.. Usha tells I have seen a girl for u.. Kunj tells maaa.. I don’t wanna get married till I achieve something.. Usha tells when u will achieve????he tells her not to joke and leaves.. Usha smiles.. Malay speaks to his friend in mobile.. Apu calls him and asks him can u pls write record for me? He tells if. I write u will get caught.. And gives lecture.. Apu asks will u write and give or not? Malay tells no and cuts the call..Apu gets angry..

Radhika comes to office and comes inside her cabin and sit there and prays to God.. Arjun sees her through camera and smiles.. Radhika sees camera and gets shocked and. Comes to arjun cabin and taunts him badly and asks this is the way u keep camera in girls room? He was about to speak… She leaves from there and comes our and speaks about him badly to others.. One member tells there was one last man on u r seat.. He used to steal papers and money.. So that only he kept camera.. Arjun cries.. And throws tissues on dust bin..

Radhika comes there and tells sorry to him.. He tells it is OK.. She sees tissue and laughs.. He tells her not to and tells her to leave.. .Radhika leaves.with big smile.. Arjun hits him in wall and tells today my image is spoiled infront of girls.. He beats himself.. Secretary comes there and sees him like this and calls him.. He turns and sees her..??.. He tells her to come after sometime..

He thinks she made me like mental.. What to do?? He smiled… Arjun calls someone and tells them to take camera from her room.. He then sits there.. Someone knock radhika door.. She opens and asks what? They comes in and takes camera.. Before removing it.. Radhika smiles… Seeing it Arjun also smiles..

Precap: Kunj and twinkle comes to conference.. She leaves file in car.. He scold her to bring it.. She brings but he stops and tells her to stand outside itself.. It starts raining.. Twinkle dress get wet..

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  1. Luv today episode…. Enjoy Arjun n raadhika’s part…. Good going naren…oh precap… Poor twinkle… Eagerly waiting for the next episode … Keep wrong ???????

    1. *writing ??

      1. thnx..kathy

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Next epi there is more twinj scene.. After that.. Apulay and after that more aradhika scenes..

  3. Good episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. thnx brin…

  4. Arjun cried ha ha ha 😀 😀 funny part 😀 superbbbbbbbbbbbb. 😀

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx suga..???

  5. ❤?Natasha?❤

    Awesome ???

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx Natasha.???

  6. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Loved ur ff naru Bhaia 🙂

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