U r my life.(Tashan-e-ishq, manmarziyan and vishkanya) Epi-13

Sorry guys for Late update.. Always..??i am sorry for it..

The episode starts with Apu brings record from house and gives it to Malay.. He tells u told simply but u gave it??she tells so what? U r NY friend.. So pls write for me.. He smiled and tells sure.. She leaves from there and comes and sits near Malay mother and talks about Malay.. Apu tells he is sooo sweet.. Always.. Not teasing me.. Helping me alot… Malay mother smiles.. She does not respond but thinks in mind..

Arjun gets up in mrng and walks without stick.. Radhika gets up and sees him walking smiles.. She comes near him and asks what happened? U r walking? He tells so it is good news? Radhika tells if u walk then I don’t want to be here.. She tells him to walk fast! He suddenly falls down and gets hurt.. He tells pls help me??She smiles and tells sure..

Twinkle and kunj walks on park and speaks about their fav things.. Suddenly some cat comes infront of them.. Kunj asks what it wants? It does not speak and runs from there silently!! Twinkle laughs seeing this. Louldy.. People around sees her.. She leaves from there with kunj!! He walks silently while she laughs.. Malay completes record and gives to apu.. His hand gets hurt.. But he does not show to apu.. She thnx him and leaves to keep it back in house..

Twinkle comes there and sees her maa and comes to Malay and sees his hand and gets shocked.. She cleans it and puts oinment.. She tells I knew this aou won’t take care of u?? Malay tells didi.. She does not know about it. Twinkle tells him to be quiet.. Apu comes there and sees Malay hand and gets shocked.. she concerned for him.. They share an eyelock..

Precap:Kunj and twinkle share some intimate


  1. Kathy


    |Registered Member

    Good episode naren… Enjoy aradhika moments a lot… Arjun he is so funny… I think he pretend to fall… Waiting for the best episode naren… Keep writing …

  2. HarSHaN


    |Registered Member

    Gud n nyc epi Naren..Is Arjun really falls down bcoz of pain??I think Arjun made..Apulay Eyelock..!Excited to see next…

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