U r the father of my child – OS on Raglak

Hey guys this is chhaya.this is my first os on raglak.pls forgive me for any mistakes.

Her world was broken down,the most important person,her life ,her soul was dead .his body was in front of her.her beloved husband Sanskar was dead,she was a lifeless body .some ladies come near her ,they break her mangalsutra,and wipe her sindoor.she was not understanding anything.she was continuously looking towards Sanskar,wishing he may get up.
Her mother in law was already in hospital as she suffered from heart attack not able to believe about her son’s death.
Suddenly some men started taking Sanskar away for his last rites.
She sees it & run after them shouting ” no,pls don’t take him.”
But suddenly her head starts to spin & she being not able to stand was falling down when 2 strong arms catch her,the person shouts ” ragini”
The girl was ragini,who lost her husband in an accident.

After some time –
Some flashes were coming her mind,the flash of her husband ‘ sdeath comes to her mind.she got up with jerk,and tears flow from her eyes.
By listening her voice a person came inside running,she looks towards him ,he was her best friend ,laksh .he immediately tooks her into a hug.she was crying vigorously.he was consoling her ,she was needing this hug very much.
He wants her to cry her heart out.
Lakshya” ssh.ragini control urself,u need to be strong for aunty & ur child.
Her world stopped she was in a shock to hear that,a little life was inside her.
She break the hug & look towards him,and he nods yes ” u r going to become mom”
Now she was not understanding whether to be happy or sad.
Is this a happy or sad day .
Today she lost her husband but now she has his & her togetherness symbol inside her.
Then nurse comes inside room to inform that ap is calling them.
They went inside her room.
She was looking very dull,by looking at her ragini can’t control her tears,and she hug her.
They were crying as they both lost their life.
Annapurna” ragini beta I want to ask u some thing”
Ragini” ma u need to order me”
Annapurna”beta my end is coming near,i want u to marry to my other son lakshya,as u have a responsibility,i know it will be difficult for you”

She calls lakshya near her ,he takes her hand in her hand.
Ap”lakshya beta I know I am not ur real mother but I know u consider as ur mother ,today as ur mother I want to ask ur hand for my daughter,i know it is very fast but u know I want to see ur wedding before my death,trust me u both will be perfect together,i have trust on u that u wld keep her happy”
Ragini” ma pls don’t say like this ,u r not going anywhere,sanskar also left ,now u ,I will also come ”
Ap” no beta u need to live ur baby,my time is completed on this earth,beta in this world u need a person support,and u also know lakshya he Is very nice person,he will treat ur child as his”
For ap’ ‘s sakes they married,but Ragini said that she will never give him a husband’s right,she wanted to leave him but he said that after the baby’s birth u can leave.
Lakshya took a good care of her.he doesn’t allow her to work.he fulfill her evey craving.
Now ragini ‘s delivery time was near.she was just seeing Sanskar ‘ s things.
Suddenly his diary came in front of her.
She remembers how Sanskar doesn’t allow her to read his diary.
She can’t stop herself to read his diary.
( I will explain the summary of diary)
Sanskar ‘ s Pov-
I started loving ragini on the very first day.she was a magical fairy.slowly we became friends,i, she & lakshya we were best of buddiesafter somedays her behaviour changed,she started looking at me lovingly,i can’t understand,one day she came & proposed me & I accepted & we married.
One day she asked me abt the letters ,I did not understand,but I say that yes ” I did not write that letters”
Then I remembered lakshya used to write that letter,for some angel ,as a name “lover boy”
Now I am feeling guilty what I lied to her.she thought me as that lover boy,but the reality is this that lakshya is lover boy,whom she loves.
I didn’t tell her,as I don’t want to loose her.
End of pov-
Ragini sit down with this ,she felt that land beneath her legs has slipped,she was crying.

She opens lakshya cupboard to check his diary.
She opens it and found her pic inside it,read it

Lakshya ‘ s Pov-
Ragini my love,my best friend,i love her from the first day I saw her ,I used to tease her in front of everyone,but I love her very much.
I started writing her letters in name of lover boy,firstly she doesn’t like it but now she started replying in it,i think she started liking me.
I want to know her everything abt me.then I wld propose her.
One day I decided to proposed her,but to my surprise she proposed Sanskar & he also agrees,i don’t want to be riddle between them.
I thought that she started liking me but she loved Sanskar,and he also loves her.
After their marriage i went to London for my business,but I can’t forget her.

After 2 yrs ,I come to India,for the funeral of my best buddy,i am unable to express my grief,
Then i saw her she was looking the same but her ,smile was not there.
When she cried in my embrace ,I can’t tell how much helpless I was feeling.
Then aunty asked me to marry ragini ,I agreed for aunty ‘ s sake,i know she doesn’t want this ,also I had not expectation from this marriage.

She only loves Sanskar,i didn’t want to take his place.i just want to be happy for her baby.
I am excited for the baby ,I will love him /her more than my own kid.
But one day Ragini said that her child ‘ s father is only Sanskar and she will leave me.
My dream broke of my kid,but I said her pls stay till ur delivery,then u can go.
But I know how I was feeling this,the baby is still not born ,but I had a attachment with him.
End of his Pov-
Ragini was not able to think anything,her life has changed so much in some days ,flashes were coming in her mind,how she started loving that lover boy,how desperate she was for his letters,how she mistook Sanskar as her lover boy when he was roaming around her house and when he spoke same lovely lines to a girl which was in the lovely boy’s letter.
(Actually lakshya has told him those lines to sanskar)
How she was happy with Sanskar,but feeling something missing,how she married lakshya for ap’ ‘s sake ,how she doesn’t talk with lakshya,how he handle her cravings,but one day he was trying to give her medicine,but her mood was off and in anger she told him taht”u r not my child’s father,don’t behave like him”
Now she started breathing heavily,her stomach pain started,she try to get up but end up falling down,a vase fell ,due to this sound the maid came and she call lakshya,he comes from office and take her to the hospital,whole time she was looking at him.
After sometime
She delivered a baby boy.
Lakshya came to her ,she was sleeping,he was going but due to noise she wake up & sees him & says “lakshya ”
Lakshya” u do rest,i will come after sometime”
Ragini”Mr.lover boy,u r the father of my child , won’t u meet him”.
Lakshya was dumbstruck to hear this,the nurse brought the baby she give it to lakshya,he was so small ,he gently held him.
Lakshya” he is so cute,ty Ragini”
They sort out their misunderstandings.
They live happily ever after.

Pls tell me do u like this through ur comments.
Fingers crossed

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