U r my life.(Tashan-e-ishq, manmarziyan and vishkanya) Epi-11


Sorry guys for late update!!
Busy with my studies.. So updating 3ff daily.. So it. Will be easy for me!

The episode starts with Twinkle comes out happily and smiles.. Thinking about kunj proposal.. Kunj comes to house and tells to usha that he proposed her!! Usha congrats him!! He tells but she did not tell anything and left soon. She tells him to be with hope.. She will come back for u!! He smiles and tells u r speaking positive always.. He asks what if she does not accept propose? Usha asks him what he will do if she does not? He tells u will die!! Tum hi ho plays.. Usha slaps him and tells him not to speak like this one more time.. She tells I am there for u.. He leaves from there and comes to room and locks the door and sits on bed.

Arjun and radhika comes back to house.. Arjun comes near flower pot and gives her some flowers.. She asks for what? He tells it will be a waste..if u keep on u r head it will be useful and beautiful.. She was about to wear.. He tells u r itself waste???She hears it and asks him what he said? He tells nothing.. She takes pillow and throws on his face.. He asks what r u doing? He tells I am u r boss!! She asks him how much time u will remind me? I knew it??He smiles..

She beats him with pillow.. And cotton comes out of it.. They both fights with pillow.. Radhika asks u r leg is good? He suddenly wrinches in pain. She makes him sit and tells him not to play like this one more time. Arjun smiles.. Rain starts.. She thinks how will she go to house.. In mind.. He tells her to stay her in mind voice.. She tells why he won’t say. Mind voice. He opens his mouth and asks her do she need umbrella?

She nods his head.. She takes it and thnx him.. He was about to tell her to stay.. She tells it is heavy rain.. So if u want I will stay here? He gets happy and tells sure. Treat this as u r house!! She tells sure.

Malay tells apu to go to house.. It is already late.. She tells no it is OK.. He sees time and tells her to go. She tells it is raining heavily!! He tells take umbrella!! She takes it angrily and comes near door. He tells her to stay her today alone and not daily.. She smiles and comes inside and sits near Malay mother and keeps hand on her hand and sleeps.. Malay sees this and thinks she is caring for my family so much!! What shall I do return to her?

Precap: Radhika makes ready couch and tells Arjun to sleep her.. He asks me? I am owner of the house.. She tells u only told me to treat this as my house??He sleeps on couch.. While she sleeps on bed seeing him lovingly.! Malay asks apu what she wants? She tells her I will ask whenever I want. She asks him he should refuse for it?? He agrees.. Twinkle and kunj comes to Usha and takes blessings.. Their marriage date is fixed!!

Hope u all liked it.. Next epi I will post soon.. Bye guys.

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. awesome episode………..interesting precap…..eagerly waiting next one .tc

  2. loved every part of it……………ardhika fi8 was really cute………..

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Thnx aastha for the comment..???i added more aradhika scenes for u all..

  3. twinjfan-(tamanna)


  4. Wonderful episode naren…. Enjoyed each n every part… Specially aradhika moments … I laughed a lot… It’s funny he reminds him as boss all the time..?? n precap… Awesome … Happy kunj n twinkle gonna get marry….

  5. Tnx naren for the apulay moments… Atlease here I can see them together… N excited for the next episode …

  6. Hey fan frictions r far better than d original track! Keep rocking!

  7. Awesome episode, waiting for the next episode. 🙂

  8. Nyc epi Boss..Umbrella plays an imp role..nyc parts n waiting to see the precap in detail..Keep rocking naren

  9. Write well xamz n tests,dude

  10. Awsome epi ardhika scene is really cute

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