U r my life.(Tashan-e-ishq, manmarziyan and vishkanya) Epi-9

Guys u all like it or not? Many does not comment.. All epi less comments?? Tell me if it is not nice.. I will end.. I will be happy becoz I am already writing 8 ff with this so my burden will also be reduced.. If it is nice tell me I will just move on with story line.

The episode starts with Radhika and apu leaves from there in the early mrng itself. Radhika comes to arjun house and sees him sleeping and smiles.. Title track plays.. She sits near him and moves his hair. She thinks what I am doing? He slowly turns and sleeps.. Radhika hand gets stuck .. She tries to take it.. Arjun holds it tightly while sleeping.. She waits for him to open his eyes. Arjun suddenly shouts due to nightmare.. He speaks to himself.!! Radhika laughs and records it on her phone and hides it in vaulty app..

Malay sits on chair. Twinkle comes there and tells Malay to take care.. Apu comes there and tells her I will take care if them. Twinkle stares at her and leaves from there to office. Kunj gets ready seeing mirror.. Usha comes there and sees him and tells u are handsome.. Kunj smiles and comes there and take her blessing and hugs her… Usha tells when u gonna tell u r love to her? He tells today!! She asks what?

Usha brings foog cent!!??Kunj laughs and hugs her and leaves from there.. Arjun wakes up from bed slowly and sees radhika hand.. He gets shocked and moves her hand. Arjun asks her what r u doing? Radhika tells I came here to take u to office. He asks what? I won’t come. Radhika tells him to come or I will tell all about magazine??He tells OK.. He gets ready..

Malay asks apu.. Where did she studied past?about her life and friends and sisters etc.. She also shares interestingly.. Malay laughs at her answers.. Radhika brings Arjun to office and makes him sit on chair. She gives file and tells him to read it..

He thnx her for helping.. Radhika tells it is my pleasure arjun!! He tells I am u r boss!! She tells not now before.. Knowing about magazine.. Now u have to hear whatever I say
He asks is this blackmail? She tells yes u can keep it like that also.. They both smiles and hifi each other.. Radhika stops at once and leaves.. Arjun smiles..

Precap:Radhika helps Arjun removing his shirt.. She closes her eyes before seeing Arjun body.. But her leg slips and they both fall on bed.. They share an eyelock. One veiled man takes pic of it.apu helps Malay having food. Kunj confess his love to twinkle.!!

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  1. Wow really its very nice

  2. Wonderful episode naren… Pls don’t stop this ff … Enjoy each n every moment here specially … Aradhika moments… What an idea radhika ur blackmailing ur boss…?? so sweet…

  3. Eagerly waiting for the next episode … Where kunj proposed twinkle … Super excited… Keep writing…

  4. osm episode. loved it .plz dont end it .& ya precap is fab.early waiting for next one.

  5. No Naren plzzz don’t stop it…….. Ardhika part was very nice and funny………fogg scent was excellent……….. I have a request : please make ardhika part Lil more interesting……… all other pairs r doing well……. but plzzz make them Lil more serious….. Please don’t be hurt………

  6. Awesome episode, please don’t stop the story is interesting. 🙂

  7. Superb 🙂

  8. It’s awesome naren pls don’t end.

  9. amazing episode……..precap super..eagerly waiting next one…please update soon…….please conti………

  10. But I like this ff a lot naru Bhaia sorry couldn’t comment in all episode n love Twinj and Ardhika n apulay is also rocking I watch vishkanya wherever I m free sometimes the only watchable show in zee nowadays as they don’t drag much

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