U r my life.(Tashan-e-ishq, manmarziyan and vishkanya) Epi-10

Sorry guys for late update..

The episode starts with Apu helps malay in eating food..he tries to eat but fails..she thinks i am here to help..but his ego is big..so he wants to eat by himself..he thinks why she can’t help..she knew that i am struggling then why can’t she help me?They both talks through mind voice..siye re plays..Apu slowly comes near him..he also comes..she signs him..he also does it..she feeds him with hands..Malay gets sentiment and cries..he tells i never ate with my mom hands..she consoles him..Malay asks did mom ate?Apu nods..malay haves food.she brings mug and keeps on table..he washes his hands..he thnx her. Apu tells i want to tell it to u..she smiles..

Malay comes to his mother room with the help of Apu..she makes him sit and looks at her,.Arjun smiles..radhika leaves from there and comes to her cabin and smiles thinking about moments and laughs.. Arjun calls pune and gives him money..with pain he tries to dance but falls down..radhika sees this from far and runs from her cabin to her and makes him sit and gives him water and tells if u called me i would have helped u..he thinks this much care won’t come that time..he smiles,

Arjun sits with big smiley..she asks him shall i go now?he nods his head..he shouts..she turns back.he tells i was just checking.She laughs and comes to her cabin and makes her sit and starts her work…Arjun meets client and has discussion.Arjun eyes radhika cabin…he does not concentrate on his work..he tells let us have meeting tmr..they all leaves..

Arjun calls radhika and tells let us go to house..she tells sure and takes him to house and sees all servants leave..he tells today all took leave.he asks her will u stay here today?Radhika hesitates and calls apu and asks her status..she tells ok i will manage.radhika tells sure..she makes him walk.He shows her room..she asks him to call..whenever u need help.he tells sure.

He comes to room and cannot remove his shirt..he calls her. she comes there and asks what sir?He tells shirt?She removes it closing her eyes..He keeps leg there..they both fell on bed..they share an eyelock..

Kunj meets twinkle..he proposes her..much to her surprise..he tells i cannot live without u for fraction of second..he smiles..she sees him tensed and leaves from there and comes to house and sits near her maa..twinkle shares it..maa signs her..twinkle gets happy..

Precap: Twinkle accepts his propose..he gets happy and hugs her.Arjun gives radhika flowers..she asks for what? he tell today is……..Malay starts to walk…apu smiles seeing it

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Nice 🙂

  2. Good episode naren… Enjoyed each and every moments … Specially apulay n aradhika parts… Awwww finally twinkle accept the proposal … Happy?? … Waiting to read ur next episode … Good going..

  3. Awesome episode. 🙂

  4. Gud touch of sentimnts..Malay walks n Apu smiles seeing it..A new storyline may be got from tat..

    1. yeah i agree with u

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Thnx shai??and harshan

  5. good………………

  6. Ww naru Bhaia it’s fantastic and today’s episode was too good and this is one of my ff as Ardhika n Twinj specially and I enjoy watching vishkanya nowadays too so apulay also rocks

  7. awesome episode………eagerly waiting next one.tc ( pls more aradhika scene)

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