U r my life.(Tashan-e-ishq, manmarziyan and vishkanya) Epi-7

The episode starts with Twinkle sits on chair tensed.. She thinks how to get money?? Kunj comes there running.. Twinkle sees him and tells sorry that I had imp work so only I did not ask u and taken leave.. He tells nonsense.. How is malay? Is he ok? Twinkle is stunned and asks what? He tells yes.. I knew that Malay was attacked by goons.. Pls feel free to ask if u want any help.. Twinkle tells nothing sir.. I will manage.. Kunj sad about to leave sees her phone down.. He takes and puts battery and gives to her..

Owner calls her.. Twinkle smiles and speaks to him.. Kunj takes mobile seeing her diff reaction and he hears that owner shouting at her. He gets shocked.. Kunj asks how much money? Owner tells 1,00,000.. He tells I will give u.. Twinkle stops him and tells pls give money to me.. I need to lay Malay hospital bill.. We can be out of house but not without Malay.. Kunj tells I will give u 2,00,000 check.. He gives it.. She thnx him and hugs him.. Allah warriyan plays..

Radhika asks Arjun what is it? He tells nothing magazine.. She tells I like reading magazine.. He tells this is not that type of it!! She asks then? He tells it is men oriented… She tells let me see and picks it and sees girls in half dress.. She throws it and comes out.. Arjun beats him with walk stick.. He tells u are insulted infront of girl.. Radhika sees this and laughs..??Arjun sees this and mesmerized in her beauty.

Radhika comes back and asks him do u want any help? He tells nothing and tells her to take care of his office.. She smiles and tells him to come to office soon.. She writes something on his bandage.. He asks what? Radhika tells get well soon.. He smiles and thnx her for coming.. She gets up and tries to leave.. But Arjun calls her and tells her not to tell anyone about magazine.. She tells I can’t promise but I will try.. She runs..

He gets up to walk but fails and falls down.. Radhika sees and gets shocked and comes there and holds his shoulder and makes him walk. He smiles.. Sanam re plays.. Apu comes to hospital and sees Malay state and cries.. Twinkle asks who r u? Apu tells I am friend of Malay.. Twinkle tells her to take care of him.. I will go to shop and I need to bug something.. Apu agrees.

Malay opens eyes and sees apu and tells u found way to beat me.. He smiled.. She tells sorry and tells I won’t do like this one more time pls forgive me.. Pls let us be friends.. She forwards her hand.. He tells sure.. He smiled.. Allah warriyan plays..

Precap:Radhika brings Arjun to office.. Without walk stick by holding his shoulder.. Apu helps twinkle to bring Malay to house.. Kunj tells Usha that he loves twinkle.. Usha smiles..

Hope u all liked it..

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Wow today’s episode….. I loved it naren… Arjun n radhika part was hilarious ..?? oh… Kunj… He is so love in with twinkle… Happy Apu realise her mistake…. Good going naren…. Waiting for the next episode…. ??? take care …

  2. hey narendran its awwssuum yaar post asap n yeah loved the epi

  3. It’s nice…..ardhika part was very funny…….can u tell me in which serial Malaysia and Apr are????……. Plzzz update soooooooooooon…………………..

    1. I think U say Apu n Malay..They r from “Vishkanya”

  4. NYC strt in the Ending dude

  5. Awesome episode. 🙂

  6. awesome …………..please update next one soon

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